Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Got a couple of requests that i should be telling the name of the raga of a song I discuss about. Frankly, I was dreading this.
From when I was a child till now thats one thing I haven't been able to do. Maybe it requires a math brain which I dont have. Something to do with my basics also. It got highly screwed up when I was in 5th standard. I last remember that the whole class failed in the annuals and there was a re exam. And we scraped through. Many fell through though.
And I couldn't really get the funda behind knowing a raga about a song. Maybe this attitude came up because I was bad at it.. :)
Talking about ragas, Sukumari from Anniyan, seems to be more on Saama, than Suddha Saveri. Since SS has S R M P D S, and we hear a lot of G happening. But it definitely has a the colour of SS. Very contradictory here you might say. But over time a lot of people will agree that its not just the notes that make a raga. Its also their treatment. So just the way you handle a note can make it sound like its something else though grammatically it will belong to one particular scale.
Sukumari's interludes are in Suddha Saveri. That also contributes to it. :)


Twin-Gemini said...

This has been my long time aspiration. I know just a little bit about Raagas (thanks to my carnatic music classes for a couple of years), and knowing more about each and every raaga has been on my perennial to-do list!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

I am wondering if there is any genius out there who can just decode the raagas bases on the tune. I mean a utility ( computer software). I know you are better at music, but I feel that we can apply certain mathematical formulas and using the sound waves can identify the pattern and come up with a raaga. Wondering if something like that already exists.?

By the way first time here, thanks to the guy above me ( Twin -Gemini).

I appreciate your multi-faceted talent.

Keep up the good work

Badri said...

interesting post.will keep humming kumari and analysing.

Badri said...

By the way forgot to say thank you for deivam thandha poove(kannathil muthamittal).great song

Chez said...

Hmm these S/W utilities, will surely find a way to 'program' and 'decode' the raagas.

But i never got the knack for raagas. Only my shower knob knows those new raagas i creat, and they go down the drain with the water. By the Way, how many raagas are there in total? :-)

I always had that doubt after watching those 'Sabthaswarangal' sessions. I tried to keep them at least their names, but as the number grew, the names started slipping... :-)

But knowing the raagas arent that necessary to appreciate the songs, aint it?

Ram.C said...

too good, for being true.

whether you are on top of the raaga or not, you are on top of the songs.

hope to hear more of yours..

Carnatakam said...

Hi Chinmayi,

Thanx for the piece on raga...
I love finding out ragas (probably b'coz I happen to get it right many a time!). I've a list of such 'findings' of mine...guess, as they say only continuous listening helps finding the 'connection'.

Ur oeuvre seems to be a heady concoction from singing, dancing to psychology!!!...not to mention the time u find to blog/maintain ur website. This a sheer reflection of some gr8 time-management skills of urs. Kudos!

Just a request..pl.post a blog on how u manage it, ur inspirations & perspirations. Am sure lazy geeks like me have a lot to learn from u!!!


Art said...


I actually havent heard ur voice. But just know that u r a good singer. It also seems to me that u r very much into the music world.
Well happy blogging.

PS: I do like reading long blogs.So keep it up

Ganesh said...
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Ganesh said...

its really like walking on razor edge kind of thing esp when it comes to identify or pinpoint a raga for film songs its all depends on what kind of mood they(MD&DIR) try to bring out so locking down a raga is not easy one for filmy songs unlike a classical number.
This song has certainly little shades of Sudha Saveri,Durga and little of Shyama esp in starting of the song.
In the movie Kandukonden Kandukonden
the song 'Kannamoochi' is based majorily on Nattakurunji but inbetween there will be sweet taste of ragam sahana comes through, very tastefully done indeed.

Keep writing, looking forward for more

Best Wishes

Vijay said...

Hi Chinmayee, would really appreciate if you could share with us some of your experiences and interesting events that happened when you recorded with the likes of Ilayaraja and Rahman. Also eager to know about your trip to Italy and your thoughts on the song "ennuLLE ennuLLE" which I believe you rendered in the program there.

We never get to hear the working methods of music directors from any online sites or magazines. I would like to know more on how a particular tune was conveyed to you and as to whether the music director himself sang and conveyed that tune to you and as to how much freedom for improvisation were you given and so on..This is just a request.

Arvind said...

Nice, the world is a small place. The last thing i would have guessed, when i started blog-browsing is to land up on Chinmayi's blogs !

Welcome aboard & enjoy blogging. I would like to, at the same time, do some unabashed self-promotion by inviting people over to my blogs via my profile or simply clicking here

sowmya said...

Well it was nice reading ur blogs..ave alwayz luved ur voice.. can u plz clear this doubt of mine,the song noothana from karka kasadara s based on nalinakanthi ?