Thursday, May 26, 2005

Had a fairly fine day, except for my system. Hung a few times. Lot of unwanted stuff parked into nice cosy niches in my darling system. I had just reinstalled the whole thing a few weeks ago. God I can't go through this again! Help!
Went to my dentist to get the nuts and bolts in my mouth fixed and he finally declared that its gonna be independence day, for both me and him ;)
They remove my braces soon and fix retainers. So am gonna lose some weight! And gain some;)
Came back to some practice with my keyboard artiste. Mom surprisingly was happy with the way I sang 'Eppo Varuvaaro'. Slightly floating. Give me a day to come back to terra firma :)
Started my travel through Angels and Demons. Finally. Was slightly bored with the opening. The same password. The same kinda murder. The same hissing french. With a symbol. But his books are super informative. Can try and look more intelligent after this one. On that note, any good suggestions on books? Anything. Fiction, Non Fiction, Cartoon, Philosophy, Psychology :), Spiritual.... ?
Maybe I will put in my list of favourite reads on of these days. Need to keep track of how much I have actually read. But that will be one huge list to populate !!!


vimal said...
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vimal said...

I've read all Dan Brown books.

Yeah, I too felt Angels and Demons was on same line as Da Vinci.
Nevertheless, I always manage to learn something new out of everything.

Try the following, if you haven't:

Chariots of the Gods: Unsolved Mysteries of the Past
by Erich Von Daniken

If you really don't have any work to do in your life, you can read my useless theories here

lavsubbu said...

i admire how ur mom left har carrier to improve urs. I miss my mom...

Ganesh said...

Huhoh Chims,

You should have read this before reading Da Vinci Code, because Dan Brown wrote Angels & Demons before he become an international phenomn with D code.
But the plots are same, but since I read Angels and Demons I found it much more interesting than Da Vinci Code.
I wrote about it in my blog

BTW you havent answered my question on the raga, What raga resemblance does Amudhe Thamzihe song has, to me it sounds close to valachi.


Arvind said...

Angels & Demons was quite cool. (Ganesh, you got ahead of me grrrrrrrrrrh..idhu unga 'kudi iruntha blog-il' pola irukku :) ?
(...remember kovil = ko+illam & blogil = blog+illam ;) )

You can find a variety of book reviews at my blog, the only pain being you'd have to dig through. :-(

Or sarvalokhanivarani Google can bring them to you

Happy reading !

Ganesh said...


The best book to read is Life of Pi
By Yann Martel, really its an awesome book there is spirituality,psychology, and a superb climax (just like Manoj Shyalaman's Sixth Sense)
I loved this book
check this link out

ROBBIE said...

Its the same I agree but very different kind of a book where science fiction mixes with religious belief. It is a fine assortment of both, a pleasure to read and pulsating. Too bad you read the Da Vinci Code before Angels and demons. I would recommend some hard core science fiction from Isaac Asimov and Arthur C Clarke for wholesome entertainment. They were pioneers of Science fiction. Dan Brown tries to balance and argue both for science and religion and its really heartening to see science win!!

Chez said...

Hi Jimmy,

Well, Angels and Demons is much similar to Dav vinci code. But its far better than Digital Fortress.

I cant suggest any books cos, book-reading relate to individual taste. But if you like to get into light as well as enjoyable reading, then i'd suggest, Harry Potter books for starters. Blieve me, you wont come out of it if u r into it... you'll know why people like me are die hard fans, even though its a book for children. anyway, keep posted. :-)

Arvind said...

Life of Pi is very nicely written as well with lotsa punchy 'gore' details :-)))

Actually Shyamalan had that lined up as his next movie and finally dropped the idea :-)

ada-paavi!!!! said...

both angels and demons and da vinci code are interesting only because they are informative. the history bits. in case you want a book about pre russian occupation afgahnistan, read khaled hossinis the kite runner, the story is told through the eyes of 10 year old. siddhartha by hermann hesse is spiritual but very good, awesome book, yeah maybe ishold start writing book reviews

Twin-Gemini said...

You seem like you read a lot of books. How about music? Who are your favorites? What genre do you listen to? Any recommendations?

Cipher said...

If u hvn't read these already then give them a try
Spiritual - Monk who sold his Ferrai by Robin Sharma
Fiction - ALCHEMIST by Paulo coelho
Psychology - Emotional Intelligence.

Carnatakam said...

Hey Ganesh,

I feel 'Amudhae Tamizhae' has lots of Malayamaarutham. But guess ther's been some addition/deletion of swaras.

Lets wait for the expert to give the verdict.


Chinmayi said...

Maybe I mentioned earlier, I have read Life of Pi. Will catch the chariots. And the kite runner..
TG- my favourites in music are many. Old Hindi Songs, Celine Dion, Bryan Adams, Western Classical, Pt. Ravi Shankar, Karunesh (I think thats what his name is.. have heard him a few times.. liked his work), instrumental, folk music, to wide.. !

Badri said...

My recomends would be
"The Class"-Erich Seagal
"The Broker","Runaway Jury" and "The Partner"-John Grisham
"The Last Don"-Mario Puzo

Chinmayi said...

Will catch those books Badri

Raj said...

I am sure you have read the fountain head and atlas shrugged. It changed the way I look at egoistic people. If you haven't read them, it's a crime.
Meanwhile, I am big big fan of your wonderful voice. Oru Deivam Thantha poove still makes me feel heavenly :o)

Anonymous said...

hiiii chinmayi, read 'The Fountain Head' by Ayn Rand. For me, its the best book in all of the world. Its got a philosophical bent, but i promise you, you'll fall in love with the book for ever. I promise. :)
If u feel like reading some love stories, read all Erich Segal books, 'Love Story', 'Olivers Story', 'The Class', 'Doctors' and 'Acts of Faith'. :) These are really fantastic ones!