Monday, May 16, 2005

Had a great weekend. Especially at Dance class. Haven't danced full out in a while. Andrea has gone to Europe leaving her partner, Daniel, behind. So those who had been learning for a while had to be paired with beginners. So sometimes, it can get boring. Not that I dont like to be guiding someone to dance better, but in 1 1/2 hours class, thrice a week, I need some gratification to have danced with someone better. Which we weren't allowed. Older students were always broken up. Thankfully, all that was compensated this time.

Social dancing is one great way to unwind and whatever said and done, being good on the dance floor does take some brownie points ;). So if you guys can, enrol for some dance classes.

Since Yasaswini is now firmly on terra firma, I took her to class yesterday after spendig sometime with her. She had a ball and made up her mind to treat herself to dance classes from her first salary.

Had a comment about my line on not bothering about deadlines in my previous blog. There was an article a few months back, based on a study that a maximum number of divorces are happening in the early 30s, and most of them were from the S/W field. And voila there are two more syndromes to the big list. DINS and DINK syndromes expanding to Dual Income No Sex and Dual Income No Kids. These two being the major reason for the break ups. The others being the usual no time, no this and no that. Finally, this major money field is also causing too many concerns otherwise. Healthwise, eyesight gets shot. CVS or Computer Vision Syndrome. And Back Problems. And spondilitis. So maybe these companies should wake up and try to bring awareness. Since they are already making a lot of money, they should be contributing to the emotional, mental and physical health of the employees too. In a positive way!

So that was my gyaan for the day ;)

Was having a great time with my foster sis Aditi too. She adopted me one fine day, because she was feeling sad that she didnt have a sis. And she wanted an older one. By the way, her mom is Dr. Vasudha Prakash.
Now Jimmy came into being cos the maid at her place cant pronounce my name properly. She first said Jimmu and then Jimmy, now thankfully she can say it properly. But the name has stuck and Aditi has done her bit to popularize it and some of my close friends call me Jimmy too.
Sometime with her, and anyone will laugh till they split at their seams. We are one nice entertaining family!

I wish it rains. Feel like taking a walk in the rain .. and currently poring over the pages of 'A Bend in the Road' - Nicholas Sparks... gonna start with Angels and Demons soon. Love that guy, Dan Brown.


@nu$h@ said...

firstly.. true being in the IT means converting a lot of things from what they are to what they shouldnt...well jimmy isnt a bad name either....its actually very cool...chinmayi to glad it din get transformed to chimney....hehehe.. well no offense meant..

try DA vinci code...i wanna watch the movie tho.....

have a super gr8 day

Chinmayi said...

I have read the Da Vinci.. thats how I was intro'ed to Dan Brown. And yes I get called chimney, chimmi, simmi, simmai, chimmai, chinna mayil. To name a few

Prabz said...

did you say.. jimmy..*chuckles* 'n thatz your pet name :)
I really loved the 'Da Vinci Code' esp his take on religion. but many of my pals suggest A&D is a let down.. havent read though! but 'digital fortress' is good it seems..

Twin-Gemini said...

Hmmm...that stats is alarming! Well, I think of it differently, it really doesnt who you marry or what their profession is, if it's in anyone's fate that some good thing or bad thing should happen - there's no stopping!

Da Vinci Code was really good. I got Angels and Demons after that but havent started reading it (being a typical gemini).

IBH said...

hey Chinmayi, u are the flavour of month in the blogosphere :)) ...Angels and Demons is very good..i read it in just one nite....i amnow reading Deception Point by Dan Brown..I also bought this Digital fortress...I am under the spell of Dan...

Raju said...

Hi Chinmayi..
Welcome to the world of blogging.. (I am a new entry too).. I am a big fan of ur "Oru Deivam Thandha Poove".. Now my favorite album is "Arindhum Ariyamalum".. In the "Sil Sil" song even though u sing for just a few secs.. it adds a great and beautiful contrast to the song by the male and the kids.. All the best to have a great career.. Visit my blog at You will see some interesting posts soon.. I am such a movie geek..

REFLEX said...

Your gyan for the day is good. But MNCs are waking up for all these things. Atleast in my organization, we arranged for meditation class, (conducted by one of the fellow employee), hatha yoga and our ocmpany pays 50% of the fee. Our managers insist us to take leaves ( expire ur annual leave in that year ), never insist us to stay late. But atleast we hav to realize that we r in our prime time of our life.

Chez said...

Hmm.. WHat you said abt the S/W professionals is very true. couple of my friends are at Wipro and Virtusa. And they hang on till nite in the company.

DINS and DINK syndromes are now catchin up in India too. But everything lies in the attitude. On one side we can appreciate the guys encouraging Dual Income, But it doesnt mean that workin all along. Have to take forced time-off in life. The truth is, the world wouldnt fall-apart if we take some time off. We usually think the other way.

You too got smitten by the Da vinci Bug?? :-) Well, Da vinci Code is superb, Angel and Demons is better.. but Digital Fortress a like a single storyline being expanded into a masala movie.

And i finished them within 24 hours. Psst! The 'bluebottle' feeling never goes off me... :-)

Have a nice time with Dan Brown.