Saturday, May 14, 2005

High Voltage. Not really edited. Read at own risk.

Does anyone understand what Time Management is all about in this world? Or at least some of those I know?

Feel like cribbing. A LOT.

I go to dance class thrice a week. Have an excellent instructor in Andrea and her partner Daniel who are needless to say, awesome dancers. And so I went to dance class today. Happen to learn Salsa, Jive, Cross Step and Line dancing. And usually there is rendezvous after class. Gets over at 6.00 and at 7.30 people are still not decided where to go. So somewhere in between I decide to slightly drive home a point that we are not really keeping time and I have a curfew. So someone says, "You know, its ok.". So me pissed. And I leave. In a huff, in my mind. But trying to retain composure. Thats one of the tougher things to do in life. Well how long can you put up with one and a half hours to decide where to go in the city? I dont even take that long to decide what to wear for an important concert. GOD! Then I gather that they didn't really do much after all. Thanks for reading through my crib post so far.

The earlier half of the day was productive. I went with my aunt, Dr. Vasudha Prakash, a counsellor who teaches special ed, and has a school (Kaleidoscope learning centre) for children with mild to moderate mental disorders.

In that counselling session I realised how necessary it is to educate the parents more than treat the children. How people need to be aware that it is possible that they might have to deal with such a kid in the future, I know, God Forbid, but more people are marrying too late when their Biological clocks are on their last tick-tocks, we have grown up in far less healthier climes, and polluted food and air that genetic engineering goes haywire in the kids that we bring in to this world. But then the gen - eng can go haywire even otherwise.

And parents of special children are also under pressure. From the soceity. When their child misbehaves, say in the supermarket, there are other people who don't understand the pressures of having such a child, and they will happily tch tch and tsk tsk and start off on their own logistics about how to bring up children. And the worse is, she / he must have sinned to have gotten a child like this..... Where is the human race coming to... indulging in such base, banal gossiping, back biting, this and that and what not to make all in our power to make lives miserable for others so we might live happily? Its struggle for the parents to manage their child, the always-sympathetic looks they garner from others, the strain it puts on their marriage and their career and more than anything else, their whole outlook to life. And people just hover around trying to put that stamp on us thrust us inside labelled crate from where we can wish and hope and pray that we will be let out by the oh-so-nice-soceity.

Maybe we should give a break to ourselves, and maybe heed the soul screaming inside us, whose voice we conveniently decide to show a deaf ear to, and be nicer homosapiens. After all humane is just an 'e' added to human.

And also, all of us have the extreme luck of leading blissful lives compared to the ones I mentioned above. Maybe its time we listen to the birds, watch the sunset, hug and love our own children even more, and our family, be there for them,(dont mind the boss and the deadline whooshing by, at least for a while), even if its a lot of cribbing; our partners, and generally be thankful to God that we are 'normal'.


Twin-Gemini said...

I read this in someone's blog: For a normal person their good characteristics overshadow their bad ones in their outwardly behavior. But for a special person, this is not the case - they show out their true characteristics, unadulterated. Here is a story about a special hero from Madras, a real-life hero. (

And, thanks for stopping by my blog. Now I can brag to my friends that I know Chinmayi, the singer :-). This blog thing is slowly catching on, hope it builds a good online community.

Chez said...

Hi Chinmayi,

Welcome to the world of Bloggers. I just came to ur blog thru the other Anand and the other Gemini.

Didnt ring a bell?? Well, i was speaking abt the one who has posted above.. twin-gemini.. :-)

Have a nice time in the blogging world. Blogging is usually abt speaking abt, anything and everything that isnterests you and thats happening within you and around you..

You crib, laugh, joke, question, criticise and there'll always be comeone to patiently listen (read) to that.

Now, it seems i've got to create a new 'Celeb' section in my blog. AS Anand said, this thing is catching on..

Personally, this may one day be the powerful thing, where, like in older days when ppl wud find the kings in disguise. A day will come when we can reach the most powerful persons (A.k.a Presidents and Prime ministers)or famous celebs thru blogs.

Well i think i'm posting a comment, not posting in my blog... let me stop here.. (already its so long!!!)

AS, we bloggers say, Keep Blogging. And you'll luv it. :-)

Anand (Also a Gemini) :-)

Twin-Gemini said...

Now that you have started blogging, just wanted to suggest that you might want to add your blog link to your website, it still says Under Construction - you might lose valuable readership :-)

Carnatakam said...

Hi Chinmayi,

Am not a blogger yet...but first of all, wanted to say my favourite of yours is the casual hum of Sidha Saveri u did in "En uyir thozhiyae"...hats off!"Oh Sukumari" is no where near this!!!

Talking of a spl. person's family's outlook, I'd like to recount this wunderful scene in 'Anjali', the elder daughter asks Raghuvaran...why was Anjali born in their family & not that of the neighbours. The dad replies that God slected good ppl like his family to take care of the God's spl. child-Anjali!!! What a way!!!


Surya said...

Came here on Twin Gemini's reco. Glad to know another Hindu (No offense meant to the Secular folks, i was meaning our School name) is on the Blog world. Mine is at
They were many Singers in our School whom Uma miss encouraged, i always knew someone would make it big.

Sriram said...

"Don't mind the boss and deadline whizzing by"??? Hello? That at times means "get a new job" or "bye bye money" :) Yes, i do agree family is important, but deadlines are even more important. Ask the S/w pros and they'll tell you. if they don't ask me! I've got a deadline on monday :D.. and the next time u decide to drop by, be sure to leave your link behind in my shout box. there maybe some misguided missiles that might land here from my blog ;) Peace!

Sriram said...

also one kutty suggestion. Reply to comments on your blog as well. people normally come back to the post where they commented to see the author's reply. BTW, have linked your blog from mine. Will be blogrolling you as well shortly. Peace.

Twin-Gemini said...

I agree with Sriram's comment. This is one of the downsides to blogging, you have to keep up with your readers. I, being a normal software engineer with lots of time in hand, find it quite dificult to keep up with my readers, not sure if you would have the time to respond to the comments, but please do try.

I must have come back atleast 20 times this weekend to check on the replies, but was a bit disappointed to not see anything :-(

Ram.C said...


hopefully, you will be getting many hits in the coming days, since people are coming from regular bloggers sites.. hope you had installed hit counter already.

Chinmayi said...

First o reaply a lot of people here, as i said I am new. Take pity on me. I didnt know I had to reply here. I checked out someone's blogs to reply there.
And then dont have hit counter installed. How?
Not mind the deadlineswhooshing whizzing whatever they do, I think i added sometimes. And not get drowned in it. Also explains why the most number of divorces and troubles happen in s/w people 's marriages.

I happened to work with Sify when I was younger. Checked out first hand all the pressures, the swearing, sleeping on the desk, brushing teeth at office, almost about everything.

As for linking to my blog from my website, I had finished the work long ago, but was unable to upload. Have done it now. Thanks fo reminding! I would have forgotten.

Thanks Carnatakam and yeah I remember that line from Anjali now.

Hope I have answered everyone here.

Like Sriram, Peace!

Prabz said...
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sushil said...

Hey Chinamayi
The example you talk about seems to be a classic case of people not understanding disability. Developing countries in particular need educational and awareness programs on dealing with disability (both mental and physical). Steps need to be taken by both the government and localised communities in ensuring that the disabled are not further disenfranchised.

Kaps said...
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Kaps said...

You might wish to read the following articles which give you a flavour of the Basics of Blogging

Twin-Gemini said...

Cool! Nice to see your reply :-) For the hit counter, go to a site like or and register for a free account. Then you will need to paste a small piece of code in your blogger template, and save and republish your template. Thats all you need to do. To check on the number of people getting to your site, if you login to your account in those sites, they will show all the stats.