Saturday, May 07, 2005

My First Blog

Well, I finally enter the world of blogging. The blog section on my website has been under permanent construction for a long time, hence here.

It was'nt too auspicious a start getting here, cos as soon as I clicked register, my internet connection conked. And then, chinmayi, chinmayis, chins, chin, chinnu, everything had been taken. I thought I had a rare name but some chinmayi had always beat me to Yahoo, Hotmail, Rediff and Sify mail. I guess I finally reached Gmail first.. ha!

After fiddling around for a looong time, checked out how to post a pic, and how not to do a couple of things. Point is I had to download some software to upload pictures. 2 to be precise. That was a slight iration. Got that straightened out. Have to figure out a lot more stuff here..


Jamuna said...

hi chinmayi. nice 2 c u started a blog... take ur time 2 learn all the tips and tricks of blogging and make all of us happy with ur works!

happy blogging :)

indolentcreature said...

Suswaagatham :)

Boston Bala said...

Good to see your blog... welcome!

crsathish said...

hello chinmayi,
welcome to the bloggers world...

Hari said...

Nice post. You got a great voice. Nice to see the face behind that voice and much more, thanks to blogging.
Keep writing.


Dreamvendor said...

Cool! I just bumped into a doctor's medical kinda blog. And now a singer. Awed! Welcome to this part of the world *wink*

Nathan's view said...

hi chinmayi..
its very nice to see u here..
am jus 5 month old baby to ths blog world..
and now i got a chance to see urs, first time..

u kno..
first post I saw was ua "pepsi MTV youth icon" once got eager to see ua first blog..
keep ua busy schedule...

ILA(@)இளா said...

I still remember that i did the first comment in Haloscan. Is nt it?

myphotostudio said...


good morning

now only i saw your blogs very nice experience. your blog introduce puthiyathalaimurai tamil weekly edition.

all the best