Sunday, May 08, 2005

My second day at blogging

Hmm back here. I spent some time today checking out other people's blogs, namely Kiruba Shankar's. The guy I would say is my advisor. Off and On. I ask him twice or thrice a year but I get his new phone numbers thanks to common friends who are regularly in touch with him. Knows the answer to everything I ask him, and have been looking up to him too. I first met him 7 years back.

He has been everywhere, done all that. He asked me to attend the Bloggers meet at Anna Universtity which I am sure he organized. Thats when and where I got to know what blogging was. From then to now its taken me two years to get my blog up. So that was a short history on me myself and my blogging.

My car was at the garage, pretty brand new after 1 1/2 years and the people there say some gear shaft is gone, belt is worn out, battery is dead, wotnot. Had to shell out some 5k. Guess the maintenance routine has started for my wheels.

I started to read a book "Reflections of Life After Life" by Dr. Moody. Not a Great last name for a shrink. He has interviewed hundreds of women and men who were close to death or actually pronounced dead. There is more literature available on the same topic. Dr. Brian Weiss. I think he got the world to sit up and take notice of what happens between two lifetimes, separated by death, or rather punctuated by death. More so because he is a devout catholic, didn't believe in anything that could not be proved by science. This includes the whole gamut of parapsychology, hypnosis, alternative therapy, the like. But then the first few lines in my Psych course material said Psychology doesnt accept the presence of mind, why because science cannot pin point the 'mind' anywhere in the human or animal anatomy, it couldn't decide whether it was a stream of thought or a thought process, and people in general did not seem to give the same answer when asked "What is mind?"

No matter what the mind continues to exist..............

His book, Many Lives Many Masters, provides info about the continuation of life after death and the influence of our past life experiences on our present life behaviour. Proves to be an astonishing read, even if you dont believe in this funda.

Past Life Regression, an alternative therapy to heal psychological disorders is fast gaining ground in India, with a couple of practitioners in Bombay and Delhi. But then anything to do with Hypnosis and people have their own misconceptions. Clear your cobwebs here. (i.e. if you have any :))

It might be tough for me to say anything about hypnosis or even remotely try to implement it in my sessions as a counsellor, when I become one. But I am looking forward to being called Dr. Chinmayi. Gives a certain adrenaline rush.

Anyway, that's that. The curtains draw on another day.


Jamuna said...

very interesting piece. all the best for ur future as a counsellor. but i think all ur fans wud like 2 c u more as singer chinmayi than dr.chinmayi!

Vasanth said...

heyy good start.... all the best... Dr.Chinamayee

indolentcreature said... resident counselor Dr.Chinmayi. You may have to do a regression analysis on me someday when I pore out the woes of my life :D (Hope you did get the intended pun')Nice blog...looking forward to read many more

Prabz said...

I second jamuna.. :)

'n Nice to see your blog atlast!!

IBH said...

hey this is i really stumbling upon Chinmayi's blog? my hubby dear is a majoooor fan of ur "Oru theivam thandha ..."
being a mal, the only tamil song he could actually without any hiccup!!!

nice blog...all the best for ur future....Dr.Chinmayi :))

Harish Sivaramakrishnan said...

De Chinmayi with a doctorate in psychology and a doctorate in Music!! Dr Dr Chinmayi!

saraskathiresan said...

All The best to become a very popular SINGER like SUSEELA and CHITRA very soon. Actually U are deivam thanda best singer