Saturday, May 28, 2005

The past couple of days have been mad.
Am off to Coimbatore today for the concert. Am back on Tuesday I guess.. Both of us has been hassled, Mom even more so with a lot of organizing and all. Damn its tough to coordinate people maaaaan.
A few rehearsals, and this time I will have to deal with a couple of totally new people without any practise or anything. Hoping it will turn out well..
I finally got the pictures.. phew... but slightly doubtful if I can post it until I get back.
Mr. Ganesh --> Haven't heard the Amuthe Thamizhe song. Will ask amma and check it out.
Have read The Life of Pi. Loved it. Have wanted to catch both the Monk who sold his Ferrari and another on the same lines, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle maintenance. And Chariots looks too damn interesting. Will Do
Shopping in an hour- have perfected the Art!
And while at Sri Lanka, you must check out the Ice Creams there. One of the things they boast of. And the Chinese Food. Hope I will update this list of Things-to-do at Sri Lanka sometime :)
Have a good weekend and a great start to a fresh new week :)


Badri said...

where are you performing in coimbatore.What concert.
And welcome to CBE

JD said...

We have a celebrity here! Nice... The next time you see A. R. Rahman, can you pleeeaaase tell him I'm his greatest fan?

Ganesh said...

Thanks Chims

Have a nice weekend.

Chez said...

Hi Jimmy,

Have a Nice weekend and best wishes for the Kovai Trip..:-)

btw, Where r u performing there??

Gangadhar said...

I hope to see you giving a concert here in Hyderabad in the near future..
all the best,chinmayi

Mrutyunjaya said...
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Sriram C S said...

The Kannathil Muthamittal song was sung very well. Your voice gave it an ethereal feel. Going through the books you have mentioned, do try The Alchemist as well. And consider this comment an invitation to my BLOG.

Baejaar said...

You seem to be really busy these days.

It reminds me of an old spanish proverb:

"Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week" :-)

Chinmayi said...

The concert was at a Wedding. I havent really sung at weddings. But this was an exception and the atmospehere was very conducive too.
AT SNR auditorium. At the Wedding of the son of The Ashoka Betelnut people.
Sure Deepak will let Rahman anna know.
Hope I can come to Hyd too. Havent been there after my class trip in 8th std!
I have read Alchemist and almost all of Paulo Coelho's work.
So Baejar, is it good or is it bad that I am busy ;)

Baejaar said...


Its bad for you that you are busy but its good for so many of your fans (including my mum)

- Dheepak Ra

raman said...

hi chinmayi

My friend from Singapore ( Ujji and Shalu or Srinivas and Padmini if you wolll ) tell me you are closely related to them !
World is shrinking by the hour I think ?


Chinmayi said...
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Chinmayi said...

Hi Mr. Raman,
The names don't ring a bell... Guess we need the family tree!!! Can you ask them to explain or maybe mail me?

Badri said...

Oh mu God we had an invite for that wedding but I didnt attend cause I wasnt that interested.Had i known about the concert I would have come.

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DigiMoods said...

Hello Chinmayi..

Great to see you in the BLOG. I see that u sang the song Oru deivam..from Kannathil..I think that is one of the most difficult song to sing..I used to tell to my friends...Did u feel so?..or Is it easy if u know carnatic music, ragas and stuff?...

Please let me know..

Thanks and Regs,