Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Pictures from Sri Lanka

Scroll Down! And then Scroll up.. I wanna change the order.. But too lazy to remove and post everything again..!


Narayanan Venkitu said...

Thanks Chinmayee for all the photos. Your closeup is a little out of focus.

Thanks for updating my memories about Mathangi. Harish Raghavendra has changed a lot from the last time I saw him here in Fremont California last year.

demigod said...

Cool!!! Waited so long for these pictures. Nice snaps, keep posting more.

Chez said...

Great Jimmy..

Just a day back i was chatting about Sri Lanka with one of my Australian classmates. He was very joyous talking abt it, as his wife is from Sinhalese.

Great photos. You took me into a memorable rendezvous with those photos. :-) Particularly, the music director Manicka Vinayagam. He has great voice and even his acting in the films were so nice. And our own Harish. Jassie gift is new to me.. but introducing Mathangi was nice. I've never seen her before.

And abt ur close-up.. En Kanne patrum pola iruku.. :-) So ask ur mom to 'chuthi poda' ur face..!

Chez said...

And Kudos, for ur first photo post.. :-)

Chinmayi said...

Mr. Jassie Gift is the voice behind Lajjawathiye, and another song from 4 Students, more recently Andangkaka from Anniyan!

Prabz said...

Wow chins.. Thanks for the pics..