Tuesday, May 24, 2005

'Reach out' is a show on SS Music, hosted by Craig generally. But went there to find out its hosted only be one person. ME. Its a Phone-in programme, requests. The usual. Lot of bloopers. And slips. Had to talk up 7 callers. And I couldn't think of what to ask them. Took me a while, kept the " what are you doing this summer" constant and that to after prodding from the producer. He must be laughing is hat off.
The thing is this is the 'vocal month' at SS Music and the Icon of the Month being SPB sir. So they are asking all the singers to be on the shows, or host them I think. Cameras first rolled with my show. :) Finished flirting with it. It will be on air June 1, 5-6 and retelecast on the 2nd at 8.30-9.30. Still have to remove my war paint.
And I dont know why my a/c is suspended. My friend is hosting it..! I am usually the last to know about my website! The last time it was already 4 months. Until a good samaritan told me what was up, actually, that it was down.
All the details about the show .. tomorrow..
By the way, wanted to know, what are the chances of someone filing a defamation case on me on the basis of my blog?Would like answers for that.. I would like to let people know about some lowdowns too... that its not silver dust and love and laughter all the time, and some people whom you trusted turned out to be something else......


Ganesh said...

Wow Chims
I know Chinmayi is blissful, Chims is easy for typing .
Anyway coming back to defamation depending on whom or about what you are writing.
The safe way is use someother name like 'Mr.M said this or Ms. S was so boring' ;)
BTW I have one question in carnatic
Have you ever listened to Raag Rasika Ranjani ?
In the movie Bharathi there is song called 'Edhilum Ingu' beautifully sung by Madhu, same with classic film song 'Amudhe Thamizhe' from the movie Kovil Pura it is one of those morning ragas
Swarams where 'Sa Ri1 Ga2 Pa tha(2) Sa lots of shades of Malahari.
I am trying to identify the ragam for the above songs


Sriram said...

*Sigh* wish i could have called and given you a hard time ;) just kidding.. nice one with the war paint. LOL.. Defamation case on the blog? R u kidding? The worst they could do it shut it down,a nd that too if u decide to do it.. Besides, if someone ever wanted to file a defamation suit, i would have to face the music first,.. so ;) chill out kiddo.. no sweat. feel free to dump everything here... or start an anonymous blog (and give me the link and I swear.. no publicity).. well. the comment's got long enough. and my best friend's online.. gotta run.Peace!

ada-paavi!!!! said...

defamatin case can be filed but unlikely, i mean who would take the trouble to look at ur blog and file a case based on that? its a lot of work, secondly proving that what u said has actually defamed the person is hard in india. same bet would be to sublty identify the person without mentioning their name if u are going to state earth shattering stuff. otherwise it would be alrite to state their names, or avoid using second names, or distort the spelling of their names.

Kaps said...


Your blog has been mentioned in today's edition of the Financial Express. You can read the article here.


Venkat said...

I never even imagined that i could even get to know you.It was thro my uncle Narayanan i started to read your blogs. Its good that celebrites are also jumping into the blog world and are easily accessible thro your blogs. Keep the good work going. And abt the suit, U are not in America to really worry about that.

Gangadhar said...

Hi Chinmayi,
This is Gangadhar from Hyderabad..I'm a hardcore fan of music..Basically I'm an electronics engineer working for an MNC..
I've just seeen your blog today for the first time..and i wanted to write a few words in your blog..It's just amazing..Keep going,Chinmayi..
And if time permits pl reach me at http://ambatigan.blogspot.com

ada-paavi!!!! said...

bloggin is not convered under indian cyber laws so u cant be sued, my blog also has some controversial views, checked it out,to be on the safe side cause i dont have money for legal fees

Chez said...

Hey Jimmy,

Usually the worst thing that can happen is, as sriram said, the blog being forced to shut down citing the defamation thing. but blog is a place where we speak from the heart. Its your place. Go ahead and do whatever you like. But, people never spell names in their blogs. Now that you have created a blog in your own identity, better keep those persons as anonymous... Simple aint it??

And do get ur site up soon? Or else, just make this blog as your official place. you can spruce it up using ur creativity, and it would give a personal unique feel to ur fans up there... :-) you can transfer your photos to flickr and other details as individual posts in this blog page..

"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun. "
~~Mary Lou Cook"

virumandi said...

yeah, i dont think any legal action can be taken against u, as long as u keep the identity of the concerned persons under wrap!! good luck!!!

IBH said...

maintaining the anonymity by you would be difficult chinmayi but I think with the way u write I think u can handle it pretty well...and ofcourse this a free sphere..that too a personal one...so maintain the anonymity and give us the details :) let us see how well we can decipher things :) or for that fact how good we are at it :)

Prabz said...

wonder why would you write defaming stuff about people? :) .. i mean for a sweet person like you are!!*flirt* ...

Arvind said...

Whatever happened to freedom of expression :-(

looks like filing defamation against someone has turned to be the quickest route to media 'fame'. How ironic !

As already suggested you can use the initials, would not recommend a Ms or Mr, you can leave people to think a bit ;)

Worst, yeah shut down the blog and may be some money in damages or injuction against writing that person in specific.

Has cyberlaw become so 'enforceable' in India that they can do something about it ?. I doubt it !

"that its not silver dust and love and laughter all the time, and some people whom you trusted turned out to be something else...... "..People are the same, whether are not it is the e-World or rEEl world

Unfortunately so !

Twin-Gemini said...

If you are worried about that, then you should first remove anything that could be potentially offensive. And it would be best not to use names in any of the posts.

Chinmayi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Teshu said...

Well technically yes you can be sued but best way to restrict that is to put a disclaimer. You can see a sample disclaimer on my blog :)