Saturday, June 04, 2005

Hi people
Any questions regarding the theory and explanation thereof, please mailto I got a lot of mails asking to explain, ahem, a lot of things. You see I am also learning from my own blog! Major initiations happening! :)
Dance class today.. Finally they have separated the beginners and the advanced students. Good for both the groups..
I have been trying to dump a lot of movies which my friend gave, and most of them throw up the cyclic redundancy check error... grrrrr...
Haven't watched a movie in a while.. must catch.. problem most of the times is the company.. I wish there was an easier way out.
Pressure from chennaionline now to submit reviews. I have been slack! Bottom line, must start eating, a lot, outside :)
I love the clock. I saw it in one of the blogs from my blogroll. If I am not mistaken. So I copied the idea... like sometimes they say, why be creative?? Plagiarism is faster ;)
Am working on a lot more changes on the look and feel of the blog page. Have been checking out some designs, or might work on a new one... Once upon a time I had learnt all the stuff.. HTML, VB, Java, SQL Server,wotnot.. Everything is in the disintegrated mode! Remember almost nothing. Forgot to close a tag... and was wondering what went wrong. Totally in duh! mode.
We almost got a dalmation pup yesterday. And now we cant. I am heartbroken :((
Happens that mom went to her spanish classmate's home, who in turn happens to be my school senior, and he mentioned that he just got a pup. Went to play with it, while mom caught up with lost classes, and they said that the pup has a sister... Me was in elated mode, and surprisingly mom accepted. I have been craving for a pup for ages but mom refused flatly, basically cos of the fur and the allergy.. though we could have either got a German Shepard or a Pom ages ago, the fur factor was the stumbling block. I stumbled and I stumbled until yesterday and mom fell in love with that pup finalement. And I couldn't believe my stars.. And then we couldn' t have it.. If things had worked out, there would have been a cute, spotted, cute, prancing, cute creature in here.. yeahh cute it was.. :(
I hope, someday.....
BTW finished Angels and Demons on the train.. too cool.. really loved the antimatter stuff... That guy sure makes a lot of sense.... Lowe him :) Also read Edgar Cayce's book on Remembering Past Lives.. Readable.
For now am gonna try and watch one of the CR checked movies.. :)
Wassup this weekend?


virumandi said...

hi...congrats..pups or pets, in general takes away a chunk of stress from our daily routine..half an hour/day with them..u feel rejuvenated.. good luck!!!

demons and angels..was good but the end was kind of if Dan brown was given a deadline, he finished it hastily!!!

Chez said...

Don worry...

There will be another time for a pup to come into ur house.

Gangadhar said...

Joined dance casses? Oh!nice,Chinmayi.
And I love your clock too...It's so pretty...I'm sure you'll turn your blog into quite a modern one....
Oh my are a bibliophile!!I love to read books..but I'm trying to read...

Kaps said...

Looks like your site has undergone a major makeover...blogrolls, google ads & the new clock.

Why don't you write a review on "CROWN" restaurant in Chennai Online. Crown is the new roof top restaurant in Residency Towers.

Your "Sil Sil" song from Arinthum Ariyamalum in one of the recent hits in S'pore FM.

Ganesh said...


Thanks to you and your mom for taking time to explaing about 'Amuthe' song.
I agree with you, trying to analyze ragams on a film music is not exactly a right thing to do. Anyway it was fun and nice learning process.
Ofcourse personally I am more interested on the composition side of it.


Ganesh said...

Thanks for blogrolling me.

Twin-Gemini said...

After reading about so many reviews about novels/books, I am getting the enthu., to read some. Let me try and finish up Angels and Demons, then I can get to the others on your reco. list.

About Dogs...I find feeding myself a herculean task, I certainly cant think of feeding and taking care of a dog. :-)

CR checked movies? What are those?

Weekend-wise, have a lot of things to do...too much to write here, so put it up as a post in itself! :-)

Chinmayi said...

CR Checked Cyclic Redundancy Checked .. tee hee.. thought it would be repetitive to write the whole thing again and of course lazy too..
Gangadhar, have been into dance classes for ages. Odissi, have been learning for 6-7 years now, of course with a lot of breaks. Salsa, Jive, Ballroom, almost a year now! Have always loved dancing. :)
Will check out Crown kaps. More makeover will happen... :)

thennavan said...

My childhood favorite one has been The Matsya (which in Madras Baani, we used to call The Machchaya :-)). Dunni if you have ever been there. If you do, you can add it to your list for reviewing (as if you did not have enough on your plate already :-))

Prabz said...
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Prabz said...

>>Haven't watched a movie in a while.. must catch.. problem most of the times is the company..
psst.. get a boy frendu!! :)

Twin-Gemini said...

CRCed is the popular abbr., for it, but doesnt matter...from now onwards whatever you say will be accepted without a question (hint: till the intro. is actually made) :-)

And yeah, I forgot to ask, who is that school senior - I might know him too.

This "CR checked" that a VCD or a DVD? Havent heard about this term being used for movie CDs before.

As with anything, if you dont use it, you tend to lose it. Everytime I go for an interview, I have to essentially re-learn everything, coz I dont use most of that stuff on a daily basis.

Ganesh said...

Talking about movies
these are some of the movies I watched recently and would recommend too
Whale Rider
Freaky Friday (funny teen movie)
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Sriram said...

Grrr... my parents NEVER let me own any pet. Their argument? " Having you in the house is trouble enough!" .. If you are into abstract stuff, try Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. This is the novel on which the movie Fight Club is based on. Lemme know if u need suggestions ;)

Aakarsh said...

Movies!! cool..try a movie "waking life" or even "the usual suspects"

Chinmayi said...
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Gangadhar said...

Hi Chinmayi..Very gud morning.. are versatile in many arts..singing,dancing,writing and what not..I admire you..Did you participate in any concert(dancing one)?
And thanx for stopping by at my blog!Great feeling really,Chinmayi!!

Chinmayi said...

ill check out Matsya also
--> get a boyfriendu just to watch a movie?? idhu ongalukke konjam jaasthiya teriyalaya? ;)
--> all these movies were apparently downloaded from somewhere or copied.. have to be watched on DivX. .avi files.
--> I also wanna put up somewhere the movies I have watched.. But that will be looong.. will have to work that out and the books
--> CRCed.. new word for the day yaay!
--> Shankar is the guy's name. I think senior by a year or two. Heard he was brilliantine in school.
--> Sriram even my mom said that till lately! But seems she has had a change of mind. I am trying to find my pup before mind change changes again!
--> Have made a note of those movies.. will try and catch them. What I am needing is a good lending library which wont burn a hole in my pocket..

Manoj said...

Try using VLC player to play them files. It happens to be the most versatile media player around. Heck, if I were any cornier, I'd have said it actually stood for, 'Versatile Like Chinmayee' and made you gag :)

Prabz said...
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Chinmayi said...

HELPPP I am gagging already!!

Twin-Gemini said...

I thought I read something else to the Boyfriend comment. But now I see a different one...Daal mein kuch tho kaala hai :-)
Well, if you dont find time to find someone at this stage of your career, then do you think it's going to get any better later on? Just a thought - it's your life and you know it better!

Oh avi files...I see, these were the CR checked ones, is it?. Putting up a list of movies/books would be a good idea. Maybe you can start with your current reads and keep updating it as and when you find time.

Shankar, doesnt seem to be a familiar name. If he was a year or so senior to you, then I might not know him. Brilliantine - Arent most of us that way in school, until peer pressure kicks in to replace the oil with gel? :-)

Art said...

nice to have ur own pet. Me and my brother have been asking for one since ages. But mom keeps postponing it. I dont think we will ever get one.

IBH said...

pets....I have one named Bit Bit..and my hubby has one named Mimi..named after 'Mimi Rogers'..a one time super model...

as Virumandi said, they are a form of stres busters..

Angels and Demons?? I liked it too..there is one part in it where the Carmelangelo talks about Science and Religion..I liked that part a lot..

Now deep in to Deception point..:)

Chinmayi said...
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Chinmayi said...
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Chinmayi said...

Have hope Art.. you shall get your pet soon.. touche!!
Reading Monk who sold his ferrari.. Will be in to deception point soon too.. looking forward to it :)

Aakarsh said...

i read monk who sold his ferrari..its ok..not a great book though..if u wanna try something funny, try "five point someone", by chethan bhagath..(not great..but ok..)

anantha said...

Ummm.. been a silent reader here for sometime, but this Cyclic Redundancy thing is something i have seen with data cds. Had some probs with data cds that i wrote from my roomies comp once before i moved and then i could not get another computer to read them. Try using them somewhere else and in all probability they shld work. I think it just means that those CDs cannot be read by ur CD-ROM.
Myself a TFM fan with a minor understanding of classical music. You have a nice blog here. Will keep coming back here and since i have passed that "no comments" phase here with this one, will leave comments much more often.