Monday, June 06, 2005

Le Weekend

The weekend.. doesnt make much difference to me... weekdays weekends.. all the same. Except that I have dance class which is why I have begun to love weekends more, and maybe catch friends who are on the 9 to eternity grind, otherwise I generally dont like weekends.
As I small kid, I heard my mom used to be scared to say it was saturday and there was no school, why because I would start bawling.. Yeah I was a good kid. Loved school. Went almost everyday and my teachers loved me, not becos I was an A student or anything tee hee :)
This weekend was special becos I got my braces removed and flashed my 32 to almost everyone making them wonder what got to me.. and then they went 'ohh thats why you have been smiling so much" My mouth feels empty.
Dance class was good and after that we hung out at a local coffee place. Its been a while since we all hung out since Andy was not there, something was missing. One group where mom is not left feeling out of place and in that rare occasion that she comes to class because we have to go somewhere together after that, its a comfortable companionship. In this group, I may well be the youngest, if I dont count the children of my friends :)

Post coffee and yap-yap we went to this play, EVAM INDRAJIT- Your life in three acts. Put together by Evam and Madras Players. A play about youngsters, and how they dare to dream, and then sometimes dunno what they want to do in life, but just keep going anyway. College, degrees, jobs, girlfriend, marriage, children, house, better jb, better salary, children's education.. Basically this play said that its all a circle.. we are on a track, where no train comes. If you look ahead, the tracks meet somewhere at a distance. If you look behind the tracks meet somewhere in the distance. Whats in the past is in the future.. there is no hope.. Some of the lines which were said in the play. Which went above my head.. I guess there was some opimistic part which I missed. I just kept searching for something.... and I didnt get it. There was some humour which raised it head brightly in between.. but even then I lost it..
Talking about EVAM they are one of the most popular theatre groups in the city. ANd looks like they are going to hit the national arena soon, what with EVAM INDRAJIT playing with Prithvi. I have liked their comedies. We were informed that they were coming up with a new comedy on the 15th August. Looking forward to that.
On a hypothesis, if I had had a life of struggle so far. Thats my past, I look forward to something, which is also struggle? So was feeling desolate and dismal the rest of the night and till today. And the guy also falls in love with his first cousin, Manasi but they dont marry, for whatever reason, and then he marries. When asked by a long lost friend, Did you marry Manasi? No I didn't. I married another. There are hundred's of Manasi-s. Maan.. imagine that..
Fall in love with someone. And then that doesn't happen. Then someone else. And someone else??
Too much for me to bear.. Or to think of.. What happened to this whole concept of give and take and everyone wants to be on the receiving side and none on the giving? How will you receive happily if you dont know how joyous it is to give? Why is it that the grass is always greener on the other side? If it is, then why dont you try and grow some greener green grass on yours?
Lot of questions.. sometimes I like being alone.. listen to whatever is around me.. look at nothing in particular.. and watch my thoughts scream by, shout by, and talk by, ...softly by .. I am still to reach that stage where they will whisper and then finally they stop happening.. thats supposed to be a high altitude to reach in your personal evolution. Thoughtless .. literally.
On that thoughtful note, we happened to go to a mexican restaurant with Aditi, her mom, my mom, and two friends.. Don Pepe. Food was decent. I will have to write in, in a couple of days and send it across to my boss.
The drive back home was silent except for the hum of my car's engine, the occasional honk of an unruly car which needs disciplining (but then most cars in India can't survive without honking away Glory) , or rather its driver, the hum of other engines, the exhaling of my car's ac and our breathing.. very heavy hearted it felt...
Replying to some things. . I will put in the blog about the KMI experience and about 'Enn Uyir Thozhiye'. I was asked about the raga bit which I sing in between and in general about how I felt about KMI.
And replying to another Q, Noothana is based on Nalinakanthi except when a Dha is introduced in the last line of the charanam. Until then its strictly adhered to, mom said.
I am gonna check out a few movies in the theatre with Yasaswini. Tomorrow and the day after maybe.
And the good news is my ISP have changed my plan to the unlimited download one.. now I am louwing them .. a lot.. for the first time we know what customer service is all about! At least a little bit for starters ;)
Mom's gonna start putting in her posts too.. so there's a lot of info coming up :)
For now I am gonna catch some zzzzz. Sleep tight, dream nice.. :)


Twin-Gemini said...

So the Ivam Indrajit's play made you think, is it? I read about it in Kiruba's and Lazy Geek's earlier.

Where is Don Pepe's? It's nice to see new and different cuisines comeing up in Madras.

Unlimited downloads? Thats cool! Whats the speed that you get?

Vivhyd said...

Hi there!! 1st time here!!
I was a good kid too.. used to go to school every single day.. I heard previously they used to have prizes for regular attendance.. damn sure.. would have bagged a few..

Sriram said...

Anand's already said what I had in mind. ANd mexican restaurants ROCK!. Dunno about the ones in India though. Cause I've had a wallet-threatening experience @ Subway (Spencer's).. And what's this about bawling on weekends? Hell i used to crib so much to stay at home in school, and then.... college life started when I never felt like going to it. Of course, being the prompt person i am, I'll always leave early in the morning, go by the train, pick up all my class mates from the train and then go play cricket :D.. there.. now, am I a good kid? ;)

IBH said...

oooh bawling on weekends???I used to do it in school...coz i hated to be away from friends and the everything that is school-ish....

but now, it is a different story all is just too much that i start doing that in week days and almost counting my days and hours to near that one evening of friday :)

Don Pepe? where is it? I am a major mexican food fan...have been wanting to ask there a great Thai rest. in chennai? it is been so long since i visted any rest in let me know abt it...:)

Chinmayi said...

I think Don Pepe has been around for quite a long time. If I am not mistaken, for at least 10 years now. I get a 256 kbps speed boss.. good eh :)
Viv, Sure you would have bagged them .. I think they give it for 100% attendance. Yasaswini, my best friend used to get it, in addition to all the awards for her brilliant performance in school.
Sriram you had wallet threatening experience? Meaning? Yeah all of us were good kids at school and then everything went hullabaloo when college started.. nice one about the cricket!
There is a super Thai Restaurant.. Benjarong.. maybe if it happens that some of us get together in Chennai around the same time, which might be a bit tough because everyone is in different parts of the galaxy, but if it happens.. we could go there. For info its on TTK road. I wrote about it on chennaionline.
Don Pepe is on Cathedral Road, before Music Academy, just below the Fly Over.

Gangadhar said...

Hey..I was a naughty kid...And used to watch one or two movies in week then...But I was good at school..always stood in top5...
You look forward to something which is also a struggle?....nice line...Brave girl!! Keep the faith throughout your life...
And yup there are so many so called Manasis in our society...

Chez said...

"watch my thoughts scream by, shout by, and talk by, ...softly by .. " - Very expressive of ur thoughts, Jimmy. Damn good!

Only now i hear there are original Maxican/thai restaurants in Chennai.. cos, many like them are in fact taste like 'Indian-mixed' Mexican/Thai/Chinese restaurants. Reg the meet, yeah, its tough to meet as we r in diff parts of world. yet, we all will, soon.

And the change in the title just now stands out for what u meant to say.. till date i was wondering what it was.. :-)


Aakarsh said...

oh!! thanks for that raaga clarification(noothana)..though i felt it had traces of that of my friend's counter-argued..even i had lil doubt..anyways..i won..
and ya..for our enlightenment..plz let us know when your mom's blog is put up..

Girish said...

Hey. jus chanced upon ur blog and thought i wud say hi.
Good that u take time off to write.

thennavan said...

Chinmayi, I have one song in my mind that I would like to request you to sing if the chance ever arose (and sung by the legendary MSS). You know what it is?

Entamatramula Annamacharya. Howzatt?


Twin-Gemini said...

This one's been around for 10 years? Havent heard about this one before.

256Kbps? Thats really good going by the standards in Madras. But if I should make you jealous, ask me how many Mbps I get! ;-)

>>maybe if it happens that some of us get together in Chennai around the same time...
I wouldnt miss the chance of going out to a restaurant with a Celebrity. And that coming from a celebrity like you is very impressive. Way to go!

Art said...

I used to be a good kid too. I always wanted to go to school, come what may:)
Even though i had 100% attendence never got an award :(
School days are the best

Vasanth said...

heyy chinmayee...wats up for the next ...

Chinmayi said...

Gangadhar--> no i am not looking forward to struggles... No thak you ;)I want to hope and wish for only good things B+.. like my bloog group. But I was basically questioning the idea of the rail track line..
Anand--> yeah some people read my blog as wottawnumit. And I was wondering oh dear.. I was intending to do this for some ages.. did it only now.:)
Art --> I wonder how.. most schools at least read out the names during the annual day!

IBH said...

Don Pepe...sounds a major fan of anyting that is Thai..but since me outta madras for so long that I lost track...but in bangalore..I have haunted almost all rest..:) hehe..

hey chinmayi , when u are in drop in to one of these..
1. Main land China
2.Bamboo Shoots - Amazing Thai food..I fell head over heels in love with Thai after eating from here :)