Wednesday, June 08, 2005

My Site is up again

Surf's up and my site's up too.. :) Had to upload the whole gamut of files and pics again..
I want the site to look different now.. Am on a major surf mode to check out other sites and draw 'inspiration' ;)
Pointers ... please comment through to glory...
And I see that I have something for green though its not really my favourite colour.. I ended up having the same shades, more or less for both my blogspot and the site.. and hadn't planned it though.
I am off to All India Radio. I was given the B grade in 2000 for winning the All India First in Ghazals and I received the award in Jammu. And after that, to qualify for a higher grade you should have given at least 5 concerts until it expires in 2005. I have given one.. Why? I heard its the anti-hindustani music campaign thats happening in the circles here?
More and more youngsters are cuddling up to Hindustani Classical and people are, not surprisingly, worried about what will happen if it is populrised on local radio also. Tsk Tsk.
Mom said we will go there and check out.
I watched Bunty aur Babli yesterday. Damn cute I thought. Yeah, its not like intelligent movie and all but I loved Senior and Junior AB. And more Rani. She has come a long way as an artiste.. Nice clothes. More than super locations and the music made me wanna get up and dance. Candyfloss. And nice comedy.
The next flicks I wanna catch ... Paheli.. I am looking forward to it like mad. Super it sounds. And I have a penchant for some work that comes from Mr. Amol Palekar. When he is behind the lens. :)
I didn't really understand the movies that he acted in, not that I have caught that many. His movies had some great songs like Aane Vaala Kal from Golmaal. He also came up with a Marathi movie called Anaahat. Which didn't have the usual commercial ingredients, but had an amazing 60+ weeks run. Wish I can get the DVD. From the trailers I saw, thats another movie I'd like to see.
And Mr. and Mrs. Smith. And Mangal Pandey yaaaaaaaayyyy.... I saw the trailor yesterday. Super the music sounds..Ethereal... I am almost jumping around in joy. Rahman Anna's music. And no one will believe Aamir Khan is 40. They maintain their body well.
I wanna laptop.. suggestions?
As of now that's my POA. Have a rocking day or evenining .. depending upon the timezone you are in and also depending on when you check my yap for the day :)


Narayanan Venkitu said...

Mangal Pandey - I look forward to listening to the songs.

Aamir khan 40 - Surprising to note his age. Sure, he has takin care of himself.

Hindustani Music - Why is the interest? Any specific reason?

Lap Top - Depends on your budget and what you plan to do. Kiruba asked for suggestions and he got I think 100's. I am sure you will too, when the world wakes up tomorrow. My suggestion - IBM. I have one and I like it.

Did you listen to the songs form Ilayaraja/Fazil's Oru Naal Oru Kanavu. I've fallen in love with the Hariharan/Shreya/Bhavatharini classical song.!

Thank you for blogrolling me. I did the same as well.

demigod said...

Laptop?? It depends what you are looking for. I bought this one recently. check-it out

Aakarsh said...

hi!!..the song from golmal is aanewaala pal..
thats true..amol palekar is one of the best wonderful actors/film-makers from india.
reg laptop: i heard dell and IBM are good..
and yes, that calssical song from oru naa oru kanavu, as suggsted by narayan, is wonderful.maestro's spark at 62..damn good..

Gangadhar said...

You just reminded me a beautiful song.."aane waala pal.."I love melody...It's one of my favorites..thanx for that..
And regarding the laptop..Dell and IBM are good...

Bharath said...

Stumbled onto your blog today. I am a fan of KMI and your song in it. Your writings are impressive as well.

Anaahat - This is indeed a lovely movie, albeit a bit slow. This is about the ancient practice of "Niyog" and how little say women had in child-bearing in those times. Do watch it.

Laptop - For eloquent writers such as yourself, you might consider getting yourself a tablet PC. Its a great toy for sketchers like myself. See it here

It is relatively inexpensive(US$1100 + taxes). Best if you have someone in the US and can get it for you. Works out cheaper that way.

Chez said...

Hmmm.. Aamir Always Rocks! My fav though is the Char in Dil Chahtha Hai.. Great Storyline, Great Songs, Great Comedy, and Great Action by everyone too...

Reg ur Laptop, As Narayanan says everything depends on Budget. I did an extensive review before buying mine 3 months back and i ended up with a nice one to say.

The two main things to check in a laptop is the processor and Screen. Pentium M precessors are the best. (With their advanced sleep mode, they save up on battery time!) Celeron M processors are much cheaper and have less battery time. Otherwise both processors are from the same Die (அச்சு) So they are pretty much the same. Pentium has a number of speed options. Celeron M has few speed options.

HP has the best colour rendering in its screen, so even though i compromised on processor by choosing Celeron, I went for HP (15"screen). I hvent got any problems yet. (Its switched on for almost the whole day and no cribs yet.) And the Altec Lansing (The best) Stereo Speakers are a steal. Put a song list and i enjoy the songs from laptop like a music system, which i cook in my kitchen.

And in Indian rupees, its sub-50k. so got a nice deal. Dell and IBM are also best as others say. or if u want to go sleek, there is Sony Viao. Costly but very very sleek and trendy! May be u'd love to carry that little Sony toy wherever u go.. :-)

Unless i wanna go banging with High Res games like Quake, Maxpayne or NFS, a low end thing would do, as these electronic things get outdated so easily! Go for a low end (it would do for MS word/Browsing and minimal photo editing/ playing songs and movies) and change once every 2/3 years.. :-)

There are a number of review forums and websites. do a detailed research urself, before deciding on one based on ur budget.


Twin-Gemini said...

IBM, Compaq/HP, Dell are usually good. Sony's a bit pricey when compared with others (as is the case with any other product of theirs). I have heard some bad reviews about Celeron (mainly the processing speed). Pentium M seems like a good deal for the money.

You liked Bunti aur Bubli? I thought the comedy was really nice in the movie. Of course, there was no story in it, but I still found it very entertaining. I used to hate Rani before Black, now I am totally converted!

I didnt like the songs of Paheli, seemed a bit old style - expected a little more from Kreem, but was disappointed. Kreem's usually good at melodies, but didnt find any in the songs. And yes I am also eagerly waiting for The Rising, especially Rahman's music. Know when the music is getting released?

Baejaar said...

Nice to see your site up and running. Here are my few observations:
1. My songs link is broken. Specifically this url is throwing the error "" Please restore that from backup.
2. In the home page, the top navigation/link bar is perfect. But in any other page, the "award" links comes down. So the navigation/link bar is now composed of two rows. Its a small issue but it disturbs the look and feel of the site.

Arvind said...

Mangal Panday and ARR....can't wait for the release......

ARR raises himself to a greater plane when doing period scores.

Laptop, IBM/Dell with intel pentium would be the recommendation. Get 512M RAM with wireless internet.

Now that you'd have a laptop and wireless, what would stop you from doting on blogs anymore ;p always, when we go to our relatives place, kids proclaim 'food is so much more tastier' it is called 'grass on the other side is always greener' ;p

To me as discerning listener, music is good no matter what style it is.

To nitpick, without any negative/judgemental connotation, Carnatic is 'free flowing' while Hindustani is 'slow'.

IBH said...

Mr and Mrs Smith : me waiting too...especially after all those rumors flying around I would like watch their chemistry..;)

Paheli : Yes I do.

Laptop : I own a Sony Vaio and it is absly sleek and perfect for me what it comes with a webcam :)
But I will also look out for Dell coz their service I heard is good out there in India...

Ganesh said...

Looks like lot of stuff going on here.
Question do you concentrate more on Hindustani than carnatic?
When do you find time to do sadhana ?

Ganesh said...

Do check out my article on Rehman Anna :), I wrote this one like 4yrs back If I am right.

Cipher said...

ur site design look cool ;-)

Lazy Blogger said...

Hey Chinmayi,
Loved your noodhana song. What raagam is it? Please let me know, i listen to it everyday!

Chinmayi said...

I started learning Carnatic but shifted to Hindustani.. here the think it will be more shruthi shuddha and more voice culture when you sing Hindustani classical. My voice training was a separate experiment by mom, it had nothing to do with carnatic or hindustai classical as such. But many people believe hat my voice is because of Hindustani music.
And also the idea that HC means easier entry into the movies.!
I haven't heard the song yet.. will check it out asap..
Bharath - thanks for coming in.. tablet Pc.. it looks cool. tell me the advantages/disadvatages Tablet PC vis a vis Laptop..and also whats the diff between Notebook and Laptop and Tablet PCs?
Also do you know if DvDs of Anaahat are available?
MA --> I like DCH too.. kickstarted a whole new brand of movies. I love games too .. am a freak.. so much so that I transferred the bug to mom and now we have something new to fight about tee hee...I dont like Half Life types.. I like stuff like Legacy of Kain, anything with killing enemis and getting treasure.. :)) lol
TG --> I didnt wanna do a research on BnB.. I just enjoyed the movie ;) it made no sense most of the times.. and looping on my player now is Kajra Re from BnB!
Paheli --> considering the setting... maybe it demanded something like that.. I haven't heard the songs myself.. anxious to know what Juhi is doing in the movie.
I dont when Rising's music is gonna be released.. but reported that the movie will release august.. so we can hope that the music comes in by next month beginning...
Baejaar --> have rectified that songs thing
and the nav bar.. I think I asked for it because otherwise it threw up some other problem..let me see
Arvind --> reg your comment "Carnatic is 'free flowing' while Hindustani is 'slow'." mom will answer that :)
IBH have checked out Sony Vaio.. I like it too...
Ganesh --> will check out your article soon
Cipher --> Thanks :)
Lazy Blogger --> Noothana is totally Nalinakanthi except the last lines of both charanams where the 'dha 2' happens..and thanks for the compli :)

thennavan said...

I did a small facelift for my site today.

Reg. your tablet PC vs. laptop question, the major change will be that in the former you will be able to transcribe by your own hand, which will be a unique experience in itself. There are models where they double as a tablet PC and a laptop and it all depends on what you want to do with it. Let me know if you need more help as I handle these things routinely in my job duties :-)

Chez said...

Well, if u dont mind holding the tablet PCs like our age-old slate-Bulbam thing, often, then u can go for Tablet PCs... it gives a unique 'handwriting' feel:-)

Your idea to go for Laptop is best, even thou Tablet Pcs are cheapest.
As u are a game freak, i'd suggest u go for a Pentium M with a 512mb OR Higher RAM. Even 512 wouldnt suffice if u r such a game freak!!

Believe me, u wont feel like playing games in a laptop even though if a person is a die hard fan. Personally, i ran my system at home 24 hrs on Games, and now, its 'nil'. i've seen many friends having not playing after they got a laptop. I wonder what made us change completely like that?? may be studies/work? LOL...

Bharath said...

Well, my wife got me the Averatec C3500 Tablet PC for our birthday this year. And IS IT KOOL !!! Performance is amazing. It does work well as a regular laptop, but with MS Office-Oneword loaded up, you can transcribe notes onto it like a regular notebook using the Stylus. It took me about a day to get a hold of writing on the Tablet.

Now, I use it to take notes at work and works pretty well that way.

Being an avid caricature artist, the best features are the Inkart software that comes with Windows XP(Tablet PC Edition) SP 2. It is very easy to use and there are several great options.

The only negative aspect of the Averatec model is the Battery Power. It lasts only 1.5 hours that I find insufficient for a Tablet PC.

There are other models(like Sony etc.) which are more expensive. Averatec is the cheapest at US$1100 + Taxes.

Cheers !!

Ganesh said...


I agree with you on the Hindustani, one of my friend and singer Sundar has both carnatic and hindustani ,but prefers the latter due to sruthi aspect of it.
Not that its not there in carnatic.

BTW do you know Ghatam S Karthik ?

thennavan said...

Thanks for blogrolling me :-)

Arvind said...

Can't await to hear the verdict of hindustani vs carnatic frm your mom :-)

Balpam...LOL :-)

ROBBIE said...

I see the flurry of activity on this blog, and I am pleased to inform you Miss Chinmayi that I have placed a book tag on you, I hope you oblige by writing a book tag, for details visit my blogsite.

ROBBIE said...

I know that you have devoted your life to music and the arts and that you spend most of your time with it, this is an exercise to explore that third dimension. I hope you write a book tag. Alrighty...

Chinmayi said...

Ganesh --> Yes I know of Ghatam Karthik, and I guess he knows of me too.. But we dont know one another personally.!
Whats a Book Tag?

ROBBIE said...

check my blogsite out chims, my latest blog is a book tag, use that as a template. thanks, adios

Ganesh said...


I made lot of friends from carnatic field during my college days at Vivekananda College,Mylapore.
Sriram Ganghadhar (my close friend)
Ghatam Karthik
Divakar Subramanium
TM Krishna
SP Ramh, Manoj Shiva
Sangeetha Sivakumar
and list goes on. :)
The book tag thing is the latest thing going on blogosphere
Robbie has given his favourite list of books and has tagged myself,you and others, so I now in turn gave my favourite list of books and have tagged Narayanan and others.
Each tagged person gives out his/her list and tag another set of people.

ioiio said...

Oh.. I though rani over acted a lil in Bunty our Babli..

For laptop u shud check ferrari's post today.. Im dumbstruck seeing that masterpiece.. I wud die to own something like that..

My vote would go for a Apple MACs .. Gr8 looks, geeky posture, head turning brand name, startling performance and what not!!