Thursday, June 02, 2005

Watch me today at 5 P.M. IST, on SS music and the repeat of the same at 8.30 tomorrow morning.On a one hour show called Reach Out. This one is Craig's show. At the end of the show his fans will screaeaam for him. And thank that they get to see me only once hosting his show. ;)
BTW, Amuthe Thamizhe is from which movie? Singers?


Manoj said...

The analysis of 'Amudhe Tamizhe' & other Rasika Ranjani compositions by Ilaiyaraja have been the topic of discussion quite often on various Tamizh Film Music discussion forums. The following is the earliest, when newsgroups were as cool as iPods, and Chinmayee was still in her ponytails. :)

Of course, this post was made much before 'Bharathi' came out, in which Ilaiyaraja came up with 'Edhilum Ingu' - another spellbinding composition in Rasika Ranjani.

PS: I'm not an expert on ragas, just better 'web-read'. So I'll be curious to know if any of you think otherwise.

Nice blog, Chinmayee. Looking forward to more Enna Idhu's & En Uyir Thozhiye's from you.

Manoj said...

btw, 'Azhagae Amudhe Azhagiya Tamizhe' is from the film "Kovil Pura'. Singers: P.Susheela & Uma Ramanan. Forgot who the male voice was. If I could take a guess, I'd say TV Gopalakrishnan.
And just this once, I'll dare anti-piracy laws and post a link to the song in hopes of eliciting a good discussion. :)
(Only 25 downloads possible)

Aakarsh said...

oh!! missed the show today..but i shall defnly catch it up 2mrw chinmayi..

Vijay said...

Nice snaps. Haven't seen Jassie Gift before ;-)

"Amudhe thamizhe", "neelakuyile unnodudhaan"(film-Magudi, music-Raja) and "Edhilum ingu" are all predominantly set in Rasikaranjani, I believe.

Sriram said...

Not fair at all! How can I watch the show when am here? btw, nice pics, esp the ones without the "goo" ;) heh heh! If you are looking for mind-blowing books, try The Janson Directive by Robert Ludlum, Fight Club (the novel, not the movie) by Chuck Palahniuk or the Bourne series by Ludlum ;)

Ganesh said...

As manoj said, the movie name is 'Kovil Pura'
Song is sung by P Susheelaji.
Rajasir has given some awesome songs in that movie.
There is a song sung by Yesudas, called 'Vedham nee' set to raag Gowla and taal ekatalam.
Check out my tamil blog I have discussed about songs and ragas from different films.
Manoj do you know the arohanam and avarohanam of this raga Rasika ranjani. 'Edhiulum ingu' from Bharathi has shades of raag poorvi kalyani and valachi as I found the swarams in that song(amudhe) has ri1,ga3,d2

Ganesh said...

Does Manickam sir play Ghatam by any chance, the face looks very familiar to me ?
I might have seen him at my friend Ghatam S Karthik place.

Gangadhar said...

Sorry..Chinmayi..Missed your program..Hectic at office for the past couple of days..Bad luck...I'll try for the next time...
And your Lankan trip photos are really good..