Monday, August 13, 2007

Marathi - Done!

A BIG thank you to everyone who gave me contacts for the Marathi Linguists. Esp
Mr Gopal, Bhavani and Shankar. Deepak, Karthik Murali- thank you, but I had already spoken to the linguist by the time you sent me your ID.
And to everyone else. :)


selva said...

It was so unfortunate to watch Vignesh left empty-handed.
Chinmai can't give any irresponsible answers like 'I don't know'.
Really we all lost our interest in watching Vijay TV since then.
A great show ended with a big mistake. I assure that this programme will not succeed next year if this mistake is not corrected. He should be called again and rewarded more than what Saicharan was awarded.

Chinmayi said...

selva: you have to understand that I am only the show host. Irresponsible or not, the fact remains that I had no idea. And I have no power to change what the producers have planned. If you are so irked, why dont you call the channel and tell them ? Or better still, send Vignesh something?

drashkum said...

i really agree with u selva vignesh shouldnt have been left empty handed and after that my whole family lost intrest in the show. but what can chinmayi do? . next time they do similar thing lets go and fight i am game with u

Ananth said...

Hey Chinmayi,

When will we get to hear carnatic albums from you? (Honestly I dont know if you already have some....)


tarakeshwar said...

hey nice:)
i speak Marathi @ home!!

chinmayi said...

well i will second what ananth said
longing to listen to ur carnatic album

Anonymous said...

Chinmayi, are you an introvert?

Kajan said...

Me too sad about vignesh. But a second place may give him more maturity and thus he can work towards his ambition.

and also vidya luxmi, madumitha or deepthi suresh would be more suitable for the final. ( On the view of one girl for final; I don't consider thanyasree becos she is very good only in melody )

These are our likes - can not do anything with produces.

In my opinion vijay TV has done a wonderful job. Chinmayi, continue ur good job.