Friday, April 25, 2008

The Hindu Cinema Plus Party

Happened yesterday at the Taj Coromandel Ballroom. Most of the who's who turned up. Yesterday was also the day of two Kollywood Weddings. D Imman got married yesterday and so did actress Sneha's brother. Director Shankar, Director Sundar C, Mr Dhanush, Mr Vikram, Mr Madhavan, Mr Nasser, Mr Prashanth, Arun Vijay and his wife, Sandhya, Ramesh, Jeeva, Prasanna, Naren, Aparna and so many others. Mamathi (Chari) was the Emcee. I caught up with her after ages. She 'adopted' me some years ago :) I met a lot of the people behind the Hindu Cinema Plus whose names I had only read along with the article - Malathi Rangarajan, Krithikka Reddy ...
Entertainment was also on the cards.
Sethu mimicked a few artistes and that session was quite hilarious, that was followed by Sivakarthikeyan. Karthik sang 2 songs as well, Nila Kaaygiradhu and Mitwa. I guess the whole segment was planned for 45 minutes.
The designer Chaitanya Rao was also there. The opportunity helped me to verbally thulp him because he was supposed to get design my threads for the Filmfare awards performance and his schedule did not work out in a manner that he could do it for me. Actress Aparna have similar views on some things. Though we catch up only such do-s its always a great time. Its one of the typical girl times..
Mamathi got into this mood of asking people questions.. She asked Sandhya that if someone had to build a temple for her, every temple has sub deities, who would she choose as her sub deities. She was smart enough to say that has to be decided by the one who builds the temple. Then even though I frantically shook my head signaling Mamathi to stay away from me , she cornered me with the same question. Who would the sub deities be in Sandhya's temple. I came up with a a very unimaginative "I would like to sing for her, so let me be", I pretty much bulbed.... Aparna said "Not me".. Mr Prashanth chose Vyjayanthi Mala to be his heroine, if there can be one like her if he had to star in a Hollywood movie.. and so it went. Over dinner Mr Menon of Fitness one gave me some tips on fitness and somehow Chaitanya was at the receiving end from both us. Mr Vikram joined us a little later.

Vikram has started his own official website where he is going to start blogging soon. I have heard that Madhavan blogs too but I have not really seen it myself. One of the biggest celeb blogs is definitely Aamir Khan's.

And I guess I will have to blog about this in fits and starts when I can wheedle some blog time. Stay tuned *


Bit Rocks! said...

Hi chinmayi....While reading ur blog ,i m using dictionary to see the meaning of words like wheedle,traversed ,extempore ,trepidation etc...How u got 2 know such kind of words??Are u preparing for CAT:)Anyways ur command over English language is good!!!

***Always an ARR fan**

A Chaingang Soldier said...

Hi Chinmayi,

First of all, Kudos to that great voice of yours. From day 1 to date.

Just came across this blog by chance. Guess i can keep track of concerts just by bookmarking this page. It'd be great if you can add details of future concerts.. makes it easier for us to book tickets ;)

Great to get some news from the "Other" side of the Cine / Music World.


Chinmayi said...

hey anonymous.. thanks but I guess I can't beat you.. I learn from you :)You are the best at it!

Chinmayi said...

thanks soldier and bit rocks!

Bit Rocks! said...

Hi chinmayi,
Wow!!Good 2 be a celebrity it seems..Lots of enjoyment and excitement..Always u ppl hv get together!!!U ppl should arrange for Fans days so that v can c u ppl!!!!

**Always An ARR fan**

Anonymous said...

hei chin i recorded ma voice thro microfone in system and uploaded that enough?????usua;;y the quality thro microfone is not good...will that be taken into consideration????wehn will the results be published????? thanks sister......take care.....