Thursday, May 08, 2008

Aahaa Kaapi Klub on Aahaa FM 91.9

I have been making a point to discuss issues mostly relevant to Chennai often. I would like to do it all the time but then it would make it too serious to digest on a daily basis. If you have listened to the show and have suggestions in general and on issues that you think I should discuss, or anything else at all, please do leave a comment.
TATIA (Thanks A Ton In Advance!)


Sri said...

Hi Chinmayi,

Due to time difference and since your show is in early morning, I do not have chances to listen your show online here in Toronto. Are there any audio clippings of your show available online that we can listen. If so, it will be great.


Anonymous said...

You can listen from AAHAA FM

SARAS said...

we need the relay in Madurai with your programme

Sumi said...

Hi Chinmayee,

I am writing this while listening to your aaha kaapi club. well, you do a good job and cover a wide range of topics from light to real serious issues.But I have observed this, some of your regular callers do try to embarass you,infact I have only started identifying them from their voices. But its all part of the show. Regarding the topics to be discussed, how about more child related issues, like child labor, school issues, and also issues related to working women. am sure you must have probably discussed all these already, just incase if you havent, think about it!!! BTB, the songs from your show today are just lovely, all my favorite ones.


Vivekram Venkataswamy said...

Hello Chinmayee,
It has been my pleasure listening to Aahaa Kapi Club. Even though i am miles apart in US from my motherland, i feel at home when i tune into

Aahaa FM is doing a wonderful job. I like aahaa kapi club. You are trying to bring awareness with more social/public issues on day-to-day basis. Good Job. I was very much impressed with your Blood Donation & No-Smoking topics and i called u on Blood-Donation topic.

It would be even more encouraging & moreover it will be an educative program, if you could bring in more awareness on Global Warming & the measure we can take to reduce it, eg like planting atleast 10 trees by a person in a lifetime & make sure that it survives, also encourage on cycling atleast to some extend whereever it is possible etc... (I think in today's world we failed to prevent it :)) More on 100% literacy, more on organic farming & ways to help agriculture in India, Women empowerment in society (Why not ask for 50% - do not settle for 33.33%). I am happy to see more of ur topics are also in topics of discussion in NDTV.

Radio is very good means of communication. It reaches million of people & that too its very inexpensive device to own.

Continue your good Job.


Anonymous said...

hai chinmayi,
my radio is cracking

LAHARI said...

Hey Chinmai,

U discuss various topics in aahaa kapi club. I wd like to add a topic. If u find interesting plz do discuss abt it. This is abt the hyping of news. I live in US.Though I dont listen to ur show till the end(as it too late),I do listen for abt an hour.

My only chance to know abt whts happening in India is thru news webpages. Most of the times I find it too masala. Idha pathi y dont u discuss sometime?

I really want to know people's view.

LAHARI said...

Also I wd like to add this. Aahaa FM is dng some wonderful job by making an official website and maintaining its quality. Me and my hubby works in two diff places and aahaa fm is my only company. The moment I come from my office till the next day morning Aahaa fm keeps on in my laptop, even when I sleep. Because of the time diff when I get up in the morning, free ya vidu program will be running in my laptop.

Strange thing is when I sleep I listen to carnatic/bhakthi songs and when I get up in the morning its mostly cine songs.

Loads of thanks to Aahaa FM for their live broadcast. Ippo kooda am listening to Arangetram- Sriram Parthasarathy's program. Aahaa fm made me listen to various carnatic music which I have never heard before.It really enriched my interest towards carnatic music. Keep gng. Rock it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chin

I live in Seattle, a big fan of Kaapi Club and the biggest fan of ya. You simply rock!!!! Way to go!! If I miss your Kaapi club show, I miss the entire evening :( Take care and keep up the good work. Have fun! Enjoy!


Rathish saravanan said...


Are you really watching this post continously coz i can find no comments of urs in this post ...I mean u have opened this post to get our ideas of ur discussion topics in kaapi club. but i cannot seee any comments reg that whether it was useefult o you or not..


Btw i have spoken with u on a kaapi club show regarding that pleases, cuses, and sorry issues.

Please do a show having the topic of children having orkut accounts and its wrong usages etc. i mean social communities fashion in children like orkut, facebuk, etc

ChinmayiSeattleFan said...

Hey Chin -

From now on I've decided to post blogs on Kaapi Klub with my nick name ChinmayiSeattleFan. As usual you rock and I'm amazed the way you run the show. How do you talk with that kinda flow on topics and instantly picking up. U've got great talent and I hope that can used in a very right away by sending the the right awareness to the community. Awesome work! I expect more coming from you. As usual you rock!!! Bye now.

Deepa Sai .P. R. said...

Deepa Sai from chennai..
I heard u talk abt social issues on aha kaapi club..if u havent talked abt child labour n child abuse.. i woould like to request u to do so...
i know ppl in hotels listen to radio..n hope they listen to the problems of child labourers...thank you!!!hoping for a reply....:)
All the best .. and keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

why not abt the laws on abortion in india? abortion is a highly ethical issue in countries like india...esp. in this era. if u r interested.


Chinmayi said...

To jai: made a note of it.. shall forward the same.. and I hardly have an idea about the phoenix concert.. I dont know what visa issues we are talking about.. just FYI that I was not invited anywhere in the first place.. as of now, I should be performing only in Orlando in July for FETNA, God willing.

bs said...

Hi Chinmayi,
Good day to you. I listen to Amuda neram very morning from singapore. And tuesday i feel very content when i listen to the "Om shakthi om shakthi" song that mention all Goddess name in one song. I like to buy the album, but don't know the name. Could you kindly find and inform me the name please. it will be a great help if you did this for me.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hello Chinmayi
The topic of today's discussion (22.08.08) also was interesting. I had few ideas to discuss but could not speak to you.
The drivers and conductors they themselves are responsible for their condition. They never dress well even they are receiving cloth for their uniform and washing allowance. Have you ever seen a driver or conductor wearing a pair of shoes ? No they sell it to others. Today I have seen a man driving the MTC Bus leaving all the buttons of his shirt open.I do not think that they are paid less or something. There is a feeling in our community that the drivers and conductors are low class people. I have a small suggestion to improve their living standard. The Managing Director of MTC should issue a circular that "All the Drivers and Conductors should wear shoes while on duty, everybody should be clean shave. They should wear clean, neat and pressed uniform. The conductors should not use damaged cash bags. The necktie and caps will be issued to all and they should wear it on duty." If the MD of MTC take strict action like this, the living standard of the drivers and conductors of MTC can be improved.



Srini said...

Hi Chinmayi

I used to listen to AahaaFM regularly over internet. However I am not able to get online these days.

Is there any technical outage ?