Monday, May 12, 2008

Concert in Canada - May not go through

Might not happen after all. Our visa is stuck with the embassy and we might not make it in time for the concert. We spent enough time biting our finger nails over this issue, but looks like sometimes all the collective goodwill of well wishers does not work in our favour.
And maybe it is best that I do not inform in advance about concerts. Guess it is not too lucky. And hey .. there is my first serious superstition!


Vijay Ganesh said...

Murphy's law always applicable !!!

ILA said...

thats not good

Bit Rocks! said...

Yellam Nanmaikae:)Hope for the best

*ARR Fan**

A Chaingang Soldier said...

Expect the worst and hope for the best

- Jackie Chan in Armour of God..

Some how, i think that's applicable to all of us.. Everything'll be alright in the end.

Not tell us in advance?!! Oh no, This is one day i'll say superstitions suck!


Anonymous said...

A question not connected to this post:
What happened to your plan to present a full length hindustani music concert? Are you going to do that in near future? We are eagerly awaiting it

Your fan

Padmasani said...

Thank you anon for reminding us on our lapse. Life goes hectic with what comes our way taking priority pushing everything else aside or behind.
Nothing could please me more than this comment
Padmasani (Chin's mom)

Anonymous said...

I got to admit..the hype for this concert was big and it still is. So keep hoping Chinmayi and so will I. Lets see how lucky Canada gets :)

Anonymous said...

this is what happens to arrogant people there is one more girl like you with similar thinking pattern whose start up software firm was burnt down

Chinmayi said...

Mr Nice anonymous: hoping :) thanks boss..
Mr Sick-in-the-head Anonymous: not only do you not have an identity, though I know who you are and where you are coming from, you are completely bonkers. You need an appointment with a psychiatrist in your country.

Priya said...

aww that suckss...considering i was only going to go to the show to listen to both of you guys. Oh and btw just wanted to let you know that it's awesome you have a site where fans can talk to you...nywayz best of luck in your future

Aruthi said...

Chinmayiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, you have luck, you will make it.***Aruthi***

JAISRI said...

Hai chinmayi akka,
Bon jour.I know u will always rock..akka!And next Mr/Miss.Annonymous this is what happens to arrogant anon writers there is one more men/women like u with similar thinking pattern who started up to give comments to a great persons blog was completely sealed and was thrown into the centre of our Indian ocean.
I am brave enough to tell my name this is chinmayi akka's fan ''JISHU''

Shwetha said...

Oopss..sorry to hear that chinmayi.... Lets just hope for the best, if it happens, then the concert will definitely rock..... but are u still traveling down??

GossipGirlJr. said...

Hello Chinmayi.
I just wanted to ask when will you know by the latest if you will be able to make it in Canada in the time for the event?

Parthi said...

is it still not confirmed? really wish you come to Canada and perform!


Hai akka,
Are u proceeding to canada?