Friday, May 30, 2008

Of Fake Profiles

Just figured out that there is a fake profile of mine on Orkut.
If you are on orkut and have me on your friend list, chances are that its not me. I have not been 'adding' any friends on Orkut for the past couple of years or so.


Chitra said...

Oh thats bad! Sometimes one does wonder if people are so jobless to do such things.

karthiksriram said...

I hope you know impersonation is a punishable offense. If you contact Google, they will able to help you wipe the fake profile out!


bmahendran said...

yeah, just report to Google/Orkut and they will take it off.. But you may need to give proof that you are who you claim to be :P funny

neway miss, i remember reading your blog a year ago, lost the URL, and now i found it back :D

ooo yeah!

Vijay said...

hi chinmayi

stumbled upon this... I like the comment "Jet lagged Chinmayi")

so you celebrate Sept 11 birthday? (or take it light for obvious reasons?)


Anonymous said...

Who cares!

A Chaingang Soldier said...

Oh.. That explains it. I added u a month ago, and there's been no response.

Chances are that i m on the right profile? :P


Anonymous said...

Spurn out that spurious profiles akka.

Ananth said...

That's bad, but that clearly shows u r a celebrity. Please be careful not to let any of these things affect you personally - orkut is getting scary after so many incidents.