Sunday, May 18, 2008

One Done. Two more to go.

Just came back after finishing a concert. We performed with Bharathi Arts musicians this afternoon.
The concert was for about 90 minutes as usual great fun.
Krish and I were the main performers and there were singers from here as well.
It was awesome fun to say the least and this evening I should be performing with Malkit Singh from the UK and other musicians and singers from here. That is going to be a show with Hindi songs alone.
We had a jam session last night, since we landed at the last minute with two bands for the Tamil shows. After we finished the one with Bharathi, we headed out to meet the Agni band. We entered to see a lot of dancing and practice. Thereafter we started practising our songs and somehow there was a very magical mood last evening. Or rather almost morning. We were in a huge mood to keep singing and we kept jamming singing one song after another, of course none of them were in the list that we are to perform tomorrow. By the time we got back to the hotel it was five in the morning.
We started our concert at 12:30 and went on till 2.
Krish when he goes on stage has his own mimicry act, if I may say that. His favourite seems to be Kamal Hassan and I have seen him talk like him right since we performed at Singapore together. And then some other artistes as well. So when someone asked him to mimic some other voice, he asked "Did you invite me here to sing or to mimic?" Anyway he has a way on stage.
I sang Singara Velane Deva after a long time and I love the way the audience here responds to classic songs like these. And yep the kids played along on the keyboard whatever the Nadaswaram had to play. Oh, I guess I did not mention, Bharathi Arts musicians were all predominantly kids below the age of 16 except one gentleman on the pads.
Oooh and yeah though it might be surprising, I sang Naakku Mookka. Several times when I heard the song playing on the radio while driving I have had the urge to start dancing. But there was not much leg shaking I could do today. But the was our final song. At the end of the day I had super fun :) Actually its still mid-day. But .. figure of speech. :)
And I must say this South Asian Festival is bigger than I imagined.


Aruthi said...

Hi Chinmayi,
How are you? I missed first performance, stepped in at the end of the song, almost Water dropped from my eyes and i wait for Tere bina & maya maya! O my god u really rocked. I took some photos, will send you by the time u reach Chennai.... Still I am happy at least I got chance to talk with you.....

Chinmayi u are really awesome!


Anonymous said...

The show was absolutely AMAZING! Both Krish and you were just fantastic. Nakka Mukka - wow Chinmayi never saw that coming :P it was fantastic! You're super talented. Good luck with the performance tomorrow too! Keep rocking!


jayashree-jishu said...

Hai chinmayi akka,
Have nice fun.Enjoy the concert akka,continue to rock.Make that South Asian Festival a great memorable festival for the canadians by ur enchanting voice.
ur fan ''jishu''

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your time at Toronto Chinmayi! Haha I guess you weren't expecting so many people eh? Well it is one of the South Asian event to happen for the start of the Summer.

I didn't get the opportunity to come see your show. Hopefully tomorrow you will be full of much more enthusiasm since you will be performing in the evening.

Look forward to hearing you and Krish tomorrow :) Good luck, you'll do great!

Best Wishes,

Rathy said...

I missed today's show but i actually heard the live broadcast. I luved Mayya mayya and ofcourse Naakku Mookka was a surprise. u nailed it :) way to go gal :)
i heard u and krish were amazing..and i was so depressed i missed it but ur msg made ma night :) so u guys will be on stage again with Agni tomorrow :) i think this is suppose to be secret, they havent annoucned it yet, just put suprise guest. i cant believe i will styll get to see ya :) amazing eh...cant wait for 2morrow. Good night and enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

is anyone know what time chinmayi performing today please post it

Anonymous said...

Chinmayi and Krish should be performing somewhere from 7pm to 10pm today :)


Sulakshi =D said...

Hi Chinmayi akka;

Awseome performance yesterday with the Bharathi Arts crew. I loved Singara Velanai, both the singing and the music fit soo well together. As for Naaka Mukka,it was a BLASTTT... i know u kept asking us to "groove" (dance), but you see when my parents are there, im the total opposite of a "shake your thang" type of person ..hehe..anyhoo i was dancing away in my seat... much fun... soo wish i culd be there for tonite's performance...buh due to arangetram rehersals. i cant ..booo... have an great time akka...all the best...keep smiling =D

Chinmayi said...

aruthi: thanks babes.. it was great to meet you too!
anonymous: thanks
S: thanks!
rathy: thanks abbes