Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Photographs from the show

Hari Bhaskar

The rehearsal with Agni
Francis and Sylvia of Agni; Mom and I


ILA said...


Anonymous said...

Nice photos. But in the first two photos why ur hair is looking different?

Hey Neenga romba azhaga irukkeenga!


Akka looks like u def had a blast !!! Haahaha !! Looks like even krish had fun esp with that mridhangham.. Did he really play it ? Was it digestable to the ears ? :P

SARAS said...

Thank you. Nice Photos

Anonymous said...

Nice snaps. btw, why ur hair is kinda messy in some pics? like ur costume so much. u luk extra-pretty girl!

JAY said...

Hai chinmayi akka,
Nice pics.However ur hair is not well set,its pretty
different,u have created a new hairstyle.Seeing ur face expressions,hope u had a nice time to spent.
enjoy ur time happily..

Anonymous said...

hey u not only dubbed for Tanisha, even u resemble her in one of the pics...

பிரியமுடன்..... said...

மிச்சமிருந்த ஆவலும், நிறைவடைந்துவிட்டது! முழுவதும் நிகழ்ச்சியை கண்டதுபோல் ஆனந்தம்! புகைப்படங்கள் சின்மயினின் சிறப்புக்கு புத்துணர்ச்சியைத் தருகிறது! வாழ்த்துக்கள்!

Latha said...

Hi Chinmayi,
This is my first comment to you, though i have been following your blog for almost a year.
Question: Since this has been striking me everytime i see your pic, i should tell this now. Why don't you wear a bindi?? I think it would suit you well... Moreover, since i have read some of your blogs talking about our roots, traditions, etc, i request, you can think about sporting a Bindi... you would look seriously great with it. I would really love to see you with a Bindi someday.

I like all your songs. Love all your lengthy blogs and your style of narrating things :)
Keep going Girl.. GOD BLESS YOU as always !!!

Gayathri said...

i love your dresses.. where do u pick them?

Anonymous said...

akka did u sing for any recent add?! ... did u sing for dish tv add?

Chitra said...

Lovely pics. Good to know you had a great concert.
Best Wishes

PS: love ur green & brown salwar.

Anonymous said...

Love ur pic..love krish! :)

Venkat said...

Seems that you had a good time out there... Nice pics BTW..

Anonymous said...

hey simply aweeeeesomeeeeee!!!!!
Especially that pink with purple one.I wish i had that one...whr did u buy that?

Anonymous said...

I heard that you are still canada, are u going to perform any other concerts. please inform in advance and you have nice snaps. ****Aruthi****

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Nice photos ! Glad you enjoyed it..!!

PS - When did Pada become Padaa in your name !!!

Panjali said...

Hey, glad that you had a great time out there. I wish i was in a musical family!

btw, i loved your greeen-maroon chudidhar. where u got it from?

Anonymous said...

and u r not bothered to answer all those people's question on ur costume? How true it is that jealousy takes over a women no matter how kind they r! ***sigh*** women r disgusting!

Chinmayi said...

Oh shut up you killjoy.. I have said time and again that my mom designs the costumes and I have a tailor who gets it done.. And commenters like you are totally disgusting .

Chinmayi said...

sheetal: thavil my dear :) and yeah I guess he was pretty good
anonymous: thanks
jay: the canadian weather is no good for my hair!
anonymous: yeah i have heard that a lot.. dont know whether its a compliment though :D
latha: I always wore a bindi until about a year back.. just that sometimes it doesnt look all that great
anonymous: nope I didnt
chitra: thanks!
anonymous: am sure Krish loves you too!
venkat: thanks venkat
anonymous: mom made it
narayan: more than a year ago!
panjali: courtesy Mrs T Padmasani

Anonymous said...

so that made u reply to all ur fans rite? great. and oh yes, thanks for repeating the answer for me lovely. so u r not a jealous person then. ok. got it.

Chinmayi said...

before you take credit on correcting on my behaviour, I make sure comments have stopped on a particular post, so that I reply to all of them at one go... you can have a look at the other posts if you want. and I didn't reply to prove a point to you..

Visveswaran Rajamani Iyer said...


After looking at the snaps i wanted to hear couple of songs that you had recited over there any specific links where i can listen to it....
One more thing if you dont mind can i ask you onething can we locate any vegetarian restaurants over there.... hopefully you dont mind

Who else
Visves Iyer

Ashwini Sriram said...


Awesome pics! i love the green salwar... its gorgeous!!:)

முகம்மது ராஜா... said...

வாழ்த்துக்கள் சின்மயி

அழகிய குரலை அக்னியின் மூலம்
முதன் முதலாய்
நேரில் கண்டும் கேட்டும் ரசித்தேன்
அவ்வழகியக் குரலை அறிமுகப்படுத்திய
அண்ணன் ரஹ்மானுக்கும்
அழகான ராகங்களால்
ஆயிரமாயிரம் உள்ளங்களை
கொள்ளைக் கொள்ளும் உங்களின் சங்கீத வாழ்வு
மென்மேலும் வளர்ந்தோங்க வல்ல இறைவனிடன்
வேண்டி வாழ்த்தும்

என்றென்றும் அன்புடனும் நட்புடனும்

M. ராஜா

ramya said...

Hii chinmayi...wel i ve been ur gr8 fan nd krish's tooo....thanks 4 postin fotographs of krish...u r multitalented nd u rock in hostin shows...keep postin :P