Friday, May 30, 2008

Queries on Airtel Super Singer

Ever since promos started off on Vijay TV and registrations opened and also the fact that I blogged about it, I have been getting at least 10 queries a day asking about who will listen to the entries, questions on the selection process, when the intimation of the selected entries will happen and how, venue, date and time for the live auditions... and some other oft repeated questions.
Though I have hosted the show, I have no information whatsoever on what is happening with the current season.
Even while shooting the previous seasons, most of the times I had no idea what was going to happen on some episodes until I landed on the floors. When we shot outdoors I was not told what we were going to shoot and there were no scripts. Such was the policy of the channel in maintaining secrecy that sometimes even I, as the host never knew what was happening. In a way it was easy when harried parents asked me things, I would have no clue on how to answer them.
Earlier the questions were like how to record, what software, in a professional studio or at home, with or without music, dry voice or processed voice.. to an extent I could handle answering those but now its kinda OTT.
I understand that probably I more reachable to ask questions, but I am now beginning to feel like an unofficial helpline. This post is to say that I do not have the answers. Only the channel has them all. TIA.


Anonymous said...

hi chinmayi i m mani(rishi) ilike very much you maya maya

Maha said...

Akka,one more thing..there's a community on SSJ 2008 in orkut.. and in the discussion place,there was a person who'd posted : " if you have ''any'' queries on SSJ 2008 you can scrap Chinmayi and she'd reply to you anytime when she's free" and he posted your link as well.. hehehh..

Anonymous said...


This is vijay.Can I know when the audition will take place in Chennai?.

Anonymous said...

Hi chinmayi,

Do you know who the judges are going to be this year??

rgds Uma