Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rendezvous and Once-overs

I had a weekend off after ages I must say and since a friend of mine came down from Bangalore and another had come down from US it was good opportunity to catch up with both of them. A group of 15 gathered to watch the IPL match on TV of course and that was when I realized that watching a match with a whole bunch of people was damn fun. There is a lot more adrenalin pumping and lot more cheering than usually exhibited. We picked one of our friends and kept tripping on him that most of were ROTFL. Also, we decided to play a prank and told the people at the restaurant that it was one of our friends' bday. So they made a human 'train', came around all tables, landed on ours and sang Happy Budday loudly. Of course the man was hardly embarassed, just went on to enjoy his treat on the house.
Today was much better. Spent a brilliant day with family friends and hardly realized how the day just flew. I don't remember having a couple of such happy non-working days in the recent past. I had met these friends after ages, even though a lot of us live in the same city, I just don't make it to most rendezvous. It was interesting to note, while I got talking to them, how they had changed, evolved, thought processes, attitudes, mindsets. So many changes. That's when I realized that when we are hanging out with people close to us on a daily basis, we might fail to note the changes that may be slowly but steadily happening. But when you meet them over lunch or dinner and just start talking on nothing particular it leaves you with fond memories, and more so, it helped give myself a once-over. To reevaluate my mindsets and question my attitudes on various things that I come across on a daily basis, the decisions I take, the opinions I form.
Like they say, the journey within is one of the longest, most complex ones.

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Chinmayi said...

So from when did you start owning restaurants "KK" ? Do you know that I own a couple of Cessnas?