Monday, May 19, 2008

Third Concert at 7 pm today

Same venue. South Asian Festival by CMR.
If you are around here. Please be there at the concert. :)


Aruthi said...

That was amazing performance Chinmayi. Krish and u really rocked and other artists too.

And ur mom at the end of the suprb. i wanted to hear more words from her! so sweet.

Rathy said...

OMG, u and Krish were amazing tonight!!!!! did u see the crowd :) and u had a great conncetion with the crowd :)
songs were beautiful and luved the rajasthani folk song :)
u and Krish make an awesome, magical musical pair :)
and ur mom was very nice and encouraging, and luved it when u took blessing from her :) hope to get to meet ya oneday, tonight, too many ppl., couldnt get a chance :( but i had a BLAST and ma parents luv ya :)
and one more thing, next canadian concert, will u please sing kirukka kirukka from Visil, pretty please? :)

JAY said...

Hai akka,
Best wishes .continue to rock.Embellish the concert.

பிரியமுடன்..... said...

All d best!
God bless u!

Visveswaran Rajamani Iyer said...

Hi Looks like you are having great time Overthere if you can for any videos links or photos...
Looking forward for your reply
Who else

Anonymous said...

You were blast last night! Chinmayi u have multi talent on your voice (Maya Maya to singara velavan)...krish & u are awesome. u guys have to come for more concerts. u were really entertained Toronto.

god bless you & have a safe journey to your home land.


Anonymous said...

I"m soo upset that i won't be able to see you sing again....i was able to make it on the first day but came late so i missed your performance and was hoping i could make it today but i have to go to a birthday party today :(.....anywayz hope you had fun here and i rllyyyy do hope you come back very soon

Anonymous said...

Hi Chinmayi, when are you going back to India. you & Krish were blast last night. hope you had a good time.


Anonymous said...

HI chinmayi....just a quick question...i thought Kondattam was only on saturday and sunday....are they still having it today as well...just out of curiousity so i could come..

Anonymous said...

Chinmayi! May I please get the name of the first song you sang at the concert yesterday? You said it was the song you sang when singer Sreenivas was the judge.
I know it's an old song and I've heard many people sing it before.


Chinmayi said...

aruthi: thanks!
rathy: definitely!
rajamani: I ll try and look for it
Lakshmi: thanks! :D I loved performing there too!
anonymous: there is always a next time
anonymous: thesulaavudhe