Sunday, May 11, 2008

Times of India Article

I was interviewed by Chennai Times a few days ago, and though I did not expect it to come as a full page article (I just thought it will be a box somewhere).
Another thing that needs to be noted, the media and generally too many people have been assuming for a while that I won the national award for Kannathil Muthamittaal. Though it is nice to know that everyone believes so, it has to be noted that I am not yet a National Award winner, but I hope to someday. Like anyone else. To be precise, I won the Tamilnadu State Government Award.


Shankar Ganesh said...

Way to go!


Maha said...

Ho! nice artcile akka.. and BTW,you look way tooo pretty and gorgeous..Seriously , i was admiring your pictures for a while before i could start reading..and also, as far as i've noticed these reporters always have a confusion in stating your exact profession 'cause you've got a list in that as well..if you see in most of the artciles related to you,the intro line would be a kind of "Whether you call her a singer or a RJ or a dubbing artist or a tv anchor etc.." Akka,if i'm not wrong this was the dress you wore when you were at the Primiere of 'National Treasure' at the Sathyam Cinemas, right? !..hehe.. :)

JAY said...

I hav just opened ur blog and saw that u r been in an article.And I also noticed that no comments yet.As i was abt to type a comment, 2 comments hav rushed into ur blog one from ur fan miss.maha and other from fan mr.shankar.And not only u deserve a full page but ofcourse a full book.u think that u r not a National Award Winner but u r the winner of millions&millions of hearts.Let many awards fill ur house SOON
by ur fan

Maha said...

Forgot to mention reg. your note on your future Arangetram..My hearty wishes to you for that akka and i was surprised to know that you might do it this year..anyway,akka kindly let us all know about that well in advance through your blog..! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice article with some mistakes. U gave dubbing for Tanisha for the film "Unnale Unnale" and not "Ullam Ketkume". Won't they go thro the article before sending it for publication?

U deserve a full page Chin! That too not enough ;)

When is ur arangetram? We are waiting for that. Inform us well in advance.

U look gorgeous in that photo with ur trademark smile :D and thanks for changing the sleepy photo from ur profile and including this fantastic casual photo.

Chitra said...

Hola ! Nice article. Way to go !

Vijey said...

BTW; You look good in this pic chinmayee .

Ada you even changed your profile pic :)

Oooh ohh. I forgot; Congrats !!!

arvindh said...

Congratulations on the article! You will definitely win the National award some day.

A Chaingang Soldier said...



Bit Rocks! said...

In fav. actors list ,u have clearly mentioned all big names without leavng anybody..noplace 2 simbhu n danush it seems:)Favourite singers(male)-krish,Naveen..Thats interesting..If u had any good experience with KRISH,please share.He s 2 good in comunication n he s jovial..Is there anyway i cld contact him (by mail/blog)??!!??

Aruthi said...

Congrats Chinmayi... u will win many more awards.

nice article and pics

Sam said...

Congrats Chinmayi.
Do try out the books "Atlas Shrugged" and "Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand wen u find time. Am sure u'll like them.


Kumaresh-n said...

Even tough there's a number of mistakes, still its a very good article.... being a Rahman fan, im happy to know that "Netru Illadha Matram" from Pudhiya Mugham have inspired you to get into playback singing...

Ananth said...

Hi Chinmayi,

Great job!