Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Can you retrieve a mobile phone that you lost?

Yes you can. We did, tonight. As we came back home after doing quite some hefty book shopping at Landmark, in all the hullabaloo of hauling the books back from the car, the phone had quietly slipped off our hands and we'd failed to notice it. In drives some other car. They almost ran over the phone, but did not, picked it up and took it back 20 kilometers away from where we live.
We did not know all this, of course. Once in the cosy confines of home, I did some minor documentation on the books bought today and Amma decided to call it a night. And then asked where the phone was. We rang it. No sound from inside the house. I was flippant and said it should be in the car. I would rather bring it in the morning. I leave home for work way before the crack of dawn anyway. She said OK but following a hunch she decided to go down and check the car. All the repeated tring-tring got the Samaritan's attention. He answered the phone, told us he had it with him and where to come. He gave us an address and we drove down. Once there, we called our phone again, it was some animation studio, the gentleman came out and handed it over. He was apparently a visitor to the city and there was an option of collecting the phone tomorrow morning from him. If we had not gotten in touch, he said they were thinking of handing it over to a police station. Thank God they did not. There was no way the phone would have come back. Or at least the chances were slightly farther to remote.
All this happened in about 3 hours.
My daily life is highly peppered with so many instances that I don't really need to look outside for entertainment or thrill in some cases.
Moral of the story: There are good people in this world and if you have read this do someone you know a good turn.
The world is a happy pappy lovely place. And this is when I seem to identify that we need the shades of gray to appreciate the brighter hues.
Life is beautiful and so are the people in this world.
Right now, my wish for you, Dear ___________ (fill in your name) is that you have enough instances and moments that reaffirm your belief in Good in this world. There is this feeling of tranquility in me right now, I wish that upon you as well.
As also abundant joy, smiles that permeate your entire being and boundless love. :)


anantha said...

A few weeks after I moved to where I am now, I dropped my phone in a movie hall. An African American man of Jamaican descent found it and the next day morning called my friend's (who I was living with) number which he found on the phone and gave me perfect directions to his house. I got to his house at lunch time and found that he was sitting for lunch with his extended family. His mom and his grandmom wouldn't let me leave without lunch, till I told them that I was vegetarian. So they settled for a glass of cold fresh lemonade :)
I felt so good that day, given that racist paranoia prevails a lot among Indians in my area.

Pradeepan said...

Congrats :)

Guess what, similar thing happened to my friend 3 years back. He dropped his 8000Rs worth mobile in a share auto.
and the Auto Driver promptly gave it back, though we had to wait for his Annanagar - Tnagar round trip !!

Anonymous said...

Woheyyy i can understand ur joyy! It is a great feeling to get something back on hands after u lost it. One of the tiny thrill+exultant happiness things of life. Oh, heres wishing you a great life with lots of cheerful occasions filled with blooming things of every kind 'cos ur all kinds of special.


இனியவள் புனிதா said...

//you have enough instances and moments that reaffirm your belief in Good in this world.//

I agree :)

Nyway happy to know that you've got it bk..

Maha said...

hmm..God's grace and your gooood luck that the mobile had gotten into the hands of a good person..!and i absolutely second your opinion that even grade shades are req. to appreciate the brighter ones..but still, we have lost our mobile 3 times by now but all everytime it had gone into the hands of a hacker only, who changed the sim as soon as he got hold of our's..anyway akka,thanks a ton for your pretty nice words in general at the last..! :)

Prashanth said...

There are quite a lot of good people, just that they vanish in the huge population of petty minded folks!

In your case, at-least, it was a white collared employee. Think of a Share Auto driver! It takes a lot lot of courage to give back a cellphone he found!

Blogeswari said...


Please read the post dated 2nd December 2006 when autokkaran K Ramesh came home to....

A Chaingang Soldier said...

Hmm Yeah..

Even a lost phone picked up by some thief can actually be found. Every handset has this 16 digit code (which not many notice) which shows up at the network provider's records everytime you make a call.. So, if you know the code, you can theoritically trace anyone who switches on the phone ever again.

But this is India. The police don't seem to do it, and people dont seem to mind it.

Robbers cleverly switch the mobiles off till it is sold, and it comes out with a new panel, "as good as new" (but still can be traced, nevertheless).

Do visit my blog when you find 5 minutes to spare.

Aswin (aka Soldier)

Chitra said...

Great! Thats really nice to know.

Vijay said...

Getting back a mobile in Chennai, you must be kidding.

Once I lost the mobile (old motorola flip phone) at TTK Road Univercell. I went again and asked, and no one had a clue.

So I rang it from my other phone, and my special ringtone was heard from the trash bin on the Manager(Owner?) guy. I collected and left, still wondering his intentions to do that!

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

I'm glad you go it back. Few months back I lost my phone in my college, don' know where I dropped it but was so happy when one of the staff found it and gave a buzz to my home. Later on my mum called my friend's number to inform me to get it from that sir.. There are still good people around in this world.

But,there are occasions before this where i have lost 2 phones :(

Aswin said...

And in case u go to the wrong blog, it's the one called W H A T.

My share of life said...

"And this is when I seem to identify that we need the shades of gray to appreciate the brighter hues." - Very true!!

Ananth said...

what goes around, comes around!

பிரியமுடன்..... said...

கிடைக்கிறது கிடைக்காமல் இருக்காது!
கிடைக்காதது கிடைக்கவே கிடைக்காது!

துப்பார்க்கு துப்பாய துப்பாகி துப்பார்க்கு

ILA said...

Great idea to have the same concept in Coffee Clubb too. After a long time I am enjoying the prog. That too the madam's experience on the lost stud. "பிஞ்சு விரலுல அந்த தொங்கட்டான பார்க்கும் போது"ன்னு சொன்ன போது அப்படியே மனசுல ஓடிச்சு.

After a long time .. Hats Off Chins...

Bit Rocks! said...

Ya !!! some good ppl are there in this world still!!happy!!!!bt only a few:(
U r lucky enuf 2 get ur cell back!
But I lost the hope that good things ll happen only fr good ppl!!!Even bad ppl also enjying their life..SO.....!!!!

jay said...

Hai akka,
Happy that u got ur mobile back.
MORAL OF THE STORY SHOULD BE:We should not be careless akka.

ILA said...

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Anonymous said...

How stupid can you ever be!!

Selvam said...


Thank you for recongnizing us - "Good People". hahaha

On a serious note:
You used to catagorize your blogs before. I usually look forward to the ones under "Life and all", or something of that sort. This one can go under that catagory.

A suggestion: Please continue to catagorize the blog, so that when (not if) you become internationally popular, you can publish books with items from your blog. It will be useful for the readers and $$$ for you. Little more work, but potentially good payoff.

Vasanthan said...

you are very lucky that the phone came to a kind sole.

Jayashree Narayanan said...

Hi Chinmayi,

Something like this happened to me. But not in road. In Disneyland and that too in a crowded sunday. I went and saw in the rides we went. Then came back home (mood out) after giving the details in Lost and Found (with no hope).

I received a parcel after 3 weeks containing my mobile. They deliver it for free worldwide. Yes, there are so many good in this world