Sunday, June 22, 2008

A close shave.. or was it?

I would never be able to say. We went to Besant Nagar last night, had dinner with friends and just as we were about to return it started drizzling there. We dropped our friends and by the time we were half way home it was pouring. The roads closer to our area were practically inundated. It was surprising because the past few days have not been exhibiting any kinda behaviour to elicit such rains. A few vehicles were stranded en route. Once near our street, we took a turn. Our street is slightly low lying and the amount of water we have to wade through on such days is at least 9-10 inches. Just as we were half way down the street, the lamp-post directly in front of us had a short circuit and burst into flames. I thought we were going to be electrocuted Anniyan style. We were unable to turn into the other street which lead to our home so all that we could do was back out. We had no idea if we will be roasted alive by the time we even went out. But we did. By that time, there was a fire raging enough to illuminate the couple of streets around. We called the police and they said they said they would send someone.. We stood there at the beginning of the streets asking motorists not to use the road for almost an hour. I wonder whether two-wheeler riders are so blind that they cannot see whats blazing in front of them. It was past midnight by then and we had called the authorities a couple more times in the meanwhile. There was a roundabout route that we could take and we reached home. The fire looked worse now and we called the authorities again. By the time we entered the house, the power was off. Finally.
We heard voices and that was when I wondered whether our Electricity Board officials/workers, whoever they send for such issues, have enough safety equipment. They would had to wade through knee-deep water by then. I should probably go ask the EB officials when we go to pay the bill next time.
The power came back after a couple of hours. And this morning, as I looked out of the window, there are almost no traces of the rain last night. The roads are near dry.


Maha said...

Oh..! Thank God and goodness that you both are safe! i just cannot even imagine your being in that situation..Take care akka and be safe!


Srini said...

my 5 paisa worth

during rain, if u r inside a car
and electricity has touched ur car's outer side
you will not get a shock on the inside of ur car
this is called "The Globe Effect"

But any way
great to see ur moral responsibility


Chinmayi said...

thanks srini.. Good to get an answer but Like my mom says better safe than sorry.

Aswin said...

I guess the motorists weren't blind, but it's just that they didn't care. :) It's just kind of 'normal' to many. What say?


jay said...

Hai akka,
Its really a horrible thing to imagine.Thank god u r safe.Nothin will happen to u ever, bcoz we r ur fans always praying for ur success and for ur carrier.

Vasanthan said...

there should have been a circuit breaker system that could automatically shut out the electric supply when similar events occur.

butt0ns said...

Hi Chinmayi,

I watched your interview with Manothodu Mano recently in Malaysian Channel, and just thought of looking up your fan page; and came upon yr blog. Haha, you have one BIGGGG funny bone :-D hehehe.. couldnt help laughing at the part where u said u'd thought that all of you were going to be electrocuted Anniyan style! :-D funny to think that u'd remember anniyan at times like this :) hope u see any big pot of oil during Diwali season :-D or anniyan would be visiting your imaginative mind again :))
anyway, just want to wish you Good Luck in your career as a singer. I really enjoyed the songs you have sung. And moreover your interesting writes. God bless u with these and more in days to come :) Take Care!

Rebecca Hemalatha, Malaysia