Sunday, June 01, 2008

Request from Padmasani

Chinmayi has already made a few clarifications regarding Super singer.
This request comes from me to the contestents, parents and relatives.
I am getting a lot of calls for checking the credentials of their children and train them a little bit for the contest.

I believe that music should be learnt for the sake of music first. The learning has to be done with full commitment and hard work. If this is done, the results like contests, winning, publicity, laurels etc. will follow as an eventuality.
The situation right now is vive versa.

Until the contest is over, we request all of you to leave us be from anymore involvement and commitment more than Chinmayi's anchoring.
Since we may be closely observing the attitude, behavioural patterns and musical abilities of the candidates, after the contest we may consider teaching some if desired mutually.
Right now we wish whole heartedly a good and enjoyable time and success for every single contestant of super singer.
A respectable distance from us other than the 'on the floor interaction with Chinmayi' will be much appreciated.
Contact the production unit for all your needs and right now work it out on the basis of your existing levels of competence.

Our heart felt wishes for a very grand success for all the participants.

For all the aspiring learners, very soon a portal from a very big umbrella is going to help. Its a large scale help and service to the cause from a very noble heart. Look out in the web world for the same :)

This write up is only a request and please don't bother about comments for this particular post.

Thank you

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