Saturday, July 05, 2008

And the concert is today.

At the behest of a friend, I happened to visit the Prime outlets mall or whatever else it is called.
Almost raided that place and got all the footwear I needed. I am sure Aldo shoes will record a boost in their sales this year, and I would be glad to take sole credit for that.
I have always noticed that footwear, or rather the kind that I need is not available in Chennai or in any of the metros.
One of the exercises that I find tiring is shopping. Its the dullest thing to do. And physically tiring. No good on the personal plastic either. Wish I don't have to do that but, as I mention time and again, its an occupational hazard.
But for the amount of things that I needed I was done in about 5 hours or so. As long as shopping is concerned, its good to know what you really want make a list and stick to it.
I like the look and feel of Florida. The energies here are much unlike Canada but the people in Canada, or at least the ones that we were in touch with, I feel are nicer.

I also discovered relatives of mine here and it was good to see them. Remember seeing them when I was kid. Also part of my extended family has extended so much and too quickly for comfort that I am now - hey and presto - a GRANDMOTHER. To a 6 month old bonny boy. I dread the day he ll start talking and call me "paatti".

Other than that I have some high plans here before I board the flight back home. Shall let you know if they come to pass.

The concert is in a few hours. Hope God Blesses me. I guess I need it.


Rathy said...

Hi chinz!
Hope ur concert is going well!!!!!
u dont need wishes, u r a natural on stage!!
please do let us know which songs u have performed! Also, glad to hear u like Canadians :) Indeed, we are nicer :) And dont get too addicted to Aldos, it will be dictate your life!!!!

Arun said...

Hey there,
If you ask your mom, she'll probably tell you, even hoping that God would bless you was more like not believing in him.
Chinmayi, God is always with us. You'll agree too.
And you know people who work smart and hard, and with belief in good things deserve.
You deserve....

Anonymous said...

Best wishes and why don't you step into canada! Looking fwd more of your concerts!

You always rock!

actually, waiting for vijay's super singer cd, we didn't recd yet.

Maddy said...

All the best!!! God bless you always.

I had a smile when thinking of someone calling you "paatimma"".tc

ப்ரியா said...

Good luck Chinmayee!

Look forward to your post about your trip.

Anonymous said...

God's blessings is always with u Chin. Waiting for the post about the concert and the trip to Orlando. All the best. Take care.

Vasanthan said...

you have been blessed with a good voice. And u are asking for more blessing...u are greedy!!

drashkum said...

shopping . i just love that. by the by can u get me a motif xs8 keyboard if u happened to shop again???? :)
just kidding

Nikitha said...

Hi chinmayi...
Since you are a kind of multi faceted personality, i am asking you this question...
Do you find on your way at any moment "ways and means of stroke rehabilation and recovery"??
I had asked this to so many people...but in vain
Just when i saw you in airtel audition, i came to know abt your varied profile....
So,just asking if you could suggest any ideas...This is nikitha

Rashmi said...

Nice post Chinmayi!

R u done shopping for shoes yet? happened to be reading your blog posts today.
DSW is a good store and you can find great deals. The outlet mall was a great idea for you to shop as well.

Anand said...

A video from your Orlando Concert that made it to youtube two days back: Mayya Mayya from amongst many videos on FeTna 2008.