Saturday, July 26, 2008

Finally My Laptop is back

And blogging .. here I come!!!


Vasanthan said...

i am completely mesmerized by your singing in Sakarakatti. the chinnama song is completely your style. i like your singing in this song better than all of your previous hits.

Benny's and your voice and AR Rahman's music touch completely synced.

Since you manipulate your voice alot, i request for you to give performances like this more often.
a humble request. the voice stressing with some aggression was my favorite (sorry for the poor description)

madhu said...

great :))

Arun Nishore said...


I heard sakkrakatti songs. its pretty good. But tell me one thing, is some songs are taken from hindi?


Sharepoint the Great said...

Very good song in Sakkarakkatti.

I am hearing that song always.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chinmayi,

I am a great fan of yours. I was watching Airtel Super Singer 2008 today. I felt you were a little Harsh today. You could have just told the selected persons. Instead you made all the others also to stand and then told not selected. It would have been a great insult for them. As a music artist you could have avoided this na...

Hey this is not to offend you.. Just felt like telling you.