Friday, July 11, 2008

No computer. No nothing

What is it like to have no computer for quite a number of days? Well I am living such a situation.
My laptop needed to be serviced and I dropped it off as soon as I stepped into the US. And its still sitting in the US somewhere. They didn't get it done in time and my cousin, poor thing, is running about to get it done.
We bought a bought a Mac desktop which could not be carted along with us.
I am missing my Mac. Been more than a week since I saw it..
And as of now I am blogging from my Radio station. Back to the good old of checking mail once a day and having no comp ... at least for a while..
Its only now that I realize how dependant I am on google. If I dont know something, it would be google this and google that.
Well, for whatever it is worth, I am going to check out this sabbatical, a forced one so to say.. feels like some extension of my hand has been taken away. The ghost limb effect :)
I am not slated to get my apple for another ten days at least.
Shall keep you posted on how I survive.
Also I guess it makes sense to post an update on the US concert then, though there is not much to write home about.
AND SAKKARAKATTI RELEASES TODAY! Its one of those rare occasions that a singer gets invited to an audio release. Not only that I am involved with Sakkarakatti in another way as well. Shall let you know how.. soon. I am looking forward to the do this evening.
OK universe, get to work and send some blessings my way.
Thank you!


Rathy said...

Hi Chinz!
Hope u get ur apple soon!!!!! Must feel like u lost a hand eh!
surprise in Sakkarakatti, let me take a guess, u have dubbed for one of the herione??? mostly likely the gal from Simbu's movie!!
hopefully i am right :))))

Anonymous said...


Please give us an update on the US concert.


Vasanthan said...

you know whats worst?
having a computer but no internet!

Madhav said...


A uncalled for suggestion to you since you noted that you use Google frequently. You might wanna use blackle instead of google. Its a black version of google that uses the google search engine. Purpose is to save energy, however little it may be. Read more abt it here --> and pls lead by example...

Thanks and regards

drashkum said...

i am too wild at guesses.

my guess: may be u have done a cameo role as santhanu's elder sister in the movie???

Arvind said...

Hey Chinmayi!!

Gotto hear some samples of ur song "I Miss U Da" from Sakkarakatti!! And Wow!! Watta song..!! Dying to hear it fully..! Ur combo with A R Rahman is rocking song by song!! Let this continue for many many years to come!!! :)

Junaid said...

Who have you dubbed for, in Chakkarakatti?

ப்ரியா said...

yeah chinmayee,

without google, even I feel lost.

waiting for ur post about the concert.

bingleguy said...

Yo Chin ...
just happened to accidentally stumble at ur page... when i was looking for more info on the paadum office ... came across this show when i was directed by my cousin to watch Divya singing .... ohboy ! oh boy ! very tough song n excellent performance !

u happen to write wat comes to ur mind ... well, u are wat they call the real blogger ;-)....

happy writing !!! n hope ur concert was a memorable one !


Thor said...

i feel for u.
i cannot imagine my life without my laptop and the internet.
one day without my lappy and i start getting cranky and the only thing that can keep me sane is some criusly good literature.

njoi ur sabbatical!

Bit Rocks! said...

hi chinmayi..

I miss u da song in sakarakatti fim is super..ur voice is 2 good n gr8...congrats...i think i m the 1st wisher fr this song:)


My share of life said...

Can't wait to know the surprise..........

shahool said...

am sure your other involvement will be the dubbing thing.. your dubbing was cute for tanisha in unnaale unnaale..

Archu said...

hey hows ur macbook :)
and post some snaps of it.. :D

Ramya Varma said...

Hey chinmayee u hav got an awesome voice. U r truely blessed girl. How old r u?? I am 25. I am a girl, so dont mind if i am asking u. Hahaha.