Friday, July 04, 2008


30 hours is way too long to travel to any destination.. My spinal column is threatening to give way.
This is another call for help for the good samaritans who have mailed me. Thanks Pradeepan and Anand.
Also please do let me know about the best malls around here.
Sorry I am using my blog as a helpline, but hey, I ll be glad to return the favour some day.
I am looking for some good footwear. Thats about it. If anyone can help me on where I can get them, probably in a mall or some place it will be great.

Also to answer some questions, (and a protest from Kavita on why I am not responding.. sorry time is a pinch right now).
I am not coming to any other cities; This time round, I guess I will be the usual tourist and visit the amusement parks ... anyway, even that remains to be seen...


rekhs said...

hey chinz if i may cl u that?!thanks a ton for directing me to blaaze's blog via facebk!
U have a damn gd interesttttting way of putting ur thots down on paper..
enjoying every sylabble..dont stop:)
have a safe trip and come back in one piece!

yaadayaada said...

If you want comfortable footwear, try Naturalizer. They usually have an outlet in Malls. A google search should lead you to where the shops are in Orlando.

Anonymous said...

"B O N V O Y A G E"
Have a safe journey akka!whats the matter with ur spinal cord akka,no matter ur vocal cords are awesome!!!*()#@%^& (no punctuations are matching to explain ur destiny..,akka.rock, rock ,rock&roll....

Pradeepan said...

I'm no expert on women's footwear :) But Macy's is a pretty good place to shop. you can find it in many places. "Mall at Millenia" should be a good place to buy at Macy's as well as other stores.