Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vairamuthu Naeram on Aahaa FM 91.9

Monday to Friday 9-11 pm IST.
Tune in your radios or better still just visit


Maddy said...

Thanks for the information.

priya said...

haiiiiii chinamyi,im 4m andhra pradesh.actually i was wondering that how should i listen ur show in aaha fm, i didn't get idea to listen it through online. anyways thatx for giving the site.....
we love u always....

Anand said...

Hi Chinmayi

Over the last week or so, listening to aahaafm on the net is painfully slow, it keeps buffering. Can the website maintenance people do something to improve it?

There also seems to be a mistake in program listing on the website. It states 03.00 to 05.00 as Rajangam (it should be Vairamuthu Neram)

Anonymous said...

you started your film carrer with a beautiful song (dheivam thantha poovey) written by vairamuthu. good to see you are writting about him. anyway why cant you write your expericance with kavignar here. it will nice if u write about ur past film experiances


Arun said...

Yes, pls ask the Aahaa FM site maintenance guys to look into the buffering issues. Its painful, to listen to one 5 min song over a 8 min period with some of the RJ's words split over several seconds..

Thanks and have a great time ahead.

nataraj said...

Hi Chinmayi,

I am living in DOHA, and hear to your program when I am running across the house to get ready to office. The famous aahaa Kapi club, pozhupokin, kuchi-kuchi-kuchi......

Recently I am a big fan of Vairamuthu neram. Can you rebroadcast in the night like Gaane Anjane? It will be helpful for peopl living outside of India.

Kuch-kuch-kcuchi Thanks.

jishu said...

HAI akka,
Nice to hear ur aahaa kaapi club show akka..,and I think the program named vairamuthu naeram will be at a great reach to the people.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info.. it is amazing listening to all the tidbits he shares!
i live in West coast N.A, so cant listen to your show completely as i am on way back home :-( Do you know when the recorded show is played/ archived?


PS-> streaming stutters more often these days, can u please pass it on to your team.

Anonymous said...

Aaaha fm website is struggling. tell them to run website without any disturbance or better close the website. u can never expect quality stuff and non interupption from tamil nadu websites. aaha fm is one example. Chinmayi use your power and do something so that we can listen you.

kanthi said...

Hi Chinmayi,
I am living away from India. I have been listening to AAHAA FM everyday. But, today, when I connected to the internet-aahaa fm, it asks for username and password to get into the site. Where do we register? Has it become paid now?
I miss AAHAA FM.
Please help.

Anonymous said...

Im living in US..Im not able to hear aahafm online anymore..Any technical problem?

pannpriyan said...

Vairamuthu Neram is a great program. It is great to hear the Kavignar talks about his experiences.

Rather than just play songs even in this program it might be a great opportunity for aahaaFM to explore some literary works and some folklores. It is time to reduce the use of movie songs format and stay away from the movie realm. Vairamuthu would be the ideal person to do that -- he has the authority and experience. It is a late night program anyway and no one would mind!

Anuradha said...

Hey Chinmayi,

There is a lot of improvement in you as an RJ... Good luck to your shows!

These days Ahaa FM is also one of my favortie ones during travel...

Nikon said...

Here in the US, we love listening to aahaafm via live stream on But lately the live stream seems to be down.

Do you know when this will be brought back again?