Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Am wondering.........

What it is about upper class hotels in town.
Met a friend a couple of days ago at Residency Towers and promptly found hair in the soup. The chef and manager are all apologetic and say they would replace it. Whats the point? I lost my appetite and helped myself to the desserts thereafter.
The Park 601 yesterday. We had guests from Ozland.
And decided to head into the Thai restaurant Lotus. Turned out, the seats were all reserved so we decided to find a place at 601 instead. And they would serve us Thai food. Good enough! I have a thing for Thai cuisine.
Mom decided to have coffee first. Coffee is piping hot. Milk is ice cold. Mix the two you have room temperature coffee.
Ordered Fresh Lime Soda - too watery. I asked them to replace it the same thing happens. I give up. Apparently their beverage section of the non-alcoholic kind is no good. I am not into alcohol anyway.
The main course made up for the lapses. The soup was outta the world. Coconut milk base with enough tang to fall in love with it. I am glad we chose a-la-carte cos,
though this is ewwwwy there was a small cockroach running across the buffet counter.
There was also one more thing that I wonder about. 601 actually allows diners to smoke. But are there probably rules that say that the smoking and non-smoking sections should be separate? Our friends from Australia were surprised to see how someone could light up in an air-conditioned place.
If someone goes to an upscale restaurant, as much as they are entitled to the ambience, service and whatever else that is assumed, clean air is also one of the things if you ask me. Why should I breathe in someone else's cancerous air and also pay a premium for it? And these gentlemen lit up their cancer sticks right next to tables were there were small children.

Don't understand the hospitality industry. And definitely don't understand some people.


Vijay Ganesh said...

I find Rain Tree (St mary's road) and cream center (R A Puram near chennai kaliappa) are the hot places as of now in chennai - in terms of food quality, taste - try it if u find time !

santhoshi said...

Nice post. To be frank its not only over there. Have noticed same sort of problems in five star hotels in Colombo as well. the worst was when once we ordered for dhall soup they served Chicken soup at one of the five stars and had the nerve to apologise and bill it.

Madhu said...

Well said! I just hate people who even smoke in public places after all those notices, ads on the fines and everything for smoking in specific boundaries! Some kinds selfish! As u well said, the smoking and nonsmoking areas should def be separated! I even wondered why don't they just ban the cigarrettes all ove the world if they can spend on adverts and print "smoking harms" on the boxes with that much care!!! One of the never-to-be-changed chapter! Drattttt!!!!!

Karthik Murali said...

u remember me of Elaine (from the series "Seinfeld" )
the same anger and temperament when she sees someone smoking.

btw I'm with u on both ur arguments.
it jus proves a point
the bigger ur organization (or hotel in this case) becomes, the more careless u become in the finer little details.

Anonymous said...

Hai akka,
The ciggarette smokers making the holes in their own lungs and liver should understand that there is a hole waiting for them in the graveyard.Any law should come to light to stop this ''kevalamaana'' act in public places.

Ravi said...

Reading this post, somehow I can't avoid myself wondering if this is Karma?

I remember reading one of your old blog posts, where you had expressed a dislike for the 'task' of eating. When reading it back then I felt that such a remark was quite pompous considering the number of people who don't even get to eat one course meal a day. And now even when you wanted to enjoy your meal - circumstances did not seem to approve it!
(and something tells me that this comment would not be published:))

Chinmayi said...

Vijay: yes I have been there.. shall check out cream center
santhoshi: Hmm well I guess its time I look up the laws that govern the hoteling industry here and discuss it in my radio show
madhu: there are still people who spit in chennai after all the fines.. apparently the government made a lot of money collecting fines from such human beings. And yeah I guess the whole tobacco industry is way too much money, politics and power to wipe off :)
karthik: hmm guess we should speak up, as consumers then.. i am thinking of filing a consumer case.. just for the heck of it
jishu: :)
ravi: This is going to be long. So brace yourself.
I wish my day had more than 24 hours. Eating and sleeping, both of these acts which are needed to replenish the body is a distraction at most times, between singing or whatever else I am doing. In that case its a task. You need to be an artiste to understand that. Forget artiste-talk, if you were immersed in work, you would hate to be distracted even by food. The world has a name for such people - workaholics. Devoting themselves to the work on hand so much that everything else is but a perfunctory thing. We have heard so many stories of classical musicians forgetting eat or drink, and their families would be afraid to disturb them. Especially, the act of sadhakam, is akin to penance. Disturbing it would be akin to disturbing a yogi's sadhana. Which is why for both music and spiritual practises there is one word - sadhana. I knew I was risking a lot of people calling me pompous, and of course the comment about people going without food in the world as well. Also, for your information, I am quite the foodie. I love eating. I love food. If you have assumed so otherwise, I should just say sorry, but thats not the way it is.
And I dont know how you assumed again that this comment wont be published. Care to explain ? :)

SanJai said...

hi chins..

//Our friends from Australia were surprised to see how someone could light up in an air-conditioned place.//

haahaa.. this is what happens in all the AC bars in our cities.. :))

than.. hows ur super singer hunting dear? try to write the coimbatore experience...

Chaitanya said...

Hoteliers on High Alert !
Aug 12 Chennai.
All Hotels across the state and infact in the country
are on a high state of alert. They are on the lookout for A Famous Singer from South India
who offlate has been doing some high quality blogging and has also been reviewing a few hotels.
Hoteliers say that they have issued strict protocols
to their employees which must be executed incase they spot the singer in the vicinity of their hotel.
Few of the protocols include:
1.Scanning of all soups being served for hair!
2.Priority Reservation to the Singer and cancellation of all other reservations who ever maid it.If any guest refuses to oblige .. kick them out !
3.All food being served must be subject to a temperature check which must be done using a
ISO 9001 quality thermometer, if possible usage of lactometer
and barometer is also recommended.
4.If H2O is found in Fresh Lime Soda then the chef will be prosecuted.
5.A Cockroach Radar has been deployed across all the rooms to constantly monitor the cockroach movement.
6.Smoking is allowed only if the smoker signs the Non Exhailation Treaty according to which throughout the Singer's stay in the hotel the smokers are only permitted to inhale ! Exhailation is banned !
The hoteliers further refused to reveal the other protocols as they felt it was too confidential to be revealed.

Lets start singing !

Chinmayi said...

ROTFL chaitanya :) good one

Chinmayi said...

hari: becos my hair is not short/thick/curly. Does that answer your question? And by the way I dont make an accusation without knowing what I am talking about

Krishnan said...

Why do we assume things?????!!!!!!!!

Chaitanya said...

Thanks pal .. What to do yaar ? Fuel prices have gone up .. Seat Occupancy has gone down.. so the number of sectors i fly per day have come down..
So started Blog-Commenting nowadays in spare time.. Infact its much better than blogging itself !

ப்ரியா said...


These days I observe many typos (for ex "And these gentlemen lit up their cancer sticks right next to tables "were" there were small children"...

Quite unlikely.

Watch out.

And this weeks' ASS...saree....hmmmmm...'Kalakkure chandru' Range thaan.


Prakash Srinivasan said...

Smokers in India, unfortunately dont have something called ETIQUETTE! Just as we cant tolerate somebody spitting on our faces, how do they expect us to inhale the smoke spitted out by them? A very valid question raised by your Australian friend-its baffling how smokers are allowed to smoke in a common place where non-smokers are enjoying their food!

rekhs said...

same venue same feeling same question arose in my mind,infact I even went up to the front desk and asked how smoking is allowed!??? and was looked @ as if i was from a diff galaxy leave alone another planet!!

Chinmayi said...

anonymous: well adhigama irukkaangardhu engaloda decision.. ongalaala mudinja neengalum vazhi paarunga, kutham kandupidinga, Illana kaliyugathu buddhar aagalaam.. what do you say?

Anonymous said...

and i went to residency the other day and one baby roach was dancing on the plates kept near the buffet in ahaar. the manager removed the set of plates but .. not only was the appetite gone but the doubts about the other plates, dishes etc.. lingered...