Thursday, August 14, 2008

Conversations With God

This Book has literally been paraded before me several times but somehow it never appealed to me. For whatever reason.
I wonder how conversations or even one-way communication with a higher force is like. Do you do it in on a daily basis? Like have a mental conversation.. like , Hey God you really messed up my day kinda lines? Or is it like thanksgiving? What is it like?
Someone as lowly as me is definitely nowhere close to having a conversation with a higher force. But I seriously wonder what it is like.
I would, right now, want to have a conversation with the higher force. If it were in my grasp. But sadly, it is not.


BLOGKUT said...

//If it were in my grasp. But sadly, it is not.//
Probably true. But we thank in the same manner when we are happy/succeeded in the same ONEWAY. All in belief

Swamy Chaitanyananda said...

Huh.. In my point of view it aint a very complicated thing !.. Its damn simple to talk to a higher force..Its like hey god whats up ! Plz ensure that I dont get some crazy captain for today's flight.. and yeah hope the Air Traffic Control at mumbai or delhi doesnt make me hold(circle) in the sky for traffic ! Have a wonderful day God and Make my day a Happy and Memorable one too !
!..*Trust me this works*..! According to me God is like my sibling so .. I dont change colors while in the temple or at the party ! Its always me ! .. One famous and historically knowledgeable person has quoted an excellent saying which was
" Speaking to god is easier than bloging on the blogspot"..
-Swamy Chaitanyananda !

Guru Smaran said...

I'm not into stuff like conversations with god or anything on those lines, but I strongly recommend God's Debris by Scott Adams, the guy who created Dilbert.

A few years back, it was virtually impossible to find the book in India, but now I guess you get it in sites like Indiaplaza for 700-odd bucks. In case you, like me, are too lazy to go through the effort of buying an unheard-of book, here's an official free PDF version available for download:

More on the book:


PS: No... though I sound like one who does, I have nothing to do with the author, publisher or the local seller of the book. I just like to recommend books every half-chance I get. :D

Maddy said...

I think you are talking about Neale Donald Walsch books. Before I say about his other book, let me tell you……you are in conversation with God always, only thing is you don’t realize that you are in. Prayer is just one way of conversation with God. It can be for you, for your loved ones or a total stranger. Your mind never sleeps, it is always at work and in conversation. In one of his books that I read “Home with God- In a Life that Never ends”…….one of the quotes “There are those who say that seeing is believing, I am telling you that believing is seeing”. I think it is true what we believe only we see.

The book I read was all about death and life after death.. It’s mentioned there “Death is intriguing. It is exciting and intriguing and totally wonderful”. Anyone reading this book would not fear about death I guess, since I read most of the chapters. Death seems to be interesting of course. It may sound bit weird, but it is true. You being a psychology graduate, I would suggest “Give it a try”. May be logical, illogical,analytical and critical mind will throw more light on this subject.

Karthik said...

I'm not much into books. So I can't make a comment on it. But as far as the supernatural conversation is concerned, I'm a strong believer in it. That's something which is cumbersome to explain and make others believe. So I'm deprived of words here. But all I can say is "Conversation naturally happens when there is excess love and belief". Moreover its always bi-directional. Though your mind speaks in words, the answer will be in actions or incidents. Try it out with complete belief. Your grasp will be never farther!!

Jay said...

I've read 1/2 of part 1 of the "Conversations with God" series and wasn't interested in continuing.
But I do have conversations with god on a regular basis - Its just my way of freeing things off my mind. And I feel like I do get an output through subsequent events and if not, I go with the 'things happen for a reason' idea. But you dont have to be of a certain hierarchy to have a conversation with god. Its just the beleif that counts :)

Anonymous said...

Hai akka,
I have the habit of having conversations with god when i am happy or for any other cause it may be to encourage myself so that i will find comfortable that someone is there for me.Moreover i have the habit of talking with myself.(pls D'ont think that my screw has drifted from my head).
Happy ''INDEPENDENCE DAY'' to all.
Proud to be an Indian.

Shankar said...

Its like thanking someone for the things which just happened/ went on well during the day, and someone to complaint to when its messed up...and trust me its better than cribbing to our friends, cos we dont get any negative feedbacks/advices.... its just a hope which will do us good....dont tell me u havnt felt nervous abt anything and said a small prayer that everything shld go on guess it pretty much works like that :)

Teshu said...

You speak with your Mom everyday :) Maathru dEvO bhavA! Pithru dEvO bhavA! AchArya dEvO bhavA!

But if it's the fella up there you are searching to have a conversation with I guess you gotta join the queue. Meanwhile watch the movie Bruce Almighty, if you haven't still. It will give you a few tickles.

Ramasubramanian, said...

சின்மயி தங்கள் பெயர்க் காரணம் என்ன?.
உங்களுக்கு அரபி பாடல் பாடத்தெரியுமா.
தமிழ் வாசிக்க தெரியுமா?.

Selvam said...

I laughed my heart out reading Swamy Chaitanyananda's comment. Well done!!

Anonymous said...

hey chinz..

infact i have many at times tot how wud it be like to tok to a force soo much greater then us... where answers are given to all the questions asked... sometimes wen certain incidents happens in our life, it makes why and for wat reason it happens... an we keep wishing the answer comes from the almighty itself!!!


Krishnan said...

Hi Chinmayi...

I dont know what you meant by saying "Someone as lowly as me"
What makes you say you are lowly ?? comparing to what ???

Is it necessary that we need to fit to some specification to get in touch with GOD ?? Considering
the fact that it was GOD who created us.

Besides what makes us think that GOD is good ???? If we look at things around us...its all made by the humankind..For What ?? For our needs. We grow crops..take care of the fields..for what ?? for us to eat !!

Thats the similarity in almost everything we see...If you make/invent something.. its for you own good. If God made something its for his own good...why cant it be that way ??

What it is like, to communicate with higher force :

Well it depends on how you see or define that superior force..

We define God the way we want..(again we try to fit God the way we want God to be.. to our own needs)

Each one of us adopt our own way of praying and justify it in our own way.

Some say pray from the heart or just thinking about God is good enough while some say going to the temple is the best way to communicate with God..or like what Chaitanyananda(refer to his post) says "God is like his sibling"... it goes on and on.

We relax rules to our requirment..whether its praying to God or anything else in life.

Again the similarity is..we do things for our own need/benefits

We all pray to God.. for what ?? to please God, in fear, what happens after death or what if there is God and God is watching us every second.

So here again we pray to God for our own betterment and safety and to exist forever.

So why do you think God made this Universe/Cosmos ?? You never know ...Good or Bad ?? You never know

Sorry to all the people I hurt, but my intention is not to hurt anyone... I still call God when I am scared :-) ..(again my own needs)

But the search is always on...

P.S : I am trying to get someone on email and I just got one reply to the many mails..and am still trying in vain :-)

So if trying to communicate with a person on email is so tough..imagine the almighty who created over 6 Billion people.. and how long we should wait in the queue

Ramya Varma said...

I know it is difficult to have a conversation with the all powerful One. It takes a lot of soul searching to be able to even think of getting there. But nevertheless, its a nice thing to start of early to be able to atleast think of getting as time passes by.. I have nt been able to eshtablish that kind of a conversation but I sincerely believe that music has the power to transport to HIS or HER Abode.Music can be a means to the pathway to a conversation. Like theres a Password for every email Id. Music is that one Master password to a name that feels it constantly. I have experienced it many times. Felt as though the powerful force just happenend to touch my soul , my spirit. Maybe it was an illusion or a simple hallucination. Who Knows? I dont.But I feel i just happened to feel it.

Anonymous said...


Try this, astonishingly it works for me. Many a times I have got answers/problems resolved directly or indirectly.

Place all the faith in him,whoever is your favorite god, ask Your concerns directly from the bottom of your heart, clearly and loudly (as though you are seeing him infront of you). You can do this only if you have privacy.

Be specific about your issues, problems. Dont be generic.

Thats all you need to communicate to him. He would receive your points well and you will get your answers!!!


Your Fan & well wisher.

Vijayan said...

Conversations with GOD.
i think it can be done.
we came from single cell.might be god or force created us?!
Learn art of breathing (pranayama) by that we can communicate with our single individual body cells.Cells which is the start of our tissue creation and ultimately we should feel core of us which is life force GOD.Learn & practice you can feel it.(4-6months)
After feelng it we can communicate?!
i suggest read osho Medication to Meditation book.