Saturday, August 09, 2008

Have you ever....

Had a butterfly perch on you that refuses to budge?
I am undergoing some such thing right now.
Apparently a butterfly in all its yellow and black gaiety made its way into my house a couple of days ago.
Its been fluttering about our bedroom and I made my way in to finish up the book that I picked up yesterday "One life to ride", an account of a Motorcycle journey to the Himalayas.
And butterfly decides I am a good place to rest on. And refuses to move. And here I am angling myself in quite a weird fashion typing this out, since I got fed up trying to angle my book and my cup of tea.
I have to return to both as soon as I am done with this, but it is kinda weird to have a being of the animal kingdom settle on your for quite a length of time. I am going to clock this now. Maybe it will remain this way until I decide to get up and walk out.


Anonymous said...

A new fan of yours!


Maddy said...

Who knows??!! probably the butterfly was there to hear you singing!!

Joke apart, Would you tell us/review the book! Happy weekend.

Madhu said...

lol that's interesting. It must be in love with u!

Srini said...

தேன் குடிக்க போன வண்ணத்து பூச்சி
உங்கள் தேன் குரல் கேட்டு தடம் மாறியதோ?



Maha said...

Akkaa.. this comment is completely not connected with the topic of the post you've posted.. but i just peeped in to say that you've got an excellllllllent command over the English Language..

I should say that the fashion in which you express your thoughts is daaaamn good..i seriously have a feel of reading any Foreign author's text while reading most of your blog posts..Lady, you excel in almost all the aspects you like or adore(be it singing or anything..) if i'm not wrong..guess you like English as well much..

So many new words, phrases and idioms that i came into my recognition and knowledge from your writing.. i completely love the way you express things and your capability of making people who read this , be encompassed in the same environment as you were in while experiencing it!

I should say that it is only through your website thati came to know a lot about you..! this space showed me a super cool down-to-earth person whose presence anywhwere to the reach of me renders me happiness ..You are completely unique and adorable as a celebrity..LOve you always dear..!Take care!


Deepa J said...

Hi Chinmayi,

When you take the time to retort to stupid anonymous comments, you could have atleast said "no", or guided me to the source playing your Sapthaswarangal contestent video. Remember, I requested it sometime back. I should say I did my bit of googling on it and could not find it. Hope you reply.


Chinmayi said...

maddy: the book is an easy read.. quite quick I would say and its nice
deepa; thanks for reminding me that the comments are stupid and that I am indeed wasting time on them ... And honestly I dont have the video. I dont think i can source it either :)

mokrish said...


The blog makes interesting read... by the range of issues covered.

On the animal kingdom, I read somewhere, that the original name of the butterfly was 'flutterby'


Chinmayi said...

OK danny .. I replie din coloquial Tamil :)
I guess I was not on a senthamizh trip :)
and thanks
Mokrish: no idea.. thanks!

Krishnan said...


Typing Tamil in English..and continuing with it :) so funny and interesting

Anonymous said...

Hai akka,
I think the butterfly needs ur autograph akka.

Venkat said...

Hmmm... Must be a nice feel.. I've experienced this before and most recently, I was playing with a dragon fly.. I don't know why.. But I love playing with them ;)