Thursday, August 07, 2008

"My Foot" at Mumbai Airport Domestic Terminal

Shooting for Super Singer for even a couple of days without respite makes me wish that I were in a place where this Reflexology spa is located. Or rather there is a place here with hands that have such expertise. Mom has always praised the masseurs of Mumbai saying that, amongst other skills, this is one thing they are really good about. Even 20 years back. For a few things, though this contradicts several of my earlier posts, I wish we had never come back from Mumbai and shifted base to Chennai. I remember, for years I used to tell my mom that its time we went back "home", in a language that was a strange mix up of 75% Marathi and some 25% Hindi. I don't get zilch of Marathi these days.
But Anyway this post is not about my musings on Mumbai.
I happened to visit Mumbai for a day in the recent past and I came back to the airport in good time. And the flight was delayed. I couldn't think of anything else to do but pick up a couple of the local dailies and a coffee at Coffee Day. Then decided to take a walk around to see this reflexology center huddled in a corner. I ventured inside and took the bait.
Considering the paucity of time, I decided to take a half hour session of the neck and back therapy and the foot reflexology splitting it into 15 minute sessions of each.
This was where I was introduced to the chair that is used by therapists to tender a back massage. I gingerly tried to seat myself with as much dignity as possible, fighting embarrassment that I had no previous knowledge of this invention.
That was also the time that I had had a nagging back pain that had lasted several months, and I refused to take medication for. I stave off allopathy as much as possible. I may have a pounding headache but that will never find me reaching for the pills.
Once I was all settled in that chair and I had to place my head in a head-rest, the therapy started. Somehow they knew where the issues where, hit the nerve that was causing the problem without my saying a word, and yeah the nerve or muscle was put back in place. The back pain vanished that day and has never come back since.
The reflexology session was more magic. 15 minutes of bliss. They used a normal cream, in small amounts, unlike the amounts slathered by therapists using here. Minimal amounts of product but the work is done by the hands.
I remember paying about 1000/- for this session but it was something totally worth it
There was one more thing that I saw at the spa that I had never seen before
The owner of the spa was taking a session herself and once that was over she reviewed the massage techniques and corrected the therapist. She supervised each of the 6 therapists there and made sure they were doing a good job. That is what I call customer service. The honesty to the job.
The therapists were calm and composed. That I feel, is extremely necessary for therapists.
I promptly asked them whether they have a place here. But I also had a simultaneous thought. The place is so good thanks to the therapists there. And I have mostly seen that a lot of the people in Chennai are plain lazy. Sure they want the dough, but there is no return in the name of services that I find here. God forbid, if you try correcting anything around here. A lot don't take criticism well. At least not in some of the salons I have visited. And yep I no longer go there.
Apparently My Foot starts belongs to Singapore. At the same time, we had a session done at the Singapore airport where the therapist was the most talkative thing we had ever seen.
Anyway, I have ever since, referred several people, telling them to take some time off, if they go to Mumbai and and up early at the airport. Also I heard they had some more outlets in the city, but I am not sure of the whereabouts.
So if you head to Mumbai, please go early and take my word, you will probably have one of the best reflexology sessions ever.


Vasanthan said...

i am new to chennai, and i like a good massage session.
with lots of illegal and indecent ones which i hear about in the news, i am very afraid to try any.
Is there a decent one that you could suggest in chennai.
affordability would be a plus.

Anonymous said...

Cool that you had a nice over there :-). Hope our dear chennai gets some better place people would love to visit often! :-)

Viji R

jishu said...

Hai akka,
Nice to hear that u got a satisfactory massage akka..I had tried this only once in my life time,and i totally got vexed,and i never tried it again too.bcoz,i had been to the place for curing my pain but i returned with some dozens of pain.My anatomy totally changed.somehow i am safe now,keeping ur golden words in mind i will try to head to Mumbai.

cricket freak said...

I swear i dunno anything abt these spas and all.. all i want to say is U rocked in chinnama chillukama from Sakkarathi.. am in love with ur voice... the place where u kinda giggle... thats the best it can get & the kinda duet between u & dayal... best part of the song.. the reason i am mentioning it here is coz u will take notice of it :) coz htr are only 3 comments :)... can u upload a live pic of ARR please ..... :) :)

Chinmayi said...

vasanthan: first stop would be any of the salons.

surabhi said...

Hey Chinmayi...can you give the address of the place u went in mumbai...sounds like worth trying!!

Anonymous said...

You must try out this place called Shen Reflexology.....the most amazing hand & foot reflexology.
Its in Bandra, Mumbai and the no. is 9930717676.
The therapists are just too gud, dont miss if u r in Mumbai.

Anonymous said...

I know the center you are talking about, it is called My Foot Reflexology, I am a regular at their Atria Mall, worli. I completely agree, the place is magic. I have tried all reflexology spas but nothing come close to this.
They are also in Mulund. I hear they ae opening at International Aiport too...waiting for it. You can book an appointment on 24813660