Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nenje Nenje

Its only recently that I discovered this song. And re-discovered the magic in Jayachandran Sir KJY sir's voice.
Someone I knew made me listen to Enmel Vizhundha Mazhaithuliye and pointed out the wonder that is Jayachandran sir's voice. Sometimes, you realize things yourself and sometimes someone else makes you see it - if you are willing to.
I had not grown up listening to film songs and I came to know about several magical songs after joining Aahaa FM and also after tuning in to stations while driving. A few more at concerts with musicians and singers.
I heard Nenje Nenje last evening after a long time and it was also on my playlist this morning.
I wonder if there is a possibility that I can absorb the amount of feeling that has gone into singing this song. Especially from KJY sir, though Sadhna ji is brilliant in her own right. But KJY sir's voice is what is on top of my mind.
The poetry in this song - I am trying to figure out how I can use the words in my limited vocabulary to describe it. And yes, I have begun to enjoy the joys of Tamil song writing and the inherent beauty and also got to know several anecdotes connected with it. It definitely goes beyong talent when a lyricist is able to compose verses out of thin air for a certain situation which finds a certain amount of space in film. I also understand now why old-timers feel that song writing in recent times does not have any beauty. Like Gangaiamaran sir said in the Take Two we had for Metro Plus, lyrics have only one meaning these days. The question of double meaning does not arise. He had his hilarious way of saying it which had me in splits through out the session.
Lately, silence, introspection and a search for some kind of a meaning probably has made me more sensitive to things that I had previously consciously ignored perhaps, but subliminally registered. Its seems to be coming back to me.
As for Nenje Nenje, it leaves the heart heavy in its wake, more often than not. But these are times when sadness is joy.

P.S: I apologise for the mistake here. There was an argument yesterday between a few people before I blogged on whether it was KJY sir or P Jayachandran Sir. Most ruled in favour of Jayachandran Sir. Since I was new to the song, I went with the majority. Of course I did not think of Google :)


Anonymous said...

Dear Chinmayi,

If you are refering the Nenje Nenje from Ratchagan,I think it is Dr.KJY who has sung that song and not Jayachandran Sir.
Please Verify.
Sorry if i'm wrong..

Thank you.

Vijay Krishnan said...

I guess it is sung by Dr.K.J.Yesudos and not by Thiru.Jayachandran.

Maddy said...

சின்ன சின்ன வார்த்தைகள் கோர்த்து
சில்லென ஒரு கவிதைமழை பொழிய
சின்மயி என்ற சின்ன குயிலிங்கே
சிறகை விரிக்குது!!!

அதன் எண்ணங்கள் வானில் பறக்கும்
ஏற்றமிகு கவிதைகள் பிறக்கும்
என்ற நம்பிக்கையோடு இருக்கும்
எங்களோடு அதை பங்கிட்டால்
மகிழ்ச்சி மனதை நிறைக்கும்


Vijay Krishnan said...

you can listen to these songs of Jayachandran Sir.
1)Indraikku yenindha aandhamae(Vaidhehi Kathirundhal)
2)Poovile Medai(pagal nilavu)
3)Thalatudhe vaanam(kadal meengal)
4)Chitira Chevvanam(??) etc..

Madhav said...

Enmael viyundhu mazhai thuliye is my all time favorite. J sir voice and rendering is unbelievable in it. Nenje nenje is also a fantastic number. Looks like its Srinivas's favorite number too. Repeat telecast of his interview/chat on Jaya TV shows him sing this one. What a delight. Lyrics are important and need to be decent at least. Hope you would refuse to sing one with double-meaning / sexual innuendos. I dont think you have sang one though!

Krishnan said...

Chinmayi... Have you heard the song that I mentioned ?? If you are talking about the involvement/feeling that goes into singing a song, listen to the song I told you.. I have a huge list of just the magical kind you were talking about..(ofcourse depends on perception and taste) the poetry/lyrics.

I dont know how much you appreciate hindi songs..for the lyrics, music, singing.

English, Hindi, Tamil all have their own magical effect and I am wondering how the mindset changes when we listen to different types of music.

This order suits me best..English then Hindi and then Tamil..but then sometimes depending on the may change :)

I always used to think what kind of involvement /emotions/ feelings you might have experienced or gone through while singing that song for the movie "Sivaji" or "Shivaji" maybe ..I know you look for spellings there hehehehe :)

Alright..more of music talk later when you title something similar


Suresh Kumar said...

First we shouldnt forget the proverb that "OLD IS GOLD".
Just to compare the song of past & present, Presently songs with good lyrics are very few to count.But the old songs are still sweet to hear.

You try "Poovae Sembuvae" song as well, really I love this song, such a nice composition.

Suresh Kumar said...

Hi chin

Another hit song which u try to listen "Rasaathiunne kanathaneju ", lovely composition.

Bharathwaaj said...

Finally... I got a chance to comment first on your blog! I appreciate your humility in the following line:

"The poetry in this song - I am trying to figure out how I can use the words in my limited vocabulary to describe it. "

Cool... Newaz, if you are melody fanatic who goes to the extend of shedding tears of joy by listening to good music, i suggest you to listen to the compositions of Mozart or Beethoven (though they don't contain any lyrics!).

Krishnan said...

If i am not wrong you are talking about Nenje Nenje song from Ratchakan. If yes, the male singer is Sri.Yesudass and not Sri.Jayachandran.

Anonymous said...

Depends on how you take it. For eg if we cnsdr an English Song, first thing running on our mind, NOISY. But just closely follow the lyrics, MEANINGFULL. Same goes to other language and songs and even who sang it. Thus upto each person who takes it.


Sridhar said...


Don't get which song you are referring to
If it's Nenje Nenje from Ratchagan, then it's sung by Yesudas sir.
Moving rendition indeed.

Try listening to a small classical bit ' kannan..manivannan' from Paramasivan composed by Vidyasagar and sung by Kalyani Menon,Lakshmi Rangarajan and Saindhavi. Impressive...

BigB said...

Are you talking about Nenje Nenje from Ratchagan? In that case, its KJJ and not Jeyachandran who has sung the song.


Oooo Nenje Nenje Kuzhapam Enne ? That song right ?
OMG i love that song... It has so much feel and just makes u silenced for a few moments... Magical Song and lyrics...

anantha said...

Whoa! I always thought it was KJY I that song! In fact I did a search just now and every single source that I trust (including mention it as KJY.

As a fan of Jayachandran myself, I am surprised :)

Which brings me to another point - why dont they credit people properly on tapes/cds? For example, tapes and cds of Uyire credited Sukhwinder for the tamil version of Chaiyya Chaiyya along with Subha, though it was obvious that he was not the singer! Maybe this case (Nenje Nenje) was one such!

Arvind said...

Hey Chinmayee....

NenJe Nenje is supposedly sung by Dr.K J Yesudas and the lovely Sadhana Sargam....but surprisingly u r telling Jayachandran sir has sung it...!!!! Does the song has 2 version???

And Ofcourse En Mael Vizhunda is sung by Jayachandran and Chitraji!!!

Plsss confirm...!!!

jishu said...

Hai akka,
I think the song ''Oru Deivam thandha poovae'' starts with his voice(nenjil jil jil..).sorry if i am wrong.

Shankar said...

For sometime now, many have enjoyed listening to music albums of new films, and generally speaking they tend to fade away soon after the next hit arrives...But old compositions by ARR, Raja Sir and few other are in our minds even today..Not sure if standards are going down or it is just my point of view which makes me think like that.... And for Nenje Nenje from Ratchagan...truely fantastic song, actually one more not so popular number from this movie 'Kannava Illai' is also out of this world listening to...

Krithika said...

Are you referring the nenje nenje song from ratchagan.. if so its sung by KJ Yesudas ji right.. beautifully rendered by him.. or is there some other song beginning in the same lines sung by Jayachandran ji.. anyways songs sung by them is always pleasing to the ears

Lahari said...

hey chinmayi,

Please find this link below

nenje nenje is sung by KJ Yesudasji and not by Jayachandran sir. En Mel vizhuntha mazhaithuli is sung by Jeyachandran sir. Please try to correct it.

Lahari said...

I pardon if am bit strong, being a singer in the cine world how can u not differentiate the two legends? Atleast u cd have googled once.

Pradeepan said...

Brilliant song.
Unfortunately with Indian music, the film still plays a big role in how much heights the song can climb.
If the movie doesn't do too well, sometimes the music doesn't become that popular. thats a sad thing.

btw, Nenje Nenje - I believe it was sung by the greatest of them all - K.J Yesudas himself.
This song was also Sadhanaji's 2nd Tamil venture if I'm right - after Vennilave from Minsara Kanavu.

Ashwin said...

Not sure which song you are referring to !

If you are referring to the one in Rakshagan, it was sung by KJY alongwith Sadhna and NOT Jayachandran, as you think!!

DD said...

"Nenje nenje" from which movie? The first song that came to my mind was the "Nenje Nenje" from Ratchagan which was sung by Yesudas (and Sahna I think)
Yenmel Vizhundha is an absolute masterpiece though. Also love the Hindi version (Gup Chup from Love you Hamesha) which has a glorious in-form Hariharan, again with Sadhana I think

shrinivaz said...

try Kaiyil Midhakkum from Ratchagan- Srinivas

Btw, hrd the Tamil version of sound awesome and different!

just dropped by to say that

Krishnan said...

Can you please tell me from which movie the song "Nenje Nenje" is from ?? I know one that is sung by K. J. that the one you were talking about ??

AJB said...

I couldn't help but notice: wasnt Nenje Nenje sung by KJY sir? I think I am right, but i'll check anywez!

you echo my thoughts abt the song though... it has been one of my favs ever since i heard it the first time a year back...

Another song, the lyrics of which simply blows me away every time: Vellai Pura Onru...

Nice post!

AK said...

Hi Chinmayi,

Perhaps you can have a section in your blog where you list your favourite songs or any songs you come across that touches your heart? I would love to get to know songs that have such meaning as you described but do not know where to look for them. As someone in the musical industry, maybe you can keep a musical blog?


Anonymous said...

hey chinmayi,U mean to say nenje nenje song from ratchgan movie right?.If u had meant that one only,then it was sung by the one n only Ganagandharvan K J Yesudas ji and offcourse sadhna sargam mam.

Anonymous said...

Hope you have heard 'Manjolai Kizhithano' from Kizhakke Pogum Rayil,'Azhaga Sirithathu Antha Nilavu' from December Pookal by Jayachandran sir. If not please hear that.


Vinod Rajaram said...

If my memory serves me right 'Nenje Nenje' (from Ratchagan) was sung by KJ Yesudas and not Jayachandran ?

Chinmayi said...

anonymous: yes you are right! i apologise
vijay: I apologise again
maddy: nanri!
vijay: will do
madhav: yes it is one of my favorites too
suresh: poove sempoove is one of my favorites too.. and rasathi... thanks for reminding me
bharathwaj: I listen to a lot of those and yes I am the shedding tears type all the way
krishnan: yes .. Sorry
Sridhar: I apologise..
Bigb: I apologise
sheetal: No doll. this is another song..I shall check that one out
Anantha: I realized. I apologise. And Uyire DOES have Sukhvinder in it, in addition to Sriram. Hence the credits
Arvind: yes you are right. I apologise
Jishu: yep!
Shankar: will do. .havent heard it yet
krithika: yes .. I apologise
Lahari: just means that I am human and i can make mistakes. I am a human first and then a singer. Am I allowed to make mistakes?? And By the way its extremely tough to differentiate between their voices sometimes. Anyone will agree. And now the confusion extends to Unni Menon, KJY sir, P Jayachandran and the younger Madhu Balakrishnan.
Pradeepan: you are right.. I apologise
Ashwin: I realize I am wrong. I apologise
DD: I apologise
Shrinivaz: thanks and sorry
ajb: I apologise.. you are right and I ll check out your song
ak: shall try to do that
anonymous: will do
vinod: it serves you right ..

Everyone: Please refer to the last section on this blog. It explains my lapse. Again. I am sorry

Pradeepan said...

cha, somehow I guess I had a sadistic pleasure: someone apologizing for a mistake I pointed out :))
Doesn't happen often !

sundar said...

Hello Chinmayee !!

There's one more super song of KJY.
'Poongatrile un svasathai'...

You hear that song in a silent night.....

Then you will do a separate post on that song...

The movie cast include SRK in tamil

It's a Mani Rathnam Movie

chk it out

Krishnan said...

Chinmayi !! I still did not get answers to anything I asked :-)

Thought I will get some answers here but the focus on the topic "Nenje Nenje" drifted to something completely different.

Krishnan said...

Pradeepan : Its not always like that..I have seen so many instances where even an average movie does well only because of the songs/music !!!!!!!!


Rathipriya said...

Hi Chinmayi,
Excellent song by Jesudas sir and Sadhana Sargam... Nice post; and wat a command over language!! Ur language and the style of mentioning things is jus awesome...
And the Chinnamma song is brilliant... Ur versatility is really superb... Wat a variety!! Simply superb... Oru deivam thandha poove, mayya mayya, chinnamma-sang by the same singer;jus amazing... Keep rocking!!! I became a big fan of urs...

Chinmayi said...

krishnan: what questions? There are like some several krishnan s here and I dont know which one you are
rathi: thanks you are very kind :)

Madhu said...

Though I didn't wanna ask about the confusion when I read ur blog, I convinced myself it might have been sung by both of them and only one got released or something along that line. oh well, u must be really kind enough to apologise to all those commented. Keep rocking and Happy Singing :)

Krishnan said...

Chinmayi..I'm the only krishnan with the Orange icon beside my name.. atleast in this chain of posts.

If you wanna go back to my post..its the 6th from top :-)

anantha said...

ayyo! No apologies needed. Honestly speaking, I get confused among voices a lot. If it will make you feel better, I should confess that, for a long time, I thought PB Srinivas sang this song -

This misplaced notion ended rather embarrassingly one day in the college hostel playing antakshri when I happened to suggest that someone sing that "PBS song from Aradhana" :D

rekhs said...

hi chin
i think it was awfullly sweet or shd i say awesomely sweet of u to apologise so many timessss:)
if any of u music enthusiasts need lyrics i suggest u visit
a few of us who r passionate abt tamil song lyrics have been working on it for a couple of yrs...
sorry to use this as a sounding brd chin but thot it is related and wld b helpful to many musically inclined ppl :)

Krishnan said...

Hello Rekhs...

I tried the link you suggested (

Really Impressive..just did a small search and it seems to be really good.

The search options are just perfect, hope you have a solid lyrics database there..

I really appreciate the kind of efforts you all are taking to type/pull/gather lyrics to one place.

Good work !!!!!


Vandana said...

Hi Chinmayee!
I am a fan. Love all the songs you have sung till now. I watch Super singer & read your blog regularly and enjoy both.
What do you think about the song "Thendral Vandhu ennai thodum", it sounds more like Jayachandran but I beleive KJY has sung the song!!
Do visit my blog when you have time at
It is about what I cook at home!

Aravind said...

was here!!!