Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Right now.. what I feel is

Seething Anger. Just happened to watch the promo of Ippadikku Rose where apparently, (if I comprehend right) a pervert of a teacher thrashed up a boy just because he refused to accept his sexual advances. ( I am also given to understand that boy was beaten to death, but I would have to watch the episode to make sure)
I wish I had the super powers to remove such buggers from the face of this earth.
Also I have started developing a huge dislike for people who say anything damaging about homosexuals. Just because "straight" people are a majority in this world, no one has the right to comment the minority and especially on anyone's choices or sexuality.
If the world had only been full of homosexuals and straight people were a minority I wonder how that would feel like. Or if that is used as a method of discrimination.
This is a wish to the whole universe that perverts who mess with children must be bloody squashed.
And I wonder why it is tough for people to accept people for what they are. Why should they conform to your expectations or what you have been brought up with? So what if they are different? They have as much right to live on this earth as you and me. And there is no need for anyone to conform to your expectations or mine.
As is, most homosexuals have a battle, more so in India, with all these bloodthirsty people running after them, as if its because of them, that mankind is sullied. I think normal people sully mankind even more. In the name of honour and everything else, enough blood has been shed I would say. In addition, they have a battle raging within themselves with the feeling that they are not conforming to the expectations of society and more so to look at the disappointment that is in their parents faces.
There are but a handful who are able to come out and say their sexual preferences does not conform to expectations. And they go through hell.
And I don't have anything to say on what religion says about all this. If everything is a creation of God, then He/She has created homosexuals too. And if a certain so-and-so cannot accept that, then he/she can fly a kite.
And as for child abuse I definitely want to have the superpowers and the super sense where I know it is about to happen so that I can transport myself at the speed of light and thrash the buggers.


Krithi said...

Hi Chimayi...wonderful post!
really... ur anger against those idiots who hurt homosexuals n transgenders nd who abuse children, grope r molest women n public places shud b smashed to pieces i used to think always...even today whn i was travelling n MTC bus from anna nagar to tnagar i found an idiot he must b more than 40 yrs old he was misbehaving with a school girl...it was miserable to watch. she had to carry her school bag n had to compress herself n stand n tat lil space she had n dis fellow was goin on pestering her when i happend to notice t was goin beyond limit almost ma place had reached so i gave her ma place to sit n gt down. felt really bad for her! dunno wat to do to wid these kinda ppl nly... d incident spoil ma mood!
jus wantd to share dis incident wid u...u seem to gt angry wid these kinda ppl lik me...


Chinmayi said...

well can i say that I am angry with you too?? How is it that you stood and watched? could you not muster enough courage to thwack that bugger or at least complain??? I would have babes.. I really would have slippered him..

Krithi said...

i wasnt sure of it at d beggining the girl dint hav a reaction in her face later when i looked at him he smiled at me for no reason n thn nly d gal did react n tried to move away frm him... my place cme by then i calld her n gav her my seat to her. nd its nt tat easy to react to these kinda ppl n mtc buses these days u knw. even the elders men n women r mere spectators. all i cud do is help her.

Vasanthan said...

what i understood was that the kid committed suicide and the father had to watch it helplessly.

The ideal punishment for this people is not life sentence, life sentence or just a period of time in jail. but to get beaten up every day.

they gave constant suffering to the victim, thus he has to be tortured non- stop.

i know i sound like a sadist. i can't help it.

Vasanthan said...

sorry chinmayi, i had to use your space.

@Krithi : why didn't you do anything about the bloody pervert. you could have done everything humanly possible to beat the shit out of that perverted *.
Just imagine, if the victim was your grandmother, mother, sister or daughter? would you have kept silent and tolerated it as you did?

Sriram said...

Hypocrite = perversion

Thanks to the media finally we are all get know what the hell going on around us, but its shame we many times nullify and pretend like nothing happened.

In fact the host ROSE went through lot of tuff time from her own family, to be honest the cancer of real discrimination start from home and then its spread everywhere.

Few days ago we celebrated 61st Independence, but still the majority can’t even openly say what sex they really belong to.

In real world the society have name for out spoken’s = JOKERS.

Akila "blog" Iyer said...

I guess your anger towards such child abusers is justified but your expectation of having some superpowers to get rid of those people seems a little too impractical/immature. Its exactly what you say , its a wish. I somehow think you are caught in the same situation as that of "spidey" in the movie series Spiderman. Think about it and you would know why. Lets just assume that you somehow get this power and annihilate all evil people /child abusers before they do something , but just a evil thought dosent mean action. What if he just thought and never actually wanted to do it (abuse)? How many times have you thought bad but restrained yourself from doing evil? Not necessarily this bad deed but anything at all. Plus like the movie elegantly puts it "With great powers come great responsibilities"...you will soon be caught in a super hero syndrome.

Instead you could write a post about people standing up for themselves and being their own hero. This would work as heroes cant be everywhere. But there are many more truly sad and helpless situations of the victims and that can never go away unless people change from inside. You cant punish or change people , dont we all know that good and evil exist together.

Suresh Kumar said...


Nice post.
Being born as handicapped (even homosexuals are one kind of handicapped)is not the mistake of the person who has been like that,it is God's mistake.But we public make them to think as if they have made a unforgiveable mistake.The society makes the person to feel handicapped not the disability in the people.

Reply to Kirthi
See that kind of ugly minded people,you should have taught a lesson.Should have given a complaint or ATLEAST cud have got the support from public to thrash him down the bus instead u did it.

Harish Bharadwaj said...

@Chinmayi ,

This comment is not because of you a celebrity.For me You are every bit same as others.

"And as for child abuse I definitely want to have the superpowers and the super sense where I know it is about to happen so that I can transport myself at the speed of light and thrash the buggers"

MTC buses are the places of molestation of girls.U dont need super powers to track down these perverts.All you need to do is get a 5rs ticket and get in a bus .But would you do it? NO .Richness makes you and me to complain about everything.You would travel in a CAR with a laptop and complain in a blog.That's what everyone does and that's the problem.Again i am saying if u are really meaning , just travel in a bus and let us know of it.

Kaushik said...

Oops..Anger!!...been you blog follower for a while now and you seems to be pretty upset today …That’s why God did not give us super power (but the power to slipper…wouldn’t disagree) because any decision that we make during rage…wouldn’t be good for us or mankind so to say… There are many times that I would agree with what you say and sometime not, but has never commented just because it is no need for anyone to conform to my expectations….just seeing the exact words of thought made me write this comment..Sorry for taking up valuable space.

Mathavan said...

I am sad to know about the kid's fate. Sexual abuse on any form is condemnable.

1. Personal liberty should be ensured for all. (Liberty)
2. Stronger should never suppress the weaker. (Equality and justice for all)

The prevalent socio-political body is highly corrupt and biased. Even in judicial wing, there is corruption. Law and order system is not upto the mark.

In my opinion, we cannot take justice in our hand. The governing system has to have stricter measures to curb these problems. There have been innumerable people musing about injustice. 'Rules are not to be bent'. Though I am against boundaries and rules, I appeal for stricter rules to ensure liberty, equality and justice for all.

Had we had stricter and better systems in place for the past 60+ years, the newer generation must have been raised far better. Human is same everywhere. The society where he lives makes the difference. It is not people, but it is the system. Every this blame has to go the system makers and the system administrators.

The chaos in the system has to be brought into order. The complexity of this task is very high and may even exceed the human intellectual capacity. But no option, we have to do it for a better tomorrow.

P.S. I have never intended to offend/defend anybody's views. Had I done that my mistake, I apologize. This is just my perception.

Raji said...

Hi Chinmayi,

I can understand ur anger. Me too getting anger to see these kind of people.

I have seen lot of incidents (Particullarly in Buses). But many of us don't have courage to ask them or beat them.

If many of us start asking these stupid guys, we can avoid these situations atleast in public places.

No more comments on this. I really feel bad to see these kind of situations.

Expecting ur next writing Chinmayi....


Raji said...

Kirthi, I am angry with u... yesterday u saved her.. tomorrow who will save that girl from these kind of stupids...

If u didnt have courage to ask him atleast u could have told to someone in the bus right....

Chimayi i appreciate ur courage.

Deepa J said...

I don't know if this is the rarest of the rare coincidence that I should be reading this post of yours Chinmayi. Just when I happened to read something like this in the papers, and my nights were haunted by similar nightmares. Worse and worst things happen to girl babies in our country. I have never witnessed anything in person, or I would sure rip the culprit's throat with my bare hands. Tell me, do you have any answers or solution for this in your psychology. Not that I would like to fathom the way a pervert's mind works, but I would surely want to know how this malignant disease can be eradicated from human minds.

Vamsee said...

I sometimes equate the general attitude of our society towards homosexuals as something very similar to apartheid/racial discrimination. Once upon a time racial discrimination was common and acceptable, and we are in a situation where discrimination towards gays is quite rampant.

Our laws are not helping either, by not giving an identity to homosexual relationships, though they are plenty, even in India. The only way to root this is to develop a healthy disgust to anybody who speaks and acts demaningly about gays & transexuals. I like it that you don't shy away from talking about such topics. Keep em coming.

Also, I would be a little more gentle towards Krithika - she at least didn't turn her head away. I'm sure she'll muster enough courage next time to at least warn such creeps away.

Krishnan said...

Hmmm.. True. The Country..the World is evolving...So I'm sure someday it will happen like you want..and the world will be a better place to live. But we all may not be there to see it.

There is the other thing that worries me a lot.. the technological advancements/inventions of things that help in mass destruction. It would be so good to see a world with no weapons that can hurt/destroy.

Wish someone takes away, all those weapons lying in the world..erase the thoughts of fighting for land, fighting for wealth, fighting for power.



Sathiya said...

Very broad thinking and an excellent point made! But I would say it would take atleast 100 years in India to accept homosexuals or lesbians. Mainly because there is a bit of politics involved in each and everything. Some parties even break the small shops that sells valentines day cards and I couldn't imagine how they will react for this!

Kaushik said...

Totally agree, they deserve the worst thrashing. Here in germany where women number more, i feel uncomfortable sometimes when i´m in a place packed full of women and all eyes are on you. I really salute all our indian women who go through this hell every day of their lives.

Archu said...

yup.. I would have done the same.. I did and will do it till these craps exist in the whole world..

I never mind creating a scene or hitting such ppl whenever I can..

Anonymous said...

Have you read Arundhati Roy's God of Small things, where small things (children) are abused in life?

We need in India, laws like Saudi Arabia. Public.

- Ramesh

Brintha said...

Hey chinmayi ...i read this blog of yours, the message that your trying to send is easy to say,but when your on that spot you see someone misbehaving towards someone else, obviously anyone would want to stop it, but hard to stop it.

From that girl who have shared her story, she did try to do something. It something we cannot prevent , its an on going situations all around the world. Even down here where i live, in Toronto, Canada. ITs the same thing, but no one wants to get involved in these kinds of situations. We send messages over and over, but yet there are crazy perverts out there whom just cant get anything through their heads.

But again, we woman have to be strong in many ways, and will do our best to prevent it. And either way, these 'preverts' will get their punishments one way or the other, cause there is someone watching up there!!!


jinesh said...

wel its gr8 2 knw tht u use tis space 2 vent out ur frustrations bout the various hppngs...wel acc 2 article 377 homosexuality is a criminal offence in our country...our country is light yrs behind on these aspects..we all knw wat hppnd 2 a popular actress wen she cmmnted on pre marital sex...but good thing is tat our health minister is voicing out to legalise homosexuality......

Raghav said...

Wow Chimnayi its been like 3 months since i visited Ur blog :) I have lots of posts to read for next few days :P

Regarding homosexuals, i really dont mind em cos its their personal decision and who are we to abuse em??? But well the situation is no different in many foreign countries i think... I think Netherlands & US ?? are one of the few foreign countries to approve of Homosexual marriages... It ll be a looooooong time before we get similar laws in India...

Also i get freaked out by men who think Gay peoples are sick and lesbians are hot :/ :/ :/ Side effect of watching too much English i guess :D

As one of my friend used to say "Straight men shouldn't really be against gay men, Cos it only means there are more girls for them :D " , I guess the converse is also true :D

Teshu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ragavan said...

Kudos! I am overjoyed by your stance on discrimination against homosexuals and transgenders. If someone is being discrimiated against, it is solely because the perpetrator lacks confidence and maturity. They need to be shaken and whipped back into the real world. Get out and slipper those perpetrators. I'll stand by you.

Athreya said...

** The magic of Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V **

Hey!!! Chinmayi...!

Its about 4:28 pm in Atlanta... Nothing has ever interested me at this time. Gosh! How long does one have to wait for 32 minutes to go by? Seems to take for ever....

Today has been different.

I have been totally disconnected from the happenings in wonderful 'TamilNadu' for the past 5 years. No Vijay TV, SunTV at home here... :(

So, to kill the never ending 32 mins, I googled... and googled... and googled.

Stumbled upon this blog of yours. I remember you from Kannathil Muthamittal.

The more I read, the more I want to read.... good progress Chinmayi!!

Well why comment, I ask myself.

One, to tell you "Good Job. Keep up the good work..."

Two, "I checked out this thing called 'Airtel Super Singer 2008'. Hmmm! Mixed feedback. Welcome?"

This comment is longer than a couple of blogs.... Shut Up Athreya!!

Gosh! 15 mins to go.

Take Care dear.


Chinmayi said...

anonymous: yes I have helped them innumerable times.. which is why I blogged. And as for your question.. which soil do you come from???

Chinmayi said...

harish: BTW my mom and I met a scum at the Shell petrol station. he misbehaved with us. Its not necessary that I have to take a 5 rs ticket and get on the bus to see misbehaviour. It is probably in one of the previous posts and I also spoke about it on my radio show. That day, the entire lot of men and women watched the scene in the petrol station while mom and I slippered him. So you see, whether I use an apple laptop, or travel in a merc, its all the same. I just have the guts to thulp someone when the need arises. I have gone through it AND i complain in my blog. So hope I have answered that

Chinmayi said...

teshu: chill out buddy.. they are just not worth it.. and like you and I know, they are not Gods. :) you re who you are and be proud of it.

gils said...

!! WOW..the comments are bigger than the post :D u've chosen an intriguing topic. Not many give a damn to issues like this n turn a blind "i" wen faced with such a situation. Maybe to avoid embarrassment? Reminds me of that popat ad..where a guy has, a voice bellowing "CONDOM" as his ringtone. cute ad btw :) I am amazed at the speed with which you churn out posts and even find time to reply to them amidst doing zillion things. Share the secret of ur energy in a post :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Chinmayi Ji

I had many experiences in the bus during long travel. I slapped openly and the co pasengers supported me.
Another time, my friend was disturbed by the backseat idiot and I pricked his finger fiercely with a pin and he couldn't even shout and we had a nice sleep afterwards.
I am a lesbian but I cannot say it openly since my own family doesn't know the fact. Being a lesbian is not my mistake. My hormones or whatever it may be called, are to be cursed. I am happy that at least I have one person to stand by my side thats YOU. Thanks Chinmayi Ji.


ketki said...

nice post
and you anger is obvious and justified

krithika hariharan said...

i feel 2 bad abt ppl who cannot undestand the transgender r homosexuality concept. ths s not sumthn those ppl wishd 2 hav. its a phenomenal change (biological 4 ppl who dnt belive in god...),they r ppl wid no dirts and one of god's finest creations (4 an 'aasthik'). In places like Mumbai they r treatd better than the way they are treatd by ppl here... sorry 2 say ths if it had hurtd non-Mumbaikars.
i saw a transgender being beaten up badly on the road for asking sum fruits in a fruitshop. nw dnt ask me y dint i help her out? i was only 7 r 8 years old at tat time. i dint even know wats ths concept all about. only wen i learnt ths concept later in my life i did realise y dint i help her tat day[:(]

Viswa said...

This is really a bold blog regarding homesexuality and being judgemental in general. Way to go!
As for as wishes, well, humankind has done so much against itself and towards nature in general, that's the way world is..
Regarding child abuse, I think that is the worst any adult can do.. The sad thing is, people who claim to have superpowers have allegations against them that they have indulged in child abuse..
Anyways, you belong to endangered species variety, increasingly hard to find genuine character in this mundane materialistic world!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chinmayi..Nice to meet u in the blogosphere..
I really like the way u write...
Very true perceptions abt homesexuals n transgenders..When we are accepting so much of unwanted so-called cultural change,why not we treat these HS n TS just as humans?? That wd go a long way to help their Mind and soul to heal with the ever increasing torture they are facing!!,especially transgenders i shd say!!! Itz time v shd behave Human and accept them in to this world created By GoD for everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ji. For the past four years I am under mental agony and I am away from that, cos of the guilty feeling and confusion whether I am committing sin or right to my desire. Even now, I hesitate to approach a psychiatrist to get a solution for my problem. U know psychology and u may have answer for my problem. Will u guide me?
For years I hide this fact and now for the first time I disclosed it to u. Coz I have high regards for u. Wl u accept me as ur friend? Even now I cannot express some of my feelings here since it is an open book. My mind is full of frustration and I need a shoulder to cry. Pl accept me as a human being with flesh and heart like any other human being. Thank u Ji


Krishnan said...

A few things that can make this world a better place to live ..

1. Eliminate anger and hatred

2. Be good to people, always have a smiling face

3. Treat everyone equally

4. ALWAYS TREAT KIDS WELL AND GIVE THEM ALL LOVE YOU CAN (because that helps them become a better person when they growup.

pshychological disorders in people happen mostly because they had some problems/bad experiences in their young age..cant blame them because the cause is elsewhere.

SO if we are good..people around us will be good and it works like a chain reaction.

Noone likes to see an angry face..
we show our anger on someone..they inturn show it on someone else.

Lets stop it and make this world free from suxh things happening

ARUNN said...

treatin kids like this is not acceptable...very sickening...can be never tolerated...........

Krithi said...

@ suresh kumar...
I cud hav gt support r complaind if nobody was aware of t...evrybody thr was aware of t... when i cud watch t frm a distance the ppl standing nearby her did watch t n neva tried helping. I dnt knw hw lng he was disturbing tat gal coz i jus noticd n d last min whn i turnd back lookin for space to gt dwn whn i was nearing my stop. tat gal dint try complaining n was jus trying to move away frm him to get him some space for her to move. others were jus watching. all i cud do was save my seat for her n ask her to go sit thr

Maddy said...

Its nice to see so many comments in favour of homosexuality, as everyone (atleast here) accepted them as part of the society we are living. As long as long one respect the sentiments of others and their privacy, there is nothing wrong I guess.

Coming to abuse, abuse of any sort, child abuse, women abuse at home or workplace or anything of this sort to any individual need to be condemned. I could understand your anger in general and kritaka’s case in particular. Though many here may not agree, I think Kritika has done what was best possible for her at the given point of time. It is easier to say here but act under the situation.

Most of the people just want to be a spectator for fear of running up and down to police station, or the person who does these kind of things can be anti-social elements etc. More over in our society, elders always says, why do you get invloved in this? Why can’t you be just like any other people who were watching it?. This basic attitude needs to be changed. Assuming any one of our own family memebers/friends involved under the same situation like what you have described or kritika said, even a coward would react in a fierce manner. So we need to change the attitude among ourselves.

I guess, we need to discuss the issues with children as well in the context of safety and problem solving. If so, they need not expect the help of others to deal with this kind of situation but be prepared.

Kudos to you!! for taking tough stand on this kind of issues and express it nicely.

Krithi said...

@ raji...hav u ever travelld n d 5E mtc bus...tat s wrst evr bus route i've seen fully crowded always...i ve been molested myself n dat bus once. tat was d first time ever i travelld thru bus all alone n i cried tat nyt lik hell. d first thng i did whn i reachd home was i took bath lik i felt my skin was burning n anger r fear r mixed emotions..
lot f ppl were watching nobody helped me. I was a skool child thn i dint knw hw to react wat to do to him bt i jus stared at him n he was smiling at me in return for tat. tat fellow was a youngster bt.
so it happens to evrybody nd its nt so easy to seek help n a mtc bus many times nobody bothers to help. no use complaing. nd tat day i felt its better i dont complain coz i dint want to make t a scene thr. its nt possible for me go n threaten sum molester n a mtc bus. wat if nobody supports me watif even tat girl who was groped hesistatd too.. so i jus thot atleast let me help her gt away.

Deepak said...

I strongly oppose your stand on homosexuality,if the world had been full of homosexuals it would where is the chance of reproduction and where is life then but saying that i don't justify the cruelties against homosexuals.if they have been made that way let them be what they are .
My opinion is homosexuality is definetly against nature but not a crime, so let us treat homosexuals like normal people but i don't see a reason to glorify these induviduals

Chaitanya Cruising! said...

Chinmayi:- And I don't have anything to say on what religion says about all this. If everything is a creation of God, then He/She has created homosexuals too. And if a certain so-and-so cannot accept that, then he/she can fly a kite.

Hmmm i fail to understand why the person has to fly a kite ?

Raji said...


U made many of us to think about this.

Hats Off!!!

Kirthi, i am having lots to type. Wait..

vijay said...

We're in a country where people still choose astrology over common sense, where there are still parents who'd disown their own daughter if she were a rape victim, terming her "loose", where doing what everyone else does is normal, and any attempt beyond convention is blasphemous! Maybe over the years the number of people with dated beliefs has reduced ,but its still a huge population! What we call a conservative, culture rich society is a bunch of unquestioning followers of age old traditions,who'd scoff at anything different from what they were taught, even if it were the right thing to do practically! I have personally seen this dyslexic boy(dull-head they say) being whacked on the head with a scale! I was his classmate, so couldn't muster up the guts to do anything. Child abuse is not noticed until something drastic happens to the child, as in the case u've mentioned. Otherwise its part and parcel of a lot of childrens' lives. I want to change this country! I need help. And guidance! And an scum-annihilator rifle!

Anonymous said...

Just thrashing wouldn't be sufficient! Something stronger is necessary.

@Chaitanya - "Fly a Kite" is similar to "Take a hike". Metaphor! atleast that's what I understood it as.

hari said...

it's bad. happy that it's not so prevalent. Will be more happy if it doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your blog about sexual predators and what really needs to be done with them. But one thing I really cannot contend with is homosexuality. It has not been proven that it is a biological phenomenon. (people who get back at me, I can provide you references. I am a doctor).
Personally, I feel it is a habit which gets picked up because of our surroundings.

Vamsee said...

Dear Anonymous Doctor,

I'm not sure what you mean it has not been proven that it is a 'biological phenomenon'? It has been extensively researched and documented in animal kingdom. Please read this:


The medical terms should make more sense to you.

Aswin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ainc said...

@ Chinmayee or whoever of you are in the support of homosexuality.

Calm down. The question is not about homosexuality alone. Its about the individual responsible behavior in the society.

Are you supporting the homosexuals merely because nowadays it is a fashion to do so? If not, I have some questions for you. If yes, there is no point in discussing because it will be useless and futile. Let's assume that you're not writing in favor of them just for fashion.

I am a practicing lawyer myself. Thus I understand the meanings of words like minority, majority, discrimination, rights etc. etc. very well. Well, with a pure legal approach, if you are part of a minority group, it doesn't mean that the majority group will necessarily have to caress your beliefs and philosophies. The society as a whole has its own rules and regulations about conducts, encapsulated together and called as LAW, and for the benefit of society it is essential that you follow them.

Also, you don't need to have any superpowers, you just need to ensure that the laws are being followed. If someone is at fault, there is no need to take the law in your hands, you just need to take a legal initiative against them.

Homosexual people say it is a question of individual freedom. They are free, and hence they can do 'anything'. And while supporting this 'freedom' people conveniently tend to forget that the freedom is never an 'absolute' one. The homosexuals must have been a part of human life for generations unknown. Then why are they demanding an attention only in the 21st century? Is this not a disorder / perversity? They can very well enjoy their personal life in their bedrooms. But instead, they are wanting attention. And people think that by supporting them, they're gonna get fame.

As I said in the starting, the real question is about the individual responsible behavior in the society. If you give them free sky to fly, they will come with another demands tomorrow. Ask them to be responsible, and law abiding human beings.

It's not an issue of a 'comment'. Its an issue of a separate write up alone. As of now I will say only one thing:

As an individual you cannot do anything to it, but as a society you can stop it.


Chinmayi said...

Lawyer AINC: Its not a question of support or not. Its not about the fashion either. How in God's name do you know whether its a physical/mental disorder or they are doing it just for "fashion"?
And yes its is not necessary for the majority to "caress" a minority groups' philosophies and beliefs. But what can be done is leave the minority groups alone without roughing them up. The right to live a life of choice is something that people should have and its not the business of anything or anyone to dictate how someone should live. If there are people who think its a "fashion" then sooner or later they would realize they have made a mistake like everyone else. We make mistakes and we do come back to the right path.
And no they are not "demanding attention" right now. All that you have to do is leaf through history. Greek, Indian. anything. You'll find Homosexuals and transgenders leading a normal life even within royal premises. There was no need to "demand" attention mainly because they were accepted for what they are.
AS for demanding, I remember the same was said more or less for any struggle for Independance. Or women's liberation. Any struggle I would say. And this was more or less the same line that came in, "they will come up with other demands tomorrow". So what if they come up with other demands tomorrow?
As a society there is a lot that can be done. Just for example, someone's house is getting burgled, the neighbour doesn't care. Someone gets raped, the society watches. Someone is getting beaten up/killed in broad daylight, people/the society watches. The duty of the society, in addition to other things is to protect and be there for one another. What society is this which does not care for a fellow human being? And there is no need to answer to a derailed society.

ainc said...


Thanks for accepting the comment and replying to it.

I'm not ascertaining whether it is a physical or mental disorder with them, or if they are doing it for fashion. The law as of now is not roughing them up, it is the society which is roughing them up. The way I'm looking at it is: Accept them as they are, but without damaging the existing system.

How do you say they are not demanding attention? They are organizing rallies, meetings, conferences in almost all parts of the country. They anticipate a radical change in the laws - they want to make homosexuality legal in the country. There are some NGOs who are working for that cause (and earn a good fame too!) Do you understand what kind of complications the society will have to face if the laws are changed for their demands? The whole 'Family Law' will change. Concepts of property, belongings, possession, legitimacy, illegitimacy, transfer, inheritance, shares, and such innumerable things will change. No problem in changing all that overnight, but the society will be compelled to litigate for at least 100 generations! And these people who just see their own pleasure, don't understand this. They don't want to understand this.

Further, they have made it clear that they feel 'their way of living life is better than other ways', and they want to 'promote their culture'. Are you not aware of this? Okay. You'll say it is everyone's individual choice. But is not every individual attached to society? And if he / she is attached to the society, is it not their obligation to follow the social rules and regulations to maintain the social peace? Should you live your life for yourself alone? Should you be so selfish for your own pleasures that you will throw the society away? And that too while singing the memories of sacrifice that someone else did for you to see this day!

< quote > The right to live a life of choice is something that people should have and its not the business of anything or anyone to dictate how someone should live. < /quote >

You are forgetting one basic principle of the jurisprudence / law. The freedom / right to live a life is NEVER an absolute one in its nature. I suppose you're a citizen of India. If yes, you should be aware of what the Indian laws say on this. The constitution of India makes it very clear, in expressions, that all the fundamental rights which are granted and guaranteed by the constitution to the individual citizens of the nation, are restricted. The law enforcing authorities have the absolute and only powers to dictate how someone should live. The citizens of India by birth accept the constitution.

You say as a society there is lot that can be done. I understand your concern for the society. But you can't take the laws in your hands. May be the blood within you will boil, but if you take the law in your hands, this very society will declare you a criminal and you will have to suffer.

Yes the society is derailed. Don't make it worser if you cannot answer to such a society. Don't be so sarcastic at the society at large. Think aptly, you already know the solutions.

Hope you take this in the right sense. No personal issues with you.


Chinmayi said...

ainc: have some answers.. but would like to take this forward on Email.. do mail me .. chinmayi at gmail, if you so wish.

Vamsee said...

It is so sad to see so called 'educated' professionals of this country, like doctors and lawyers hold such misinformed and bigoted views on homosexuality. I wish they would have the guts to sign their names, so that I can never use their services. Maybe that's why they don't sign? When you mouth off in a public forum such as an internet blog, at least have the courage to stand by your opinions. Get up and be counted as somebody who is against it. I doubt it, because anonymity gives you the cover you need to talk such nonsense.

Homosexuals and trans-genders take to the streets and NGOs rightly support them because they feel they are being marginalized because of their sexual preferences. They feel it is unjustified that a society should treat them so just because they are different. I'm sure dalits also felt the same way when they are being targeted just because of their identity. Perhaps you would understand when you yourself are discriminated on some basis that you have no power over.

When a society cannot provide justice to the weakest sections of it, it lays the foundations of it's own dereliction. What is the most heart-rending is the plight of eunuchs. Our society has slighted them and marginalized them so much that they have no other option but to earn their living by embarrassing people in trains and shops.

Do you want homosexuals to be the same way too? What they are fighting for is their identity and right to be counted as individuals in this society, so they can live a life of dignity. I'm not sure how old you bigoted people here are, but your times are ending. I'm sure the new generation will respect the views of somebody like Chinmayi than people who have to hide behind their professions to be respected and given credence to their views.

And, Mr. Lawyer AINC, please be aware that the laws of the land can be changed. All it takes is a politician who is sensitive to these issues to bring change. Of course, all these demonstrations that you are so worried about, is how democracy works. They want to be counted as normal human beings and given their rights, and they have my support. And I'm sure they have the support of most of the people who read this blog.

Vamsee said...

I saw this excerpt of Martin Luther King's speech on the web somewhere, and I was reminded of this post. For all of us, it helps to remember this well:

“I say to you, this morning, that if you have never found something so dear and precious to you that you will die for it, then you aren’t fit to live.

You may be 38 years old, as I happen to be, and one day, some great opportunity stands before you and calls upon you to stand for some great principle, some great issue, some great cause. And you refuse to do it because you are afraid.

You refuse to do it because you want to live longer. You’re afraid that you will lose your job, or you are afraid that you will be criticized or that you will lose your popularity, or you’re afraid that somebody will stab or shoot or bomb your house. So you refuse to take a stand.

Well, you may go on and live until you are ninety, but you are just as dead at 38 as you would be at ninety.

And the cessation of breathing in your life is but the belated announcement of an earlier death of the spirit.

You died when you refused to stand up for right.

You died when you refused to stand up for truth.

You died when you refused to stand up for justice.”

-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
From the sermon “But, If Not” delivered at Ebenezer Baptist Church on November 5, 1967.

I'm not religious in any way, but I'm tempted to say "Amen!".

ainc said...


Thanks for taking this in the right sense, and I will take this forward further on email. Will definitely email you.


Why make this big hue and cry? My views on homosexuality are studied as far as my area of studies (law) is concerned. I don't force myself to frame my opinions based on the trends and fashions. You are mistaking me. I am not roughing up the homosexual people at all. I am just putting forth some basic questions. Try to answer at least some of them, you'll know where do you stand yourself.

And my thoughts themselves are so strong, that I don't think I need to put my name in public to be able to promote them. And above all, I am a responsible professional and a responsible citizen of India. You not willing to use my services; you are welcome. I don't mind. But I also hope you come out of such childish thoughts, and think for the betterment of society.

Changing laws is very easy. Facing the consequences of the coming changes is not easy. Remember one fact, homosexual people are not at all a weaker section of the society. They have the whole media and the celebrities with them. They are also united. Using these assets, they will change the laws, no doubt about it. But that will raise a thousand questions. Do you have any answers?

If you think utterly of your own pleasures, you will not bother about the society. Think of your pleasures, you help the society to demoralize. Think of the pleasures of the society, you being a part of it, you become happy yourself.

Put your email id on your profile. I will get back to you too. Thanks.


sen said...

AINC: Just loved your comments more than the post itself :)

Abid said...

Just when you start thinking of banning capital punishment some pervert like this will do some thing stupid like this. I think we still need the punishment. Probably for such cases. This is just a personal thought and I don give a damn about being politically correct I hate child molesters and perverts.