Saturday, August 30, 2008

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Jeyamkondaan and Dhaam Dhoom
I am the voice behind Lekha Washington and Kanagana Ranaut, respectively.
Dhaam Dhoom was a brilliant time because it was more or less the same team as Unnale Unnale and the same dubbing studio. The only thing that was discordant was the absence of Jeeva sir.
Jeyamkondaan was another beautiful experience. The director of the movie, Mr Kannan was previously the associate of Mani Ratnam sir.
Dubbing can be physically tiring a lot of times, which is why, there are more instances of my turning down opportunities. And the instances of my asking "Why me"?. There are very exceptionally talented dubbing artistes who are brilliant and which is their sole career option. Like in any artistic field, the onus has always been on finding freshness. My voice, I should say has been quite the stumble-upon, as long as dubbing is concerned. I have never thought that I had the typical girl's voice. Its common knowledge that my speaking and singing voices are poles apart.
When I walked in for Sillunu Oru Kadhal, I think I was given to understand that they wanted a "sophisticated, educated" voice. Whatever that meant. I told them that I ll try just for the heck of it, 'cos I don't have the laughter of babbling brooks or a voice that sounds, well, feminine. I am more of the tomboy in some cases. And then Unnale Unnale happened. And then Satham Podadhey.
These were the times I realized the amount labour that goes into making a movie. How easy it is to walk into a theatre, spend the bucks, buy the popcorn and the give a verdict as we walk out. Dubbing sessions were when I realized what it is to be on the other side of the screen. And to be able to work with the directors is a brilliant learning experience too. Their thought processes and how they shape a certain expression to come out in someone else's voice to convey an idea. Its beautiful to be part of the whole thing. Amidst a lot of laughter, some tears, screaming if the character demands it, pulling each others legs and several cups of tea dubbing sessions are wrapped up. Tiresomeness hits only after a while. But the studio engineers are extremely sharp and they can spot tiredness in the voice immediately. A break happens there or the remaining scenes would be postponed to another day. Usually they don't push a tired voice since the next step will be strain and then a total break until the voice recuperates. Normally sessions like these take about 3-5 days. But not the entire day in each case. A few hours in each. Guess this works best both ways. Having different people come in to speak different roles gives the needed creative break and work gets done in the same time perhaps.
Several times I have wondered about things I ought to have had. About the way somethings should have turned out. And a few people that I have come across. But then as I was driving home today after a recording session - the song was an extremely fulfilling one -I was thinking that these are times that I must remember again, to count my blessings. That I am offered opportunities again and again on varied levels to try out and figure out the things. But never waste an opportunity to learn.
I guess if I am getting these, so does everyone else. And if everyone out there can grab every opportunity that presents itself, work on it for whatever it is worth, I am sure it would be complete use of this time that we have called life.
Here is wishing, for you, who are reading this space, that you get enough and more opportunities, to grow, change, evolve, those which can shift and change perspectives and sometimes toss up your insides, so that, you know what it is like to have new eyes. Or maybe, just, a new way of seeing, watching, observing. And may you also have the grace and reckless abandon that makes you take the step forward to work on the present.
Godspeed Good People.


Krishnan said...

Chinmayi, In the end..Delivery matters. No matter how much someone struggles to make a movie, or the hardship involved, afterall the movie maker knows the target audience..and it really does not concern the viewer;how hard it takes to make a movie..

All that matters is whether it was good or not.

Chinmayi..I might like your voice/style compared to singer 'X'..I really dont need to know what kinda efforts you put to sing a song compared to the other..all that matters to me ultimately is whose voice I like ? and I like your voice n style..tats it :-)


pranavan said...

i saw dhaam dhoom yesterday and the moment i heard kanaganas's voice i realised it was u, and a job well done, i havent watched jeyamkonden yet, coz in sydney they are showin it in the cinemas
i think ur voice suits well to that character of kanagana's same with tanisha in unnale unnale
i juz found out ur blog today its kewl and realli happy to be a part of this blog and thanx for sharing ur dubbin experience a nice post

keep it rollin


Madhu said...

:)) And yeah, ur singing n speaking voices r quite apart but both r truly awesome. I loved ur dubbing style n voice for tanisha in Unnale Unnale. Ummm, no girl, ur voice is extremely feminine esp when u sing. and u still don't know that huh? hehe, kidding !! But really, u r just outstanding ok!! but i always wondered do dubbing artists actually burst out crying when they dub for such scene? cos, i think the dubbing voice is wot brings out the real emotion behind the scene n not only acting. and it is wot gives the soul to action! a real talent. phew! hard job! equally as acting!!

anyways, Good lucksssssssss to youuuuu!!!

priyadarshini said...

Gud stuff chinmayyii,
i wonder sometimes why some people don't give their full effort while doing any task or work, as u said everything is worthwhile.i got so many instances for this. even i did some mistakes like this a hectic conditions.the only thing matters here is concentration.
coming to dubbing i love the character if u give ur voice. [ofcourse i love what ever u do] i don't know why i admire u somuch. as some one said their will be no reasons for some expressions. i like ur voice, i love ur singing.....the list goes onnn.anyways, if u leave me i goo on talking [my mom usually says ''chinmayyi pathi pessarduu start panna eva nertha ve mataa''. in one word i try to be like you hahaha
hav a gud time.

Harish Bharadwaj said...

Nice Post
SOK , U gave voice for Jothika?

Maddy said...

First of all thank you so much for your wishes to every one of us. May you be blessed too to achieve whatever you are dreaming for and make a difference in your own way. You are not only a versatile singer but proving that your thought factory is also versatile. I was glued to your lines “And if everyone out there can grab every opportunity that presents itself, work on it for whatever it is worth, I am sure it would be complete use of this time that we have called life.”

You are experiencing your life so well I guess. Have a blessed life always. Thanks once again.

Aswin said...

It's been sometime since i visited ur blog.. missed the last ten posts, i shud say..

Gawd, this is one famous blog, i should say..

Chitra said...

Chinmayi, brilliant post. You have explained how dubbing works for people like us to understand. Fantastic. Wish you lot of success and happiness. Stay blessed.

PS: Going to watch Dhaam Dhoom today. Can't wait !

Prasanna Kumar said...

I read one of your posts in your Blog called “Train of thoughts”, it was impressive. I have always wondered about the capabilities of human mind to conceive and perceive things. Everyone knows that our experiences are dependent on our perceptions, some one ponders on his past (like thinking about the collage days or school days) and can relive his past with the power of his mind and can really experience his past, in the same way he or she can also think about his or her future and their perceptions gives them an experience it might be of joy or regret it doesn’t matter but they experience something, whether it be about our thoughts pertaining to past or future we experience something, then why do we call the thoughts of past and the experience that it brings along with it as real or in the sense acceptable and the experiences pertaining to our thoughts about future as fantasies when both are based on the perceptions ?

Anonymous said...

i thought u gave voice for bhavana in jayam kondan.

Vasanthan said...

i watched Dham Dhoom on friday and i came to your space to ask you if u were the voice behind kanaga renault, and you were.

i think your voice added flavour to the was really good.

Karthick said...


I have no words to type and i am wondered & stunned the way you have control on your work-life balance :-)

I am learning from you that...after reading your astute articles...It'll be great if i get a chance to meet you!!!

Aboorva said...


You clearly explained the job behind the voice dubbing. Normally most of us don't know about that(Inclding me). This film not released in delhi.So I can't make comments about that but in Sillunu Oru Kadhal your voice is perfectly matched.
GuD luck

Rathipriya said...

Hi Chinmayi,
Its really worth reading ur posts and commenting on them... Everyday, i make it a point 2 check out watz new in ur blog... Ur style is really awesome... And as Maddy said, Ur thoughts r as versatile as ur singing...
Ur works r really excellent... No doubt, u r the inspiration 4 many youngsters...
Keep blogging...Keep rocking...

Krithi said...

hi chinmayee...brilliant work again! i meant ur post...;) ha ha kidding...
havent watchd both d movies yet bt am sure u must ve done a gr8 job. so did u n unnale unnale..ur voice matchd tanisha's bubbly charac v.well..
nd offcourse evry job has its pros n cons.. n so is dubbing r singing r wateva. but most imp is hw d end-product turns out to b. ppl do respect gud work these days nd tats y even movies like subramaniapuram tat hits d theatres unheralded is critically acclaimed. hope dis continues in future too.
nd yes ur 'dubbing voice' n 'singing voice' r poles apart bt tat doesnt mean ur voice isnt feminine. u've gt a v.feminine voice dear. U must b knowing that by now!:)
nd thanx for wishing us to get enough oppurtunities to grow...
wish u d same!:)

gils said...

neenga dubbinglam vera poreengala!!! wow..everyday wen i tune into aha wud be the time u wud be signing off and the chinnamapla team pitches in..correcta nenga "have a safe journey and godspeed gud people" solrathuku login aaiduven :D it feels refreshing to start the day witha gud wish :) of all ur interviews the one u did with director Seeman from US(?) was the best :D he was very comfortable in clean tamil and you struggling each time :D was fun to hear..

gils said...

ever since i saw "Mozhi".. dubbing has been fascinating to me :) the way 2 Raj's go over the "ardous" task giving soul to pichumani's love...avvvvvvv... laafed louder than satyams Dolby :) goin by ur post..guess urs was more work n less fun :) maybe u shd try voicing out for animations...that wud give u a chance to reaaaally let ur hair down :)

Deepa J said...
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sP.B said...

உளியால் செதுக்கினால்
உருவாகும் ஓவியம்!
ஒலியை செதுக்கினால்
உருவாகும் ஒரு நல்ல பாடல்!
ஒலியை செதுக்குவது
எளிதல்ல என்று
எல்லோருக்கும் தெரியும்!
கஷ்டப்பட்டு எல்லோருக்கும்
இஷ்டப்படும் படி
இனிமையை தரும்
இந்த பாடலரசிக்கு
இனிய நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்!

வாழ்க நீ பல்லாண்டு
வளமாகட்டும் உன் குரல்!
வளரட்டும் உன் புகழ்!

அன்புச் சகோதரிக்கு
அண்ணனின் ஆசிர்வாதங்கள்!


Suresh Kumar said...

Hi chin,

Nice post.You have explained how dubbing works for people like us to understand better.
I think ur voice suits well for Kangana Ranaut.
I watched the movie "Dhaam Dhoom" dumbstruck by ur voice behind Kangana......

Brilliant effort...Keep going ....

Gud Luck...

Anonymous said...

Nice advice in the end, Chinmayi. You related your experience to it very well.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Chinmayee,

I have question.
Why do the folks in Tamil moviedom address other personalities as Rajini sir or Kamal sir? This is a colloqial form of respect I haven't heard anywhere else in the world. Addressing them as Mr. Rajini/Kanth or Mr. Kamal/Hassan is no less respect than Rajini saar or Kamal saar.

Chinmayi said...

Anonymous: because they are senior and highly respected.. Bollywood says Ji instead.. why dont you accept for what they are? Its not necessary that people have to follow things on someone's behest all the time, Honestly. this is the norm here.. the younger generation doesnt address one another as sir and madam. FYI. That said, a lot of people address them as "Mr" in public gatherings too.. Some say ayya, appa .... Different people, different styles.

Balu said...

Hi Chinmai,
U r voice for kangana ranaut is gorgeous yar. At very first dialouge of her i identified ur voice. nice, keep rocking !!!

Raji said...

Hi Chinmayi,

Fantastic post.
Nice to hear ur voice....

Thanks for sharing ur experience and for your wishes as well.

Way to Go!

All the best for ur brightful future ......

gils said...

chinamayee ammani..i the one request keep..ipdi dubber,singer,compere,translatorunu irukara velaiyelam neengalay paniteenganna..indiala unemployment eponga theerarathu :)) konjam micham vainga :D inimay one man one post mari..oruthar oru velai than seiyanumnu sattam kondu varanum :)) tensun aaidatheengo...jus kiddin

jishu said...

Hai akka,
Once again ur favorite style of awesome post.Thanks for ur wishes for everyone akka..Translator/Singer/RJ/Dancer/Buissness women.....indha peyargal neendu kondae poga yenadhu vazhthukkal.Eager to see those two movies but after my exams,(as u said ''But dont waste an oppurtunity'')I hav to prepare for that. But ''I C'ANT ''

Arvind said...

"Here is wishing, for you, who are reading this space, that you get enough and more opportunities,... change perspectives and sometimes toss up your insides, so that, you know what it is like to have new eyes... grace and reckless abandon that makes you take the step forward to work on the present."

- The best I liked about the whole Blog.

especially "new eyes" ... was creativity personified...

Godspeed you too...

anbuchezhian said...


Now you are becoming the sweet voice of our tamil heroines. When you did for Dhanisha (unnale unnale), every one become addict. God gifted you the great asset.

My wish is this: you would be a popular singer and should grab a number of national awards. why dont, you deserved to be!


Anonymous said...

Good post....
I think you are very lucky that you had the opportunity to pursue what you like and fortunately take it up as your career. I mean, many of us have to struggle just to get to the point where we can say 'Ah this is what I want in life'. ...let alone pursue and excel in it.
I know some of my friends who have voice that sounds like gentle sounds of tinsels, like bells ringing...but life circumstances did not take them to polish their talent. Wonder where they would all be if the actually took a different path in life.
By the time we identify the thing that matters the most, majority of the time is lost and then we find ourseves neck deep in other commitments that it takes a mountain climbing effort to actually pursue the thing that matters the most.
I am sure opportunities are always around us but truly how many of us can really afford to take the one that we want? At some level we are forced into things that we may "like" and not really "love"?? Only passion can bring excellence. So in that sense I think you are blessed. (I mean, you are passionate about singing and fortunately you were not forced to pursue something else). Not sure, if any of this makes any sense at all...but I thot I'd just voice out my immediate response to your post.

i,me,my music said...

chinmayi.. I adore ur writing.. I cannot just point out this or tat.. Altogether, Informative post n awesome writing.. keep rocking lady:)

Aparna said...

Hi Chinmayi, we've been watching Super Singer for the past couple of seasons. Watching the current one too and wanted to ask you about one thing. Why do you sign off every show saying Godspeed or Shabba Khair? Just curious as we felt that in a tamil show, most of the target audience might not even know what those words mean.

ramya said...

Exactly..I also felt wat aparna said.. my mil asked me once ' kadasila enna baazhaila bye solraa nu'.. Chinmayi, am sure u wud hv faced this question before.. its nice to come up with unique things do make sure it reaches the audience.. btw, ur costumes r refreshing this yr.. this yr's anchors seem to freak out..i noticed a drastic change in malayalam music shows too.. keep rocking

Aparna said...

Wow Chinmayi, You've bowled me over again, with this post.
The goodness in your heart shows, with you wishing the same fortunes bestowed upon you, on everyone else...I guess there are 3 categories of people
-those who cant grab the opportunities that they get, not because they dont want to, but for lack of freedom to do so.
-those that grab the opportunities, but dont give their best shot.
-those that grab the opportunities, put their heart into it without fear of failing.
I believe that you were very fortunate in being allowed to follow your heart at a young age and that has set you apart(some thing I keep bringing up all the time). But then its your attitude (which shows up with your singing, writing) of going forward with "grace and reckless abandon" and giving your very best that's made you successful. You deserve every success in life. good luck!