Sunday, October 19, 2008

The 18th of October

On so many counts. Yesterday was apparently the day Captain Vijaykanth had organized his political rally.
My concert for Kalaignar TV was scheduled to take place at the University Centenary Hall. Getting there in the afternoon for a sound check was a mammoth task. I tried the three possible ways to get in and every way was supposedly blocked. I almost had tears of frustration and thats when a policeman recognised me and let me through the barricades. He gave me his number so that I could call him in the evening for help.
The rally was apparently happening around Island Grounds/Marina Beach. People were trooping in from all sides. Once the sound check was over, the police advised me against going back home. But there was no way out. I had to and I did.
And the way back the venue at around 5:30 was even more harrowing. At 6:30 we were still stuck at Mount Road. Once we finally got closer to Napier's Bridge we got diverted to God knows where. We were advised to go to the Secretariat, from where we were to come to the venue with Police protection. With the crowds milling about we hardly knew where we were going and took a wrong turn heading to Island Grounds. And I broke down with the sheer fright of people thumping on our car and with no way in sight. And then finally, Mom got someone to help us out and he helped us through the entire stretch and brought us back to the road, which eventually lead to Burma Bazaar.
And from there we found our way back to the University Centenary Auditorium. The police diverted us again and by then I had no clue what to do. Then thankfully they recognised me again and I was told to drive on the wrong side to get to the audi. Suchitra was diverted all the way to Thiruvotriyur and she apparently broke down as well. Harrowing was just not the word describing the journey to the venue. When I reached there, it was 8 pm. The show had just started and the organizers were going crazy as I hadn't turned up. For whatever strange reason, the signal on our phones went dead all the way from the Island Grounds.
Once at the venue everything was super smooth and it was definitely one of the best shows that I have been a part of. Great vibes from my co - artistes. Just about realized how warm a person Suchitra is. Quite a bit to learn from her, after being through that journey she was still happy and pappy. It took me a while to recover. I was not slated to go on stage until much later so that was good.
Vijay Adiraj gave me the best ever intro though I honestly felt it was too much. Vijay Adiraj has been one of the people who has been watching me right from the time I was a beginner and he is one of the best Gentlemen that I have met. Rachna, his wife was taking care of the entire proceedings backstage and she made sure everything went according to plan. I think in some cases, nothing like a woman to be at the helm of things. Vijay ji happened to quip that ever since she took over, he has been very chilled out :) As a couple they are awesome.
A lot of times the people you work with, the vibes and the general feeling of goodwill goes into a better performance. At least for me. And this time it rocked. I met Bellie Raj and Deepa Miriam for the first time, the duo who originally sang Kangal Irandaal. I already know Bellie and have met them before but I ran into Miriam the first time. She sounded awesome live. Suchitra was a killer. Benny is most definitely one of the best male performers of today. Didn't catch Karthik performing since I took that time to prepare for my next act. But there needn't be any inkling of doubts there I guess.
Thankfully our journey back was good. We thanked the police profusely and even better, inspite of all these traffic snarls, the audi was full. I was amazed at the people who had it in them to come for a concert. I hardly expected anyone to turn up. But they did. There are several days that you feel extremely greatful to the guy above. And the 18th was definitely one of them


Arun said...

Congratulations!!! I didn't know it was your concert / you had organised it. I thought you were only a participant.
Yea, it would've been painful to've been stuck in traffic or whatsoever in such times.
It can perhaps only help one build the resilience that matters.

Ananth said...

Dear Chinmayi,
I was one of those who wanted to attend the concert. But residing in Adyar, it was nightmarish experince at 11am in the morning when I got stranded for nearly an hour. And in the evening it was much worse, even to get out of my building, leave alone travelling in the same route as zillions of vehicles were lined up for hours.
I wish the political rallies in city is banned permamnently as it doesnt help anyone except for the party to show their might.They can have it in Timbaktu or somewhere else, thereby leaving alone the public at large.
That aprt, happy to note about the success of the programme. All the best

Anonymous said...

Hey Chinmayi,

Traffic woes are not new to us but still the fact the audi was full and you guys had a rocking time goes on to show our "Chennai" spirit.

Way to go!

Viji R

Raji said...


Yeppa.... Finally u made it.... thats great :)

Nice to hear that Police Men helped u

We supposed to reach our native place in the morning 4... because of this problem we reached by 3 in the eve....

Rachna's Tamil - Jodi No 1 (We can't forget)...

Suchithra ----- Killer :)

Chinmayi ----- Ur voice in Chinnama song really awesome(that too the line "Veiyalai thottane sudu sudu sudaii" )

Krithi said...

Hi Chin,
Elated to know tat ur concert went off well. I tried for d ticks thru isai aruvi's u knw tat SMS thng bt dint gt t. But thn its ok sumtime they ll relay t on tv so I'd watch t.But then attending the concert n watching ur performance n Benny's live would have been gr8. I missd t! Hav u clickd pics. Kindly post them if yes. nd abt d traffic and 'take diversion' thng u've wriitten abt I jus remembered this comedy scene from thirumalai! I can see hw panicked u must've been at tat time. BUt t always happens in our city! Bt thn all went well 4 u finally at d concert so am happy...

Krishnan said...

Yah..samething happened to me..signal went dead..through burma bazaar..napiers bridge, cuould see people walking over the arch !! few stones on the car, finally when I thought I am so close to the audi. the road was closed and I was not as lucky as you to pass through the blocked way..had to go back to mount road(Richie St.) area, enter wallajah road was only me and the crowd at that time..whew !! But in the end, I am Happy I was there !!!

Sathiya said...

People who say that they are going to help the poor and do good deeds to the people, should first ensure that their political rally is not affecting the public. This itself proves how caring they are....

//And I broke down with the sheer fright of people thumping on our car and with no way in sight//
this is really horrible.....these people just go mad when they are in huge numbers.....I appreciate your sincerity in attending the concert.

Beena said...

Hi Chinmayi,
Wandering thro'blogs randomly,got to read urs...Gr8 to read ur posts...U r doing a great job in super singer...Got a wonderful voice too...

judearasu said...

hi chinmayii nice to hear ur backgroundvoice in Sakkarakatti.

Anonymous said...

Hi chinmayi,
u r always rocking...wats ur next album?

harish said...

yay!! first to post a comment...first of all, my hearty congratulations for all the work you did for this concert as it turned on very well,the opinion and all those stuffs...and is that opinion you put on is related with this concert in any case?? any how i was unable to turn up for the concert,but from the comm i heard it was really good...congrats akka...

Guru said...

Hi Chinmayi,

I was actually caught with the same problem.. In fact i felt a lot feverish that day and it was really tough to travel through Mount road.. I had to reach Tambaram and u can probably imagine the time it would have taken me to reach ma house :) but its all in the game and that is how life is :)


riz said...

Any photos yaar?

Priya said...


I'll admit this is the first time i'm reading your blog. I have read all most all of your 2008 posts. Must say the ease with which you write is commendable. I was curious to visit your blog thanks to my dad. He ardently listens to your show on radio. I have heard all your songs though, before my dad spoke about you. Tere Bina was my anthem for around a year.. so was kannathil muttam ittal, I rem i used to hear it everyday before my engineering exams.
The purpose of this long narrative (please excuse that) is to say how much i empathaize with you regarding the traffic situation. Being a mumbai-aite i am some what accustomed to traffic which doesnt yield for two hours at a stretch sometimes. However i was shocked yest when i landed in chennai to see the same situation here. Again its marvelous how artistes despite all the ruckus emerge and perform for the crowd. I'd perhaps just throw a fit and walk away.
So good job on your concert. Looking forward to your posts. Excuse the essay i've left.

Krishnan said...

Hey..forgot to mention this here..
the moment I came to know you are gonna sing "I miss you da" from Sakkarakatti, I was overwhelmed and THANK YOU SO

I can keep hearing you sing that "yemini yemini" forever !!

Parthasarathi said...

Hi Chinmayi,

Me too came there to see ur performance. While the fans meet, I asked u to sing 3 songs. They are: Oru theivam thantha poove, Sahana and Maiya maiya. Maiya maiya is very favorite song. I didnt expect that you will sing that song. I was very happy then. Thanks for singing the Maiya maiya song. I enjoyed throughout the song. I stood up and gave you my claps for eac songs of you. I was really happy. I was there till the program ends. Also wen you identified me, I felt very very happy.

Really a wonderful performance by you. Thank you.


Anand said...

Hi Chinmayi

In ur case, it helped that u are a 'celebrity', getting help with policemen, junta, etc recognising u and even asking u to drive on the wrong side of the road.

Imagine the plight of folks on autos, call taxis who use beach road to get to Central & Egmore - what should they do in such scenarios...Might be a good AKK topic??

vijay said...

Totally empathize with u. Got stuck at around 5 PM on the way to Kalaivanar Arangam for a corporate competition. Sick! I'm only glad i wasn't fighting for life in an ambulance that day.
And people pounding on car windows is just like in the movies illa ;-)

பிரியமுடன்... said...

Captain.......U...too! No choice i know! Try to rescue our tamilnadu people fr such this worst problems as soon as possible after became as a Chief Minister of Tamilnadu! I wish u all d best! There is a word which i dont like in English......"DIVERT"

gils said...

hmm..hope i can make one point without offending. had u not been a clebrity..definitely u wud've missd the show right? u know..for a person who was stuck in that traffic jam, "officially sponsored" by that rally, this wud've irked the most..even more than the wait. Honestly..really glad that u cud make it to the show..would have been more happy had that situation been avoided in first place. chn is already congested even without all these artificial n seasonal mess.

Lavanya said...

Hi Chinmayi
Residing outside the country is so frustrating when I cannot enjoy watching an awesome concert. You mentioned that this was for Kalaignar TV. Can I know when this is going to be aired on TV and what would be the name of the show?
Really appreciate your response.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chinmayi,
first of all Congratulations I also there came for the and my sister came in bus they stop the bus at mount road and we have to take a walk till madras university. at last we came with lot of pain finally listening to your voice relives all our pain thanks for the song " I MISS U DA" from saakkarakkatti.

by your great fan