Tuesday, October 07, 2008


When you see the rush of a wave to the shore, do you revel in the rush or ponder on the fact that it will recede?
When you see a leaf, all dried up and brown, drifting down to no particular point, to the welcoming arms of the earth, do you celebrate the life that the leaf has seen? Celebrate that it is going back to where it came from? Or brood the fact that this particular leaf will never again be back? Or experience the world the same way again?
The caress of the breeze on your face - should I revel in it or ponder about the vacuum that it leaves behind?
The warm clasp of a parent around a tiny finger - to support buttery steps - and then letting go - and then being there just around the bend to catch when the baby stumbles.
Is it the clasp or the absence of one that is felt more?
Though the universal condition is that all the rivers reach the ocean. All the journeys reach their destination. But is there peace thereafter? Seems not, apparently. Wave after wave hits the shore, perhaps seeking, perhaps searching. Perhaps learning. Or perhaps that is what it is supposed to do. To just keep playing tag with the shore. Only that the shore does not pursue the sea in return.
Instead, would it be better if the destination, the goal were to be a lake? To find your own. Be your own? And in that, find oneness with the universe. No beating on the shore. No waves of thought eroding the mind. Or does it really erode the mind or cleanse the mind? Or clutter it?
I, want to be a lake. A lake where a pebble thrown in causes a flutter, causes a ripple for but a few moments but to have it in me to be placid and calm again. Or maybe, why allow that handicap? What would it be like to feel fluid and airy at the same time...? Like maybe the notes that ensue forth from the piano? Airy and fluid. Maybe that would be it. Never knowing where the origin is. From the wood that is lovingly crafted to resonate or the fingers that cherish the keys. Or the force that make the fingers move. A ballet on the keys of a piano. A wispy, feathery, white, twirly, angelic ballet on the keys of the piano, in the dark with just a beam shining through to illuminate the masterpiece in wood that occupies space and time, which eventually keeps space and time.
From a weird beginning to something else. No end yet. But is there an end to anything? Or is this whole concept of beginning and end illusory?
Right now, in my mind's eye, I see a lake smiling at the first rays of the sun. A lake smiling at the morning breeze. A lake welcoming a leaf that settles on it. And a flower. A lake smiling at the music of the world. A lake that smiles. And its beautiful.


RP said...

Should confess did not understand some parts of it. Either I was not meant to understand or it was way over my head. But, I liked the lake concept -
'I, want to be a lake. A lake where a pebble thrown in causes a flutter, causes a ripple for but a few moments but to have it in me to be placid and calm again.'
This is fantastic. Nice one. With my recent turmoils, I wish I am a lake too.

have a great day.

Mahesh said...

May you always be the lake in your mind's eye.

Your words are like a benediction...:-)

Mad said...

Had you not become a singer, would you have become a writer?

Ganesh said...

My goodness!!!!!
I afraid whether i understood this blog completely.
It took one hour for me to completely diagnose the topic.
But I can say this is very good one!!! Just curious to know what makes you to write about :)

குப்பன்_யாஹூ said...

Kuppan_yahoo says:

Hi Chinamyi

One again a nice post from you. Very good posting about Nature.

But we are disturbing natural resources so much. we destroy all green land, paddy farms into plots, apartments.

We should stop this process.

Arun said...

Azhaga ezhudhareenga Chinmayi.
I learnt sometime ago the art of taking control of the mind at will by means of visualization - a unit of Neuro Linguistic Programming.
I feel, with your "psychologic" background which is what you academically specialised in and your quick thinking of what's important in a situation and what's not you can be a good trainer as well.

When time lets, you may choose to visit

and check out the videos.

Deepa J said...

Interesting post, but Chinmayi, a lake gathers moss, and it dries up when it gets really hot.

gils said...

avvvvvvvv...ithellaam aluguni...last week intha pakkam vanthapa oru new postum ila..athukulla 5 posta!!! enga..orkut meetkulam than poveengala..bloggers meet vacha varuveengala??

gils said...

"The moment one gives close attention to any thing, even a blade of grass; it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself."

ur post reminds of this quote by Henry Miller..

Krishnan said...

I guess the whole concept of "the beginning and the end" is illusory

Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed..can only be transformed

There is no end to anything..the atoms remain..(can attain a different atomic structure/atomic number) the electrons remain..the protons remain..the neutron remain..the nucleaus remains

they are ALWAYS there and will be ..FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER in Universe.


Sunil K Kurup said...

The pebbles on the river banks attained the state of beauty by letting it erode by the adversities of nature. Reading your posts, I realize that you are a pebble formed by God's Gift - Gifted with two talents - the ability to pen and an amazing voice. May God always be with you.

Muthuvel said...

Offtopic: Avaaram Poo from the film 'Poo' is one of the very good numbers in recent times. Would be good if you type some lines on working with the debutant composer S.S.Kumaran and the song 'Avaaram poo' in particular.

Anonymous said...

is it some poem kind of...???no..essay???..no no..is it chinmayiiis mind speech..... YA YA YA..think so ...btw...what post n y this post????

Anonymous said...

y havent u published the comments for the post 'sometimes' about photos?

Jarlin said...

Good One.....I liked the words,

"I see a lake smiling at the first rays of the sun. A lake smiling at the morning breeze. A lake welcoming a leaf that settles on it. And a flower. A lake smiling at the music of the world. A lake that smiles. And its beautiful"

which might have wonderful meaning in other way, i.e. how we should start our day in a pleasant way!!!

Ramya Varma said...

A very philosophical piece of writing.It sort of leaves a thought in one's mind and lingers even when one is finished reading it. I feel you should pursue writing too simultaneously , maybe with the pen name 'indai haza'. What say? Let me know. Take Care.

jishu said...

Hai akka,
I am not too well versed in English like u akka..really i reffered many dictionaries to see meanings for ur words but some words are not in dictionary too,i struggled a lot and finally i understod something.This matches my comment''All the journey reach thier destination.But there is a peace thereafter?seems not,apparently.perhaps seeking,perhaps searching,perhaps learning......... from u akka!

adeline said...

Reality bites....streams and more often rivers are what we end up being and in the process we have sought and found answers which adds that essence to our lives. Sometimes gentle, carressing all that you touch and at times torrents as you gather speed breaking away obstacles that lie in your path. You are what u are because you let yourself go with the flow.

Nice blog. I stumbled upon it when doing a google search on you, following a discussion over your Chinnamma performance for Airtel Super Singer. Btw, it was an awesome performance. Looking forward to you next blog.

பிரியமுடன்... said...

Due to lack of knowledge, i could not write anything as much as people left here about the Lake! But i could remember few words from a song!
ஏரிக்கரைப் பூங்காற்றே!
indeed good song what!

Aravind said...

okyo! sukama irukiringalo. enna akka sollringal! philosophy valinchu oduthu, lake mathiri.
Ungada paadukal nalla iruku. anmaila vantha chinnamma, miss u da paadukal enakku nallaaa pidikkum. Oru theivam thantha paaddila ungala marakkave elathu.
melum vetri pera manamaarntha vazhthukkal sakothari.

Krithi said...

hi chin,
awesome write up...sum sort f mind voice made u write tis eh?

All the journeys reach their destination. But is there peace thereafter?

wow! gud ques...I ask tat to myself usually. whr are we running and wat will we find thr and y shud we do it? nd wat s d use?
lots f questions!

nd u wanna be a lake! actually i dintgt tat part well. I dun undstand y u wanna b a lake

Observer_me said...

Suspended...no strings...but still suspended...just as the leaf with its newly acquired freedom dancing gleefully to its own tune...suspended but not suspended...just as the state of the soul when mirrored by soulful music...suspended but not suspended...I have felt it...felt it when i felt the love in your song...Nenjil (Kannathil Muthamital)...felt it when i felt the soul in the song Bhavra mann from hazaaron khwaisein aisi...felt it when i felt myself in those questions that you started this article with...Beautiful..just beautiful are these thoughts...Wonderful..is this feeling..airy and fluid...suspended..but not suspended...free...completely free...like the mind that perceives the waves mirroring the mind...Awesome Chinmayi...Long since i walked this path.