Monday, October 13, 2008

A request for your opinion

Do you like going to concerts? If yes/no - why?
What is it that you want / look forward to in a concert/live gig?
Do you prefer open air or closed performances?
Would you prefer to stand / sit?
What is it that matters most to you in a live performance?
- is it the sound?
- the stagecraft?
- location?

If you had the opportunity or the inkling, would you prefer going to a place like the Sydney Opera House or the YMCA grounds to listen to music?

Please do let me know



Ramya Varma said...

Hey Chinmayi,
I love concerts. I attend them because I love music. Well thinking about the way it has to be conducted, I guess it depends on the kind of concert I am going to be attending. This is my personal opinion. For example, a Ghazal night, I would prefer the typical 'Mehfil' ambience with dim lights. For a rock concert I would prefer the performer to be on a high energy level almost mingling woth the audience. If you asking this question to improve your pattern of performance..well I prefer you singing and the way u did for the super singer finale. It was fabulous!I also liked ur Delhi concert with Rahman sir. I hope I have been a good respondent to your research.

Blogeswari said...

Concerts - Yes, love to attend them

Look forward to A/C in full blast, Shruthi-da singing (no abaswaram)

Closed performance for a carnatic / tamizh film light

Open air for rock / usha uthup / Shankar ehsaan loy performance -

Sit n stand - both

The Sound and A/C matter the most

IIT open air audi or bandra reclamation / bandra fort amphi theatre in Mumbai!

Raghav said...

1. Do you like going to concerts?

Yes i do

2. What is it that you want / look forward to in a concert/live gig?

Obvoiously to see a good performance by the singer/Musician, and maybe also to catch glimpses of few celebs ;)

3. Do you prefer open air or closed performances?

Open air performances

4. Would you prefer to stand / sit?

Depends on what concert it is

5. What is it that matters most to you in a live performance?

The Sound and to some extent the stagecraft (cos i guess it adds to the grandeur of the event)

Fianlly if i had the opportunity i ll choose Sydney Opera House (only cos i ve never been there before)..

Hope that helps :)

Teshu said...

Interesting! Both youand Ramya wrote about concerts on your respective blogs roughly within 15 minutes of each other :-)

Stand up concerts, sit downs, the sound, the stage, the ambience, the grounds all that depends on what music is being performed I guess. I would hate to listen to Pink Floyd in an opera house sitting on plush chairs, just like how I would hate to listen to intrinsic musical instruments in an open air, windy atmosphere.

It's like what makes a good meal :-) The right blend of different items on the menu - the wine, the starters, the main course, the desserts, all depending on the occasion right? Then only the true taste can be savoured :-)

பிரியமுடன்... said...

உங்களுடைய தீவிர ரசிகர் ஒருவர் எழுதியிருந்தால் எப்படியிருக்கும் ஒரு கற்பனை கவிதை!

ஒலி கேட்கும்
ஒவ்வொரு இடமும்
ஒபேர கவுஸ்தான் எனக்கு!

உட்கார்ந்துகொண்டு பார்கத்தான்
உள்ளரங்கத்துக்குள் வந்தேன்
உன் கானம் கேட்டதும்

இசைக்கு இடையில்
அருமையான உன்குரல்
அசரவைக்கும் அனைவரையும்

நீ வீசும்
கச்சேரி மேடைதான்
கட்டாயம் வருவேன்
கண்டு கேட்டு ரசிக்க ரசிகனாய்!

நான் ரசிகனும்மல்ல
நல்ல கவிஞனுமல்ல!!
உங்களை சந்தோஷப்படுத்த
அர்த்தமற்ற வரிகள்
அவ்வளவுதான்! நன்றி!!

prasannaramanan said...

Hai chinmayi I'm a great fan of yours, and i love your voice,attitude,expressions and i want to be your friend and finally I also came for that funtion which held in madras university hall and i came only because of. please do not stop participating in concerts and I like your enegy through out that night. ungal isai payanam menmaelum valara vazhthukkal

By your greatest fan