Thursday, November 20, 2008

Padmasini Again!

Dear readers and commenters,

You should be aware of my post before the very beginning of Airtel Super Singer. If not please go through the same all over again.

Chinmayi is assigned the job of being an anchor and she is doing her job strictly as an anchor.

Anonymous, we are not publishing your letter but to you and the rest who are quoting I would like to clarify this much.

Ragini is NOT MY STUDENT. She was a student of Mr.Krishnamoorthy, father of Ms.Sangita Krishnamoorthy, performing and recognised as Sudha Raghunathan's student. Ragini was brought in by her mother when she was probably 11 or 12 years old; She took a few classes but she did'nt fit into the project I was experimenting and after that no contact. She has shifted many teachers after that and her last Guru was Mrs.Sulochana Pattabhiraman who passed away recently. Not only Ragini, there is not a single student of mine anywhere in the competition from the beginning.

Why and how the judges retain and eliminate candidates is NOT something Chinmayi can involve or comment upon. It is between the channel and the judges. She has to just stick to the anchoring script and guidelines. She can not be good or bad to anyone on the basis of their good singing or bad singing. She has to be uniformly caring, compassionate and encouragingly friendly with every single contestant. Your letter proves that she does it well.

Every single contestant has to go eventually except the final one super singer. That is the reality.

When this is the case why so much of criticism.... rather hatred shown towards Ragini? Competition is not the be all and end all of our lives. The growing animosity towards this girl is not necessary as one human being to another. It may affect her psycological well-being. The play back field is far away from all these feverishness. Destiny and sheer competence will decide who runs the rat race of an actual playback singer. So I suggest that lets take it easy :)


Shankar said...

Firstly, it was immensely sensible of you to come out strong and firm on you daughter's behalf.

I cannot stop wondering at the emotions displayed by the junta regarding the show and its contestants ... and yes at the end of the day , no matter what competition it is , they are just kids.

I won't say it is "just" a competition...but it is a pitting of young talents...and eventually there is going to be just one. We all have our favorites all along...and not all our favorites are going to win.

It is of immense importance not to take names and personally attack the credibility of all the people involved...judges,anchor and the contestants themselves.

As always it is the Show that is the winner...controversy or controversy!

Maha said...

Absolutely aunty and thanks for the post ! i seriously was very upset seeing her crying at the show and i'm as well very much aware of the hatred that is developing towards her from the very beginning ... i pity her the most .. Atleast after seeing this post let the negative minded people change ! God help them to ! I just wish that Ragini doesn't come across such crap comments about her anymore anywhere and and let her continue as a very good singer .. God bless her ... :)

Geetha said...

I am yet to watch the last episode of this weeks airtel super singer as I am in US and still nothing has come online.I just heard there were no eliminations.

Reading this post, I dont think so i ever thought Chinmayi is biased.

Chinmayi is as good as a nice friend to everyone in the show . Nor chinmayi can influence any decisions. If chinmay is really biased, she doesnt have to really publish any of our comments related to raginshri , be it good or bad. I guess she is fair enough.

Who ever posted that anonymous letter, leave our chinamayi..I dont think she is anyways related to anything..Its all just channel and judges , producers etc.

Chinmayi defintely eats up the show with every inch of her, but absolutely nothing related to raginishri...

Even though , i still feel something is really fishy about raginishri, NOTHING against chinmayiiii:)...

Beruf said...

Amidst the rollercoaster the world economy is going through, It's unimaginable anyone can develop a jealousy towards someone who is only trying to compete like anyone of us are in our own respective fields. Accusations hurled at such young could be harshly demoralising. After all she is in no way eating up anyone's money, you don't like her skip. That's what I do for one or two of the contestants.

Every singer has something in them that a genius can pick up. Look at Sresh Peters, Harini for ex.

That said, I feel Ragini has the most unique voice. Wasn;t Raghini the winner on the Legend SPB's show? Certainly a genius saw something in her.

She is emotionally labile which one may mistake. Ragini being emotional is akin to the Terreor trio's incessant eplosions on the show, take it all part of the entertainment.

Go Raghini, Go Ragini GO! You can be the super singer! ( Ravi is my fav btw)

SARAS said...

Mam well said. thank you

Senthil said...

Hi Chinmayi,

Firstly, let me complement you for having an excellent show. I'm very impressed by the topics you discuss everyday.

This comment is regarding your question today (Nov 21th).I tried to find out more about the administration effort to sending SMS to the District Collector. I learnt from Dinamalar ( that the SMS service was not a complaint service per se (as discussed in todays show), but a way to request documents such as Birth / Death certificates, Land records etc similar to the services provided by the Chennai corporation (

But the worst part was that I found from the official thiruvallur website that this service was launched last year (yes 2007) and they have posted the press clippings for the same on the website ( I dont know why it was relaunched it once again, but calling it first of its kind is a disgrace. Its such a shame that newspapers printed this without verification and it has crept into your show as well.

I apologize for posting on your blog, but I hope this message reaches you. Hopefully I will have a better luck to catch you on air next time.

Best wishes,

Musings of an amateur writer said...

Why don't u share your experiences with SS Kumaran for "Avaram poo" soundtrack?- an awesome melody. Definitely I noticed your enjoyment in singing that!

januM said...

derz so much goin on bout tis gal.. huh!?
but i'm on RS' side! shez cute. n does some amount of justice to the songs which she takes up too.
however, no doubts. everybody @ home r a big time fan of ravi.
here u go gal! tis s d time. prove em wrong! ATB RS :)

sandy007 said...


Very well said and just wish to say let the best man/women win and Chinmayi will surely do her rocking job sincerely. God Bless.


Biotech said...

Hi Chinmayi,
To my knowledge you are doing your work (anchoring) more efficiently. Those who want to comment just to criticize others work will do their work perfectly.
But your post regarding this issue is neccesary to tell others that eliminations in Airtel Super Singer is confined only with the judjes . There is nothing behind you and the eliminations.
I dont know how your getting new topics everyday to discuss in FM. But it is all interesting topics.
Come on!!!!!!!!! keep rocking.............

raginisri fans club(he he) said...

hi chinmayee

plz convey this to ragini

we r here for u ragini

its ur "raginis fans club"

goooo on

keep rocking

as srini said take care for ur cracks in ur voice

again keep rocking

if any body blamed u

plz tell us we will knock out that guys

what that blaming guys know about music and singing of our raginisri

we r with u, dont care for any thing else nothing but for singing

we are waiting for ur best best best performance that u can do for us

we know u can do it

bye ragini

bye chinmayee

Sundaresan said...

First time comment here. Well said Aunty. Chinmayee is doing her role fantabulously well. Just ignore these anonymous' letters. As you know, for anything and everything, there would be set of ppl to complain/suspect. Just ignore and keep going, Chinmayee! You rock!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Maa'm, you are a great person in everyway. I am not older or matured enough compared to you but I want to leave some words. Please forgive me in advance if I am going to be wrong.
Ragini's peformance was well below the mark and no one can deny that including Sriniji. And no one did. But every contestent has the same rules and regulations and all should have the same level of preference. If Ms Ragini could be given a couple of excuses, why not others? And indeed yes, that there is only one person who is going to take the winner banner, but it should not be someone who doesn't deserve to be.
Yes, people do make mistakes and they can be forgiven. Once not bad. But continous forgivness will make them less motivated.
Also, as you mentioned, there should be eliminations to correctly pick out the best among a group but the filtering process should not be faulty or in favours. That will also bring psychological effects to those who were eliminated because of some minor mistake whereas contestents like Ms Ragini was given more than one chance to continue. The teers can't be taken into account all the time.
I am aware fo the fact that the honourable Judges are chosen to be seated there because they have been given the rights of chooding and eliminating. But only based on the skills and performance and not on any personal likes and dislikes.

Again, I am very sorry if I was too harsh. And I am sorry if I have taken too much of advantage to write this in your daughter's personal blog.

I wish all the contestents best of luck and the Airtel SuperSinger team for more successes beyond controversies.

Many thanks

Shri Mirtha

vijay said...

It's indeed pathetic how the public right royally forms opinions at the drop of a hat, not knowing there's much that goes on beyond what's shown on screen. Nice of you to come out with this post aunty.
Elsewhere there are people wasting words reviling contestants. I would only suggest they do it with their original identities and not anonymously, if at all there needs to be an opinion stated.
R Vijaynarain

Find Me My... k said...

wow ! that sounds very strong ! " Its all in the game "
well, i have a different "do not like" part, but that is in between the program. BREAKS.
well, if you could.. suggest channel on behalf of me to have continuous program for half an hour and then have half an hour of those wonderful ads, it would be nice. wat say viewers ? :)

a lot of +ve energy. Good luck.

Chinmayi Sripada said...

To anonymous not published here: Of course I am open to it. Though its strange that those who do want to comment sometimes dont have the guts to come out the veil of anonymity. But as they say, to each his own. I dont think anyone has the right to judge people on how they should be, or what is appalling. Its apparently his personal view. Which this person is welcome to. The said emotional state does not concern them, the description of which is weird, because I think its not going to affect them in their daily lives. So is necessary to "put a finger on it:? Good that this person did not choose psychology to major in. Not sure how well they would have done.
Small correction. nendhukitten was sung By Karthi and Chitra Iyer. Also what is described as fuzzy is actually a technical term. FYI.
And hope you can take criticism. Becos most people who give them, don't like to be on the receiving end.. :)

bash said...

Well…its always impossible…to satisfy – everybody / every time / everything…

But considering critics wil help us to improve further….thats life …

My humble suggestion to consider (the TV channel people)….

First try to avoid telecasting the emotions, crying of participants…. As it would pass the negative message among contestants…. Like - Just to feel ashamed in the assembly…. Or this is the way they hav to react after eliminated or to escape from the under performance of them….

They should be brave enough to face challenges & eliminations... their act on elimination should be projected in that way… after all its just one competition & not the end of life…

Participation is more important than winning….

And above all …Competition / Prize money / Judges / Anchor / Participants / Performances / Parents / Well wishers / Audience ….

Only Music is the Winner…..All of us should realize & accept this truth …

குப்பன்_யாஹூ said...

Hi Chinmayi

Thanks for your post, nicely drafted. We all know that you as an achor doing yr job failry well.

But as a TV viewer, I watch this programme only for Raaginisri. There is no shame or shy or ego, to me to say this.

As an IIM A alumini & CA, I am proud to say that I am a fan of Raginisri.

I whole heartedy endorse Raahinisri's fan views.

All the very best for Raahinisri.

By the way , any news about Airtel 2006 wiiner, that mallu guy (won Maruthi800..)/ In fact in that final that lady sung well, kundu maangaai toppukule...

Did he sing in film at last or no, Likewise no news about singer Jeyadev(nenjaankoottil neeyee nirkiraai..)

Explorer said...

Very glad to see your post.Tangential to your post, I'd like to share with you that there are people like me who are really missing your blog very much ! Well, I became aware of your blog after you stopped posting, so I couldn't participate on your posts. But I got doubts on topics. I'd commented on a couple of your posts but probably you'd stopped checking comments.I'd emailed you but it bounced back. Well,I humbly request you to continue your blog. There's atleast one Arjuna,waiting to hear more from you ! You may be hard-pressed for time, so its just a humble request :)

Best Regds,

arun said...

Guess I missed a lot in the last few weeks. But, what Padmasani mam has said is thoroughly accepted. It is very clear that Words, Emotions and Physiology have a lot of power. What our Words / Emotions can do to others is one. What those can do to us is another. Therefore, for one reason or the other, if one can practice being positive in all circumstances and less critical in the way we usually do, it actually does good to one's composition. This is just a thought and I'm gonna choose to practice it.

Parthasarathi said...

Absolutely aunty. Most of the people thinks that chinmayi is the part of the judgement. No one understands that she is doing her good work as an anchor. First of all let us make them clear about Chinmayi's role in Airtel Super Singer. After reading your blog, many people will change their way.

God bless Chinmayi. We are here to encourage you.

GR said...

What ever the reasons provided in favour of Raginisri - the fact is she is doesn't deserve to be there in the show. She has never been good in her performances starting from the round which involved Sriram and Malgudi Suba and she is being unfairly favoured and it's gone much beyond acceptable levels. When a bad performance is ranked above a good performance and that good performer gets eliminated - then what would be the psychological impact of the eliminated contestants. People who are concern about the psychological effects of Ragini should also think of others. I agree it is unfair to get personal with Ragini for the mistakes made by the judges (read: Srinivas) but it is normal for the viewers to wonder why it is happening only with Raagini. And I am sure this kind of favoured decisions, would also lead to negative effects on people who are still in the contest and eventually de motivate them thereby affecting the program quality badly.

Anonymous said...

i wont say that i watch super singer shows but it was a great fun watching contestants performing last week...(sing along and dance to it)
i dont think why we people are so obsessed with western culture.
The contestants had much breathing trouble to sing and dance.
''sing along and dance''thing only can suit western type will obviously know it when you see ''american idol'' show.
Ayyagho enna kodumaida samy!!

Geetha said...

I just saw the show...Dunno what is going on at all in airtel super singer and Raagini..I dint know that a perosn with soooooooo much cracks on everyday could get comments like " voice is strained, next time, next time......." everyday... Too many chances.. Am really losing the interest to watch the show. Still nothing against Chinamayii..

Chinmayi, I enjoyed the conv between you and arvindh..sooperaa irundhuthu...sooper natural...infact even between you and rohit's freinds was sooper ...very natural...

i guess, all this would be your own impromptu right??i dont think, so if these wil be taught right??

Anonymous said...

i saw 2 new hosts for the kuthu round in the promo for next week

did u opt out becos of this

pls do come back to the show
the show wont be the same with out u

Padmasani said...

Padmasini replies:
GR and people with similar impressions: We all..... including myself have our observations and reservations. The positive and negative responses go by a majority of viewers and observations of knowledgeable and experienced persons. But still none of us are authorised to eliminate or allow the contestants to stay. It is the role of the judges. Believe me it is a job which brings brick bats and not bouquets.

I am not saying it is wrong to make your observations on the music of the girl. To start a hatred campaign is taking it on a personal level, which I feel is not fair. We have no right to hurt anyone on a personal level. Any fight should be on issues and not on persons. Well at least for now this controversy will get a lot more viewers with a critical eye on this girl's singing and the show as a whole:)

Explorer: I did receive your mails and comments. Basically I was tired of people who would'nt even put a name (However fictitious it may be) for signing up but asking for all informations from my research of several decades.

Very soon I shall reactivate a forum called SAMVAAD which will have authorised members and you shall be entitled for all the information and knowledge that I can possibly share.

Teshu said...

No comments to make on this controversy per se since I don't watch it. But am surely looking forward to the SAMVAAD forum :-)

Am not a Donkey said...

I go with you. We must not hurt that girl. I myself am a fan of Ragini Sri.

But I've one doubt. Is your name Padmasani or Padmasini??!! ;-)

JJ said...

This is Jonathan nowadays people are sticking into TV especially the program in Vijay TV "Airtel Super singer" even the couple of seasons gone the magic and eccentric is still on and on. The reason is the same group of singers legends are running the show.

Especially regards to Chinmayi she is doing excellent job, in that age having criticisms, giving perfect replies to the comments, was not possible. Even politicians can't give the replies like this.

However, was anchoring the show, why I am upset is because of critics against her. She was young, talented and dynamic but she too got feelings on contestants.

If anybody eliminated for the people's sake it was not her problem, she may opt out the feelings. But, she realises every child must be in Sub-lime form. That is true, with heartly saying she is super-human by controlling her feelings.

Hatsoff to being a good human-being.



Jonathan Justus S

Anonymous said...


I know how much it hurts if people tend to criticize at a personal level after doing all the sincere , hard work.

Take the case of Indian Cricket, Dhoni is an inspiration for all youngsters today and undoubtedly the most admired cricketer of today's India because he has played a key role in placing our country on top few rankings, and no one doubts in another one year, he will succeed in putting us at the top of the list.

While 90% of the nation stands for him there are 10% of people who will always want to criticize him for some reasons.

If Dhoni is for India Cricket, Chinmayee, you are for Super Singer!! Yes, You are a Super star of Super Singer!

So don't get worried by 10% of negative critics. Don't take these too deeply into your heart ,instead You should pass these comments, and focus on continuing the excellent work that you have been doing in Super Singer.

And lastly, Your Mom did the right thing by answering to those Critics


Anonymous said...

Hi Chinmayee,

Boring to watch Airtel Super Singer without you.


Vidya said...

Dear Chimayi,

We couldn't see you in Airtel Super Singer Kuthu Round? Is that you dropped on your own becos of these comments. Please come back, we miss you already.

Vidya Gopinath

Sundaresan said...

hello, we didnt see u for yday's supersinger? Is that because your November Fest schedule/prepareation conflict or something else? COME BACK!!!

Rajesh Krishnamohan said...

Hi Chinmayi,

It might just be me, but you are far talented and experienced than few of the judges themselves. When are you going to start judging people??

Love it when you sing the "Maiyaa Maiyaa" song from Guru..

Since I am in USA, we see vijay tv programs slightly behind the India schedule, but thoroughly enjoy it. Please do sing sometime in the show.

My wife is also a great fan!!

Keep up the good work

Senthil said...

Hi Chinmayi,

Once again sorry for posting on your blog reg your Radio show. I wish there was a better way to contact you (email?). A couple of days ago you had talked about a Tata Sumo falling into a pit near the Kathipara Cloverleaf. Anyways, I was very heartened to see that the Chennai Police have barricaded all sides of pit after it was reported in the newspaper and on your show. Here is the article.

Take heart that you were responsible for a visible change in chennai and keep continuing your good work.

Best wishes


Ganesh said...

Hi Chinmayee...

all of the above apart... The show looks so empty without you as the host. simply not upto it!!

I used to watch it more because of your presence as it added colours to the show.

Where are u? wt hapnd?

Raji said...

Raginishri might be a good singer but all those comments against Raginishri's singing was actually the honest opinion of those people and I too fall on their side. When people accept favoritism, they should also accept criticism as well. IMHO, It's basically not against Raginishri but the judgement given to her singing in those particular episodes. If it's a rule, it's for everyone. If she is aware of all these criticisms, I hope she takes it as a challenge and come back with flying colors.

Karthikeyan Mohan said...

First of all i need to thank Chinmayee and Vijay TV.

Regarding the hatred and negative comments towards raghinishri it does not only show in this forum but lot in the net who follow the show.

I am following this show regularly from US and it has developed keen interest for music loving people like me and others who live far away from home,but having said that recently the show tends to drag on rather than nailing to the point ...may be it is channels decision to drag on without eliminations but when people have so much faith in the judges and the show it should reflect in the show, that is what frustrating when u see this as a competiion then there should be harsh decisions....

Hope judges understand and deliver judgement based on good singing.

anbuchezhian said...

Hi Chinmayee,

Airtel supersinger became void without your presence.

What is really happening?

Did you withdraw?

This week show was very poor. Are they going to select supersinger or to just stretch because of your absence?

xero said...

I dont understand padmasini amma how these anonymous jobless fellows could search and connect raganishri with chinmayi, i am very much astonished to c those people . I think the entire decision depends on the judges and take for instance even if chinmayi's frd or relation had participate in this show , i don't think so she had to do anything with that. Anonymous u should know that these people r chosen among thousands of people who had participated in Airtel super singer. all r talented and its up to the judges to choose whether someone is IN r Out. i think from our point of view we feel its biased but in their position they might think she s talented as she had performed some good performance in the past and even in the duet round with ravi they were unbeaten and please dont tel that its only bcos of ravi they were unbeaten, the judges commented that this is what they expect from the competitors, so the judges might have felt that she might do better as she had proved in her previous performance.

So its wrong to hurt and connect this matter with chinmayi.


தங்ஸ் said...

We missed you in this week airtel super singer..You are doing great in tat show..Keep rocking!

Thangs & Hema

Anonymous said...

I also agree with Raji. I agree that we shouldn't demotivate the contestants with bitter criticisms, but so far our feedback about Ragini Sri has been honest and valid. Contestants won't improve if they only receive compliments, so it's the public's duty to point out the contestants' flaws or weakspots in singing so that they can improve.

If so many of us have negative feedback for Ragini Sri, then isn't there some validity for our reasoning? Even laymen can understand when someone goes off sruthi, off thalam, etc, so I think that we should continue giving our constructive criticisms about Ragini Sri, because that carries much more value than praise.

needhidevan said...

hai chinmayyee,
great show in airtel super singer...
lot of people think that u are also one of the judges

I know u have crossed so many hurdles to come to this stage and spent several years in singing.
really u r a gr8 inspiration to the contestants and u r the role model of course to them....
Great show keep it up
Regarding ragini sri, she has already proved in jaya tv she is undubtedly great singer but of course she is facing some problems in singing nowadays.. but by seeing her past track record and future potential... she can very well travel in the competition...

Prasanna said...

Hai chinmayee,
I am new to this forum.,
Just now googling and i got this blog today... so happy.

Great show in super singer great going

BP said...

Googled and came to this blog to figure out why Chinmayi is not in the KUTHU ROUND of SS08. But no news??!! Watching from overseas and promos for the round are on with a new pair of anchors (Watching them make a mockery of sorts in ISAI KUDUMBAM my heart bleeds for SSO8 and I know I am not alone!)I hope Chinmayi's absence is temporary. Of course one might say she is not indispensable but the fact remains she is an integral core and soul of the program. Anxiety about her absence is a typical human reaction. What happens when you watch a good program on TV which makes you happy and sub-consciously you become closer to the people and the program. Hope and pray this tamasha is not what it seems. Chinmayi - you are a natural at what you are doing. The program needs you. We, the viewers, truly wish the same too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chinmayi,

Please come back to SS 08. i dint like to watch SS without ur presence. Despite of all happenings, pls make ur presence in SS again.

anbuchezhian said...

A million euro question would be answered today?

Yes. That is "Return of the Dragon"!,

Yep. You are!

anbuchezhian said...

Yes. The Dragon returned!

Wishing you Godspeed, Chinmayi!!

karthick said...

hi iam kartikeyan

i do agree with u , its disheartening that all the comments rose against raagini had affected her performance .let us encourage her , atlast as chinmayi said all should be eliminated expect the title winner .

anbuchezhian said...

Yes. Karthik, I agree with you.

Aftereffect is still there. We expect our Dragon should be like 'a bolt from the blue'!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty,
You are too good and Chinmayi is humble.Ragini has crack in her voice thats the fact. Rohit is much better today.Aruna ofcourse not good.Can we give another chance for Rohit?Nobody hates her but she is criticised as she is in Airtel Super Singer.Her attitude...we can't digest.But you are there to speak for her. We too are human being.We are there to support the deserved one.There is no personal hatred towards Ragini.God should be by the side of Ravi and Renu too.May be she would have won a title,now many are with lots of talent.I am one of the well wisher of Vijay TV.I love this show. But hate to see when there is partiality.paavam other contetants.We still love Chinmayi her extraordinary talent.Take care.

Jagan said...

People who support Ragini - Here is what you need to think through.

The hatred towards Ragini is a misconception. The injustice done to other participants is making people to transfer it as hatred towards her. If she deserves a second chance, everyone eliminated has a second chance. The primary reason given by judges is that the eliminated contestants did not perform on that day. That should hold good for Ragini without comprimise.

she messed it big time in the entertaintment round. I mean "BIG TIME".

Anonymous said...

would like 2 ask a humble question..
after watchin Deepshika gettin eliminated..
do u ppl really think Ragini deserved a second chance????????


sandy said...

It was only today that i read all the comments about ragini on vijay website.NOW I CAN UNDERSTAND WHY THAT GIRL IS STRESSED ALL THE TIME WHILE SINGING.definitely if she has read even 10% of those comments she'd be upset.ppl shud cool off on her.ppl shud stop complainin abt the partiality towards her in choosing her for the next round.THEY MUST FIRST ASK THEMSELVES Y THEY R SO PARTIAL IN CRITICISING ONLY THIS ONE can e girl sing well when she knows in her mind that there r ppl out there wanting to throw tomatoes at her.

sandy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anbuchezhian said...


It was really sad when Raginisri started to sing your brillant song "mayya mayya". We witnessed your emotion (pain) when she could not make it upto the mark.

Do you really think "Is it justifiable to eliminate Deepshikha on the basis of tie-breaker"? Is it a football game? I understand that this program is bringing out the talent of singers, not to pressurize them to break themselves. Judges should understand this.

I watched you in Amrita Tv's supersinger junior2 as a celebrity judge. You might have experienced the quality of your co-judges (Jeyachandran and Vijay Jesudoss). You deserved to be a judge. We have confidence in you that you will not make partial and biased decisions. Please become a judge in Airtel supersinger. It needs you. It is the need of the hour. I believe that your fans all over the world are eagerly expecting the greatest moment.

superman said...

Hello friends., chinmayee is having no role apart from anchoring in the show...
I also feel that if channel decides it can eliminate or retain any contestant and nobody is having the right to talk about this and what chinmayee can do if ragini is not eliminated...
Chinmayee or padmasini mam u need not respond to all these things...

Rajiv said...

Sanj: no one usually does deserve a 2nd chance ever in SS. this seems a new "tradition" i think. It won't it hasn't made a pinch move after all those controversies. so i think its completely a waste of time for us to worry/get angry about it. afterall its a reality show but still the public can just be the viewers :) lets stay healthy!! and let them do whatever they want. :)

Srinath and Aarthi said...

My wife and I faithfully watch this show everyday. It is such fun viewing. I really want to thank you (and the producers) for making this so much fun to watch.
Each round has new innovations. At the time of writing this, two days of the piano round are over, and the results are awaited tomorrow. Aruna, Rohit and Arvind are in the DANGER ZONE ! The show is so interesting to watch and musically, very elevating. Chinmayi is a fabulous anchor.

On this Raginisri controversy, I think that each of the contestants still in the fray are absolutely fantastic.Of course, everyone is entitled to opinions, and only one person will be the SUPER SINGER. But I think each of the contestants has their strengths and so does Raginisri.

One very nice thing about both Raginisri and Santhosh is that they really enjoy their competitors' performances. This shows a lot of character.

Therefore, I just want to sum up by saying that even if a few people are harsh on Raginisri, we should remember that every contestant would have similar "Hate Clubs", as they have Fan Clubs !

I'll be watching every minute of the show, right until the end !!

Chandramouli S said...

Hi Chinmayi! It's funny how people start criticizing others when they come to public and become famous and sometimes it gets pathetic. In fact I am a great fan of Ragini (my personal view) right from when she sang 'Thesulaavudhe' in another Singing Contest. Ragini, if you're reading this, know that you have a fan here.

csco said...

Based on the decisions so far on the show it does make one feel that there seems to be partiality towards Ragini. I don't think it is hatred, atleast not from us (me & my wife). It is kind of sad to see good talents like Deepshika and Madhumitha getting eliminated but Ragini continues to advance to next rounds even when her performance wasn't upto to the mark compared to those getting eliminated.