Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Trusted companion for a week

That's how long my Sennheiser In-Ear monitors, one of my dearest possessions, (yeah it has been around for just about a week or so) could stay with me
Sometimes you wonder if its destiny. For, for no fault of yours, and carelessness on someone else's part you lose a possession that's dear to you and hard earned money goes down the drain. Every penny that everyone earns is hard earned these days. People slog it, sweat it out to have the life that they would like, that they have always dreamed of. My Sony Ericsson P900 is the first PDA that I got, its probably 7 years since I bought it, and believe me, it definitely looks like it can get into a museum of ancient art, (or add technology there), I still use it. Cos my first PDA is special. Actually everything that we go out and buy is special cos our purchases are done for a purpose.
And it is tough for most of us to come to terms with our possession getting lost.
I have lost a lot of things in the course of time. Phones, Jewelery sometimes, make-up is a very common thing that is flicked but you get used to it after a point because no matter how well you take care of it, things get misplaced, lost or stolen. Most of this happens on shows and events. Just for our sake, we tell ourselves that we misplaced it. Because to even ponder on the thought that someone could have stolen is unnecessary mind sprain.
Yes I have felt down and out when things have gone missing. Who doesn't, unless of course there was not much importance or if they are a saint.
But somehow nothing seems to have hurt so far as much as losing my monitors for now. Maybe I was grateful for the kindness shown at Pro Music, for the amount of money that has gone to pay the bill and the instant attachment I felt with it after it gave me a sound in my ears, the way I have always wanted. Looked forward to better performances on my side. Yeah of course I can get another one, but my feet will definitely drag now to make another purchase.
And at this point in time, apart from all the joy in the world, this is wishing for you, the reader, that may you never undergo what I am going through. This is wishing for you that you value and cherish whatever you may have now and may it be with you for as long as you wish it to be. And may you never have the misfortune of losing anything that you hold so dear to your heart.


Raymond said...

Of course we feel bad when our special something is lost but that doesn't bring our world to the end.Moving on with life is decision and time is the best medicine for every sorrows in ourselves.

Deepa J said...

I know how you feel. I remember how excited you were when you got them and how it helped you hear your own voice onstage.
Don't worry. Be more careful with your belongings.

விஜய் said...

Hi CHinmayi,
Sorry for posting an out of context comment. :-)

What happened to your compering in Airtel Super Singer. I am really disasppointed to see that it is not you, who is doing the compering.

Are you OK?Are we going to miss you for all the future Airtel Super Singer Series?


bash said...

Think, u knew it very well... any loss is only for a GAIN....
u r the luckiest to get new,new things always.....
God wil always bless u for this spl gift,Chinmayi....

பிரியமுடன்... said...

வரும்போது ஒன்னும் கொண்டுவரல, போகும்போது எதையும் கொண்டுபோகபோவதில்லை....இதை நான் சொல்லவில்லை! "முத்து"வில் தலைவர் சொன்னது!!

கவனமாக இருந்தால்
கடைசிவரைக்கும் இருக்கும்!
கவனம் குறைந்தால்
கானாமல்தான் போகும்!
எதையுமே பாதுகாக்கவேண்டும்
என்ற எண்ணம்
எவரிடம் இருக்கோ அவருக்கு
என்றுமே இழப்பு இருக்காது
இறைவன் நினைதாலேஒழிய!
எங்களுக்கு அறிவுரை சொன்ன உங்களுக்கு அறிவுரை கூறுவது
நாகரீகமல்ல...எல்லோரும் கவனமாக இருக்க வேண்டும் என்பது மட்டும் என்னுடைய வேண்டுகோள்!!

MADHAV said...

I can relate to what you are going through. Hard earned money will never go down the drain is something I believe. So probably this "loss" saved you from some other bigger loss that might have come your way. Like they say "Thalaikku vandhadhu thalapa oda ponaa maadhiri"
Who knows??!!

Take care

Arunan said...

Hi Chinmayi,

Sorry for d out of context comment!
Ur Voice for Sameera Reddy was great!
(esp d scene where Sameera says wat hav u done to me Surya?)
Wish to hear ur voice more!

Shankar said...

The important thing is you have to make up your mind once and for all...that you WON'T lose anything from now on.

Bring in a system, something simple and quick so that you keep tab on your belongings wherever you are.
And this might sound outright silly...but try telling your belongings not to get sure does work. Before I get appended to your list of weirdos ...remember: Whatever you are prepared for ...never happens!

~*Madhu*~ said...

Cheer up Chinmayee!
It really does feel awful. I recently lost a pair of earings, which was really special to me. My grandmother had given it to me, now she is no more. It hurts more when you know somebody might have taken it and that they don't know the value of the possession. To them it might be just a pretty pair of earings, but to me it was my grandmothers last gift.
I too wish that nobody ever goes through the pain of losing something so special.

குப்பன்_யாஹூ said...

Hi Chinmayi

As expected Raginisri realy rocked in KUTHU round, Vachukka vachukkava song.

Maalgudi subha was so happy and lietrally she carried Raaginisri in her iduppu.

Yugendran & malini yegen were also rocked.

What about srini & you.

Next round will u be there?.


Chinmayi Sripada said...

Raymond : true
Deepa, Priyamudan, Shankar: The thing is the in ear monitor as an assembly (receiver and a transmitter) needs to be handed to the sound people so that they can set it up, and then give us the receiver. Its supposed to be handed over to them. And becomes their responsibility :)
Vijay: no one is indispensable :)
bash: kind of you bash.. thanks
madhav: true :)
Arunan: thanks
madhu: thanks
Kuppan: :)

arun said...

I guess you are already coming out of it. But being out in a jiffy is what that matters. To share/recollect a common thought we all know and have realised at times but fail to exercise, to be happy or not is more of a choice. It's like pressing a button and you are happy. For a person of your business and multi facet, feeling down might just not let you add the quality that you would easily usually do to your work. Cybernetics! I leave this here coz, I guess you would've already come across all of it being a student of psychology.
Anyway, as you did, I too wish that none ever gets into that situation of losing their most valued. By destiny if they had to, may they gather all resources to come out of the loss in a clock tick. All the best.
Cheers :)

Madhu said...

I can imagine hw it feels when u lose something that is incredibly special to you. Not only things but also people. It hurts! and the feeling of finding something that you lost long ago and never thought of getting it awesome! wish you get back those that you desperately loved!

by the way, whats the meaning of thathaastu chinmayi? tried google but decided to ask u directly. hope this qs won't get ignored ;) thanks.

Anonymous said...

how about you losing your dear one's life's credentials, not just one, all of them. :)

I did :)

Krishnan KR said...

Chinamyi..can you tell the model no. of the Sennheiser ?? Want to see the specifications

Subbu said...

Hi Chinmayi,

I am regular reader of your blogs. This is my first comment i am writing here. Though it is out of context of this blog i really wanted to ask you whether you will be continuing in Airtel Super Singer. One of the main reason i see Airtel Super singer is the liveliness you bring to the show ( I see the show without missing daily at 12.00 in the night since it gets uploaded only by that time ). Hope you are back next week for anchoring the show. Till then shaba khair and subbu wishing you god speed.

Chinmayi Sripada said...

Krishnan: the Sennheiser 300 series.
Varadu and Sridhar: Well there are people who make news, and people who make up the 'news'. And these kids are apparently wannabe-newsmakers, wherein they make up the entire portion of it.. Good to know some people still give wings to their imagination :)

Madhu said...

meaning of thathaastu? :s, if u didn't notice, if in case :) pls :)

Chinmayi Sripada said...

madhu:just means "so be it"

Usha Sudharsan said...

I regularly watch Airtel super singer and with this post of yours I am afraid that we wont be able to see you again anchoring the show. Very disappointed !!!! I used to blog when ur dressing was bad in the show but cant imagine the show without u.
Wishing you all the best in whatever you do.

Chozha said...

Go for this piece of music Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

PS: Please get back to Airtel Super Singer :-(

Madhu said...

oh yeah i did come across that while searching. but thought it was a tag line of a magazine or something. thanks a lot chinmayi :)

Maddy said...

You are such a kind hearted soul.Thats what I could say when I read those last paragraph. Take good care of yourself and your belongings!!

prabha said...

hi chinmayi all ur fan's are real going to miss you in the kuthu round{airtel super singer}.i am going to miss you a lot.

Softy said...

Hi Chinmayee,

Will u be there from next round onwards? Kindly let us know please.

Hari said...

Hi Chinmayee,

I think we will not be seing un in the Airtel Super SInger anymore is bit disappointing. I never realised how well u hosted this show until I saw your replacements struggling to match your charisma, energy levels and presence of mind. This msic show is different from othrs since its hosted by a singer, youngster. Hope u post it.

Ananth said...

Hi Chinmayi,
I am always a firm believer that, "everything happens for the good". May be something better is in store for you which made you lose this. I am sure it is easy to advise, but difficult when the sufferer is the advisor. Nevertheless, take care is what I can say.
While earthly possessions are dear to your heart, there are something more dearer.
I am always reminded of these four lines which I read in my boss' glass table top (when his mom passed away). It said,


I am sure you will agree that losing the love and affection of your kith and kin is what one needs to be more worried while also taking care of one's possessions.
Take care and all good will happen.
P.S. Felt like writing these and upto you to post it or keep it for your eyes only.

பிரியமுடன்... said...

இனி பிரபலமான ஓட்டல்களில் தங்கும்போது பாதுகாப்பாக இருக்கவும்!! இந்தியாவில் இதுபோன்ற கொடுமை இனியொருமுறை நடக்ககூடாது என்று நாம் அனைவரும் ஆண்டவனை பிராத்திப்போம்!

bash said...

'பூ' மாபெரும் வெற்றி மாலையாக மனமார்ந்த வாழ்த்துக்கள்.....பிரார்த்தனைகள்....

'செந்தூரபூவே'....க்கு பிறகு வந்துள்ள தமிழ் திரையுலகின் மாபெரும் பாடல் 'ஆவாரம்பூ'.... உயிர் தந்தது நிச்சயம் சின்மயி தான்......

உங்கள் குரல்,சங்கீதம்,பாவனை,உணர்வுகள்.....கண்ணீருடன் கையெடுத்து கும்பிட தோணுகிறது.......

வாழ்க உங்கள் இசைப்பணி..... வளரட்டும் மென்மேலும் இமயம் போல்....

Find Me My... k said...

எதை நீ கொண்டு வந்தாய், அதை இழப்பதற்கு?
எதை நீ எடுத்துக் கொண்டாயோ, அது இங்கிருந்தே எடுக்கப்பட்டது.
எதை கொடுத்தாயோ, அது இங்கேயே கொடுக்கப்பட்டது.
எது இன்று உன்னுடையதோ, அது நாளை மற்றொருவருடையதாகிறது.
மற்றொரு நாள், அது வேறொருவருடையதாகும்.

இதுவே உலக நியதி.

Situation ku yetha mathri irundhuchu.. COPY PASTE pannitaen.:D
Paathu padichu sooothanama nadandhukoonga. :)

Find Me My... k said...

எதை நீ கொண்டு வந்தாய், அதை இழப்பதற்கு?
எதை நீ எடுத்துக் கொண்டாயோ, அது இங்கிருந்தே எடுக்கப்பட்டது.
எதை கொடுத்தாயோ, அது இங்கேயே கொடுக்கப்பட்டது.
எது இன்று உன்னுடையதோ, அது நாளை மற்றொருவருடையதாகிறது.
மற்றொரு நாள், அது வேறொருவருடையதாகும்.

இதுவே உலக நியதி.

Situation ku yetha mathri irundhuchu.. COPY PASTE pannitaen.:D
Paathu padichu sooothanama nadandhukoonga. :)

Find Me My... k said...

talkin about the future..
Next time, indha mathri items yellam Insure pani vetchirunga.
Just to be on the safe hand side.

தமிழ்தினா said...

Chinmayi U were amazing in the show from Airtel Super singer 2006 till last week's show. We never felt bored by ur compering, and we need U in that place for the sake of the show and for veiwers like us.. None is indispensable, as U said.. yeah.. the show too...

Anonymous said...

hi chinmayi.

y u came out of airtel super singer? is there any problem?

kingforever said...

hi chinmaye......... can i see your other blogs....i mean can i have the invitation to take a visit to your rest of the three blogs......and

one important thing

How r u?

(he he he.....chumma)

and really how s the things going on................

kingforever said...

actually i d not read your post before i d written my previous after reading only i realize the feel u had before u post that "trusted-companion-for-week"........

and thanks for u'r wishes for us readers........and u r really superub in airtel supersinger.....

Anonymous said...

Hai akka,
pls,pls,pls...........................................come back to airtel super singer akka.U told no one is indispensable,but the show without u is kind of ,flower with no honey..all ur fans r missing the oppurtunity to hear ur entertainment songs,ur ending notes
shabha khair ,god speed u good people and ...lots &lots of things.
Its not my personal request but ur all over world fans request akka..

Onpadhu mani rathiriku kanla thanni varaama pakura show-va neenga illama kanla thanni vara vachidaadheenga...PLE..........ASE.
SHOW ''WATCH'' panna kerchief-odu kaathirukum ungal sincere fan,

Ashwin said...

I always remember chinmayi in Junior super singer was more enthrlling and lively(may be with kids' genuine smile.).. but senior show without u surely will lack the "V" factor..

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are not part of any of ARR's recent releases!!!!

The albums could have been screwed big time,otherwise!!

Anonymous said...

Now don't start bragging about the Book release function that you were part of recently.

You looked like a 60 yr old bitch.

Subi said...

Hi Chinmayi....

Iam a great fan of ur voice,ur singing and your dance too:)
We want you back Airtel super singer....Please do come back.....

Chinmayi Sripada said...

maddy : will do dude.. thanks
prabha :)
softy :) hope you got your answer
hari :) now I am thinking I should take off from hosting in total.. feel nice to be missed ;)
ananth: dont want to ever see my mother;s vacant chair..
priyamudan: epdi neenga hotel nu assume pannikkalaam? naan hotel la tholanjudhu nnu sonnena?
find me..:)
thamizhthana :)
kingforever : thanks
jishu :)
ashwin :)
anonymous: someone as insignificant as me cant make or ruin anything. And why should I brag.. even before I even thought of writing about it, you bragged for me :) thanks for the publicity.. in addition to the others .. also dogs dont have that long a life span.. a bitch lives for about 14 years at the max I have heard.. Didnt go to school?

~*Madhu*~ said...

People who are too scared to reveal their identity (Anonymous) shouldn't even be speaking or be passing on hurtful comments. It might be your right to judge or critique but please do not take pleasure out of hurting someone with words. What a saddist!!!!!!

Chinmayee akka, We are missing you!

~*Madhu*~ said...

Yay! People she is Back!!!!! Keep smiling akkaa!

தமிழ்தினா said...

NIce to see U back n see U smile... :)

But my name is thamizhdhina... not thana to be prisize...

tvs said...

Hi Chinmayi,
I ended up at this blog looking for an answer for your absence in Airtel Super Singer 2008.

Looking at the comments, seems you are probably going through a tough time...

Who ever be the cause of it, what ever be the reason for it...
"Let Other Men Do Other things..."

I belive there where and will be lots of good time and this is just one off bad one...

Moral of the Story is ...

Don't be "Sad Sad..."
Be "Happy Sad..."

Preetha said...

But still u, urself are more important than wat u lost my dear :-)...

jishu said...

Hai akka,
Bliss!you are back to the show and all ur fans r happy akka..Rock the show with ur enchanting voice.
Here after no crying in ''onpadhu mani raathiri''
Thanks for replying me atleast with a punctuation :)
Ur fan,

Yours Truly said...

may be its wise not to respond to anonymous.

Dhustanai KandaAl Thoora Vilagu!

Yours Truly said...

may be its wise not to respond to anonymous.

Dhustanai KandaAl Thoora Vilagu!

Krishna said...

Hi Chinmayi,
Welcome back on Airtel Super Singer and kudos to the voice of Sameera Reddy in VA. It was too good.
On a different note, I would like to know where is that Pro Music shop. I am looking for Shure earphone, may be if you can suggest.

Thanks in Advance

Raghu said...

Hi Chinmayi

Just thought of letting you know that this week's Super Singer elimination (tie braker) process was little disappointing!! Its not just me, and some of my friends carry the same opinion too.


Franklin said...

May be the wrong post to comment but just wanted to let you know - I have become a die hard fan of the song I Miss You Da from Sakkarakatti. Great song!