Saturday, November 08, 2008

Would you please help

me get the song Kajra Mohabbatwala? I have been scouting some stores and the internet. Just not getting the song and its imperative that I do so.
If you have the song or are able to find it, please let me know.



Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Film: Kismat (1968)
Singers: Shamshad Begum & Asha Bhosle
Lyricist: S H Bihari
Music Director: O P Nayyar

Krishnan KR said...

Are you talking about the song from the movie "Kismat" ? Its there in

Priya said...

Hey Chinmayee,

Kajra Mohabbatwala
Artist : Asha Bhonsle
Album : Revival - Jhumka Gira Re
Language : Hindi
Type : Film Music

Heyy, if this is the song u r lookin for, it is @

> And type "Kajra Mohabbatwala" in the search box and choose, "category:- All and "IN" - All, u wud get it.


Anonymous said...

nt sure when u meant from internet..if this is wat u wanted..anyways..
and by ths time ur comment box must be fludding with links :D
en pangukuku me too adding to the list..

u can take it from

i think this is BR chopra movie?? nt sure..landmarkla manna dey hits and oru old lady singer..begam someone....avanga perla cd paatha nyagabam oldies sectionla..if u want u can chk there too..


SARAS said...

Harish has sent to your mailbox

Curious said...

Hey chinmayi...

Couldn't find a download link..but here's where u can lissen to it online.. will let ya know if i find a download link..


Curious said...

Oh found it.. from cooltoad.. i have a copy as well now... mail me at incase u don't have it already!


drashkum said...

u can download it from here

Anonymous said...


poorani said...

akka, can you help me? i need to know the movie that the song "minnalae" sung by S.P.B sir came from. it was sung by one of the super singer contestants on 5/11/08's show. right before renu and deepshika's performance. thank you akka!

Ananth said...

Here's the download link.

Ananth said...

sorry chinmayi....the link has a resung mistake....

Sujatha Raj said...

Poorani... the song minnalae is from "May Madham".

Chinmayi.. I am sorry but couldn't help myself respond to one of your fans writing to u in your blogspot. This is my very first to you.

I have been in love with your voice from ur very first song and have been more than impressed at your versatility, your friendly and sweet nature.