Thursday, December 11, 2008


the viewers of the Super Singer. Episode after Episode and especially after the telecast I am flooded with a lot of comments and mails.
I understand that there are varied opinions. In my position I cannot be a party to any, not even to my own. That would be the only fair thing to do as the show's presenter.
I am on neutral ground. I have to be there and I will be there.
Also I read a lot of people asking me to communicate your opinions to the judges. I can understand your sentiments and that all of you empathise and are supporting the contestants at every turn is extremely heartening.
As far as I am concerned, I have a certain limitations. I will have to maintain my professional decorum. Also, the judges are wayyyy senior than I am. I cannot communicate anything to the producer or the judges. This is a kind request for you to understand.
The professional field is always open to new talents. The limelight will definitely identify true talent. Time will have all the others.
At the risk of repeating myself, the producers maintain the secrecy and confidentiality of every round to the extent that until I am on the floors I am clueless about what the round is about, what the concept is. A lot of times the songs that I have to sing are decided at the last minute. And recorded there without prior preparation or practise. And usually I am the last one on the floors to shoot. Sometimes the tiredness of marathon
Though this is unrelated, a talent show gets so much of feedback. People discussing back and forth on what should be right. So much time on forums.
And all of us are Indians. How come the same energy is not expended is not expended when it comes to our city or the country? Like for example, just casting a vote?


Chozha said...

Fantastic question. Something that I always wanted to ask. But did not have the appeal. More questions

1. Why aren't we forming a queue before boarding a bus? My sweet little daughter(lkg) does it while boarding her school bus.

2. Is speaking on mobile phone while driving more important than your life and others? Remember you drive slow while speaking. What if there is an ambulance following you and your loved one is in it?

3. I always wish the one who dents my car and doesn't even bother to say a sorry, buys a new one and get dented similarly. Not sure if it will solve the problem or get into a recursion.

4. And for God's sake reduce your honking, if not stop.

A few good things that would make our country look beautiful. God bless India and let us help Him.

Venkatakrishnan said...

What you said here is very correct. You are doing a wonderful job as an anchor and you cannot comment or give suggestions to the judges. The rapport you have with contestant makes you a good anchor and thats y people like you....
Dont worry about any stupid comments you receive from bloggers. Just do what you feel is correct.
Good Luck

Ram V. said...

Dear Chinmayi,

I had this question in my mind regarding Airtel SS and after reading your today's entry, not sure whether I should ask you as a question. Anyways, I was observing after watching few rounds of this programme, one common complain from the judges regarding contestants are 'sruthi' and 'tempo'. Fundamental to any singer who are playback singer material, i thought they should have a sound basics. What you learn is to develop the feel and emotion of a situation through your song as a professional singer. Though I enjoyed the episodes very much, I am still concerned about the quality of the singers.

Back in 1998, I had the opportunity to spend time with Palakkad Sreeram in different studios listening to Srinivas and other singers. Whenever I try to bring Sriram's attention to somebody who is singing well, he would dismiss them after listening for 30 seconds. Now I know why....

Ram V.

Vamsee said...

Lol. Good question :). Because armchair judging is far more easier than getting off their butt and doing something actually useful ;)

விஜய் said...

Hi Chinmanyi,
Hats off to your Professional Ethics. It is understandable that you being a famous singer are expected to show your favour towards some contestants. But at the same time, you being the presenter should be neutral and not give way for personal sentiments.

Hats off to your modesty and the respect you show towards the judges. No matter how talented a person. It is his / her modesty which makes him greater than great people :-)

\\How come the same energy is not expended is not expended when it comes to our city or the country? Like for example, just casting a vote?\\
True, we all should vote. But whom shall we vote, when nobody deserves to get elected.

Maddy said...

You have a valid point on your last few lines. If everyone goes to polling booth and cast their vote that would be fantastic!!

I could not see any of Super Singer programmes as I don't have access here. I do understand your limitations in communicating the opinions. But why don't you suggest Vijay TV to open up a forum in their website something similar to Asianet Ideastar singer for the people to voice their opinion?

Anonymous said...

hi chinmayi,
why raginishree is not eliminated till now? tell mw in which way she is better than deepshika? i FEEL the judges are biased and not doing injustice ,It is all because of Deepan chakravarthy who allowed this stupid girl in.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chinmayi,

Is there a website where we can submit out feedback to the Airtel Super Singer Show? I totally understand that you have to be neutral as an anchor, but I think the ASS crew would find it useful to read people's feedback online.


- Aarushi

Sangeetha said...

Hi Chinmayi,

What was the song that you sang last night at the end ? Sounded like a Bhajan..It was nice.


Deepa J said...

//And all of us are Indians. How come the same energy is not expended is not expended when it comes to our city or the country? Like for example, just casting a vote?//

:-)) WELL SAID CHINMAYI! Pleasantly surprised at that well-meant, much needed sarcasm from you!

Rafiq Raja said...

Hi Chinmayi,

I agree with your viewpoint, and am no doubt that you are doing judgement to your role as an anchor, with not being biased towards any competitor. Way to go, carry on your good work.

As far as the application of the good ethics to outer world, let's hope that few people like minded like us would be able to inspire that over to the majority of the crowd. No one is born bad, it is only that they have to shown the right way. Hopefully, we will build a better and progressing society in future.

Rafiq Raja
ÇómícólógÝ & ராணி காமிக்ஸ்

Chandramouli S said...

I've also thought of how difficult it's to be a host. You're doing an awesome job and it's sad that people are still insisting on you to communicate their views to judges. [sigh] Humans...

Sundari said...

//And all of us are Indians. How come the same energy is not expended is not expended when it comes to our city or the country? Like for example, just casting a vote?//

Very Well Said...

Find Me My... k said...

Well, might be it ill stop if there is a forum from somebody like the management who is related to the show creates it or easier have a poll.
anyway,Its just the thing that you are the only one related to the show really accessible so people come up with their opinions to you.
but yes "Professional Ethics" that is "Tholil Dharmam" is very important.

and reg Vote - what if you don't prefer any one on the list to vote .. off course you have "Section 49-(o) of the constitution" where you say "you don't want to vote for anybody", you surely have to do this to get the polled % up. Something can be done if only communicated through some or the other way. So please VOTE. (sorry chinmaye, used a bit of your space here )


Sathia said...

///And all of us are Indians. How come the same energy is not expended is not expended when it comes to our city or the country? Like for example, just casting a vote?////

shabba...kalakitaenga ponga ;-)

btw read on some funny ideas and comments in renu's orkut community (public and not the moderated comm.)'s all for fun and if u have some free time to spare, hav a good time pass there :-)

vids said...

Kudos to whoever decided to have Stephen Devassi on the show ... it was truly such awesome episodes . Lovely music , three soulful & by far the best episodes of Airtel SS especially when the music was in combination with a few silvery voices ...... vow a blissful experience . Should say Srini was the best !!! He was the perfect match for unplugged . And lo your duet with him was just too good and yes , the grand finale of your vocal chords was a perfect one :)
Hearty thanks to Chinmayi & ur team for having given us Stephen Devassi on the show , he is an astounding genius , every note speaks wonder :) Amazzzzzzzziiiiiing !!!!!! Just hope we get to see more of him (if any ....) in the forthcoming episodes .

P.S: Nice to see that you had also invited a few talented contestants perhaps ex-contestants should say , for the show . And yes , Madhumitha should have sung alone . Where was Deepshika , another one smothered by ill fate :( . Nevertheless really good to see Ravi , Renu , Ajeesh going steady . Some real talents on the show unlike a few others who have been traversing the show with some kinda lucky stars shining o'er them ;)
Anyway ...... in the end its all in the game !!!

To you Chinmayi , you are just splendid when it comes to performance ! Your vocals sound gr8 when in tune than with the show script .... just that the ROS is too high and at times a l'il too frenzy ;) Still keep it up ... good job on the show .

Anonymous said...

Although, i agree with Chinmayi that she cannot act on this...i would like to suggest all the audience who view the show live can come forward to the dias if they disagree on the judgement and support the singer. that way even the judges will be forced to give a fair result.

Note : chinmayi- i agree that there are lots of public issues to address, but if the people finally react to something good - be it small or big - why not show them the way to do something about it

good day !

Srinath said...

Chinmayi. Your compering is awesome. The song you sang was awesome. The show is fantastic.

With all these things going for Airtel SS, why does anyone even bother about the silly people who go on and on and on and on about one poor girl.

My wife and I have developed immense respect and awe for the judges.

None of us are experts in playback singing. However, I do know that Srinivas/Sujatha/Unni know more than me in playback singing. Therefore, if they find a quality of Rginishri's singing to be appealing, it must exist.

We cannot judge her (or anyone else) on the basis of our ignorance. We must trust the Judge's knowledge and expertise.

Enjoy the show, Chinmayi. You're awesome !!!

sreekrishnanv said...

Perfectly understandable - yet again that you cannot convey. Infact this is first time for me to comment on a judgement which i never do. When we respect the judges - we must respect their judgements as well. But being a democratic nation - the worst and the best part is debating on a judgement.

from my defense - i am not even doing that - i am just expressing my opinion on something i(we) felt and i would expect the Respected judges to accept an opinion - agreeing or not agreeing to it is secondary.

I was just trying to find a channel to express my opinion - but looks like we have it really strict just like the show - where you wouldnt even want to convey it from your end. Which i think is fair !

On your second aspect - i think lot of them do spend time doing that- i am not sure if you have had a chance to check Politics discussion forums - its much worse :)

- as the famous saying goes - venting an opinion or advising is easier than ctually acting.

yet again i make my point **Renu was given another chance when Santhosh was not, that still doesnt look fair to some one who would listen to the music when they make it big like you have ! **

again - as indians we all agree to disagree peascefully - and as kamal says Vaazhga Jananayagam

Preeya said...

Hi Chinmayee..
I've been reading all your blogs but this is the first time I'm commenting. I'm very much impressed by the way you're handling this :). Hats off to your professional ethics!! The rapport you've developed with the participants is quite evident from the way you mix them. Nice to see actually. But like everyone says, it would be good if there's some kind of a website to voice our comments to Vijay TV.. just try and let us know.

Thou it's out of the topic to say this here, I just wanted to say that I've literally become your fan right from when you sang for Colgate Sapthaswarangal (probably when you were 12-14 yrs old :)). Keep up the good job.. You have an amazing voice.. I need not say :)

Janhavi said...

Hi Chinmayi ,
I think you do a very well rounded job in Super Singer as the professional host and a brilliant singer and your blog completes it by bringing you home as the friend next door. The regularity in your blog is pretty amazing.

In response to Vijay's issue with no eligible person to vote for , here's some good info (a fwd that came by a few days before, just in time , I guess :-) )
Are you going to vote in the coming elections? If yes, fine. No? Not going for the election booth at all? Then you do not have any right to blame our impotent politicians. Abstaining from the election process is another way to support bad politics

But if there is no good candidate, did you know that there is a system in our constitution, as per the 1961 act, in section " 49-O" that a person can go to the polling booth, confirm his identity, get his finger marked and convey to the presiding election officer that he doesn't want to vote for anyone!

This is called "49-O".

Why should you go and say " I VOTE NOBODY"... because, in a ward, if a candidate wins, say by 123 votes, and that particular ward has received "49-O" votes more than 123, then that polling will be cancelled and will have to be re-polled. Not only that,the candidature of the contestants will be removed and they cannot contest the re-polling, since people expressed their displeasure.

This would bring fear into parties and hence look for genuine candidates for their parties for election. This would change the way of our whole political system.... it is seemingly surprising why the election commission has not revealed such a feature to the public....


Hello Chinmayi,
Today I happen to listen to the UNPLUGGED ROUND in SS. What a performance.. What a show !! Me being a keyboard player myself (less than 1% of stephen's capability) I enjoyed the show immensely. Hats off for bringing the concept ! Judges were also amazing ! Host is extremely lively ! It was not a great package but THE GREATESE PACKAGE in recent times not just in tamil television but in INDIAN TELEVISION ! I have never appreciated a television show so much ! YOU and YOUR TEAM KEEP IT UP !

Mani said...

Hey Chinmayi,
I liked the number you sang unplugged with Stephen this week. What was it - fusion? Fabulous!

Stephen's a great pianist. He has made the show really unplugged!

Can you plan to do a fully guitar based round on Super singer - melodies,rock... Good day!

Parthasarathi said...

Dont worry about any stupid comments/mails you receive. We always can understand these things.

RAGAVAN said...

Well said. Forget casting a vote - how about not littering?? TV programs come right into our living rooms and Internet is so accessible. All I need to do is to watch one side and type the other side. So easy. I dont even need to think about what I am writing - to who - whether it makes sense. I as a member of the 'very intelligent' general public am shamelessly indifferent and am used to always doing what is convenient not necessarily what is right. I am a world beater in blame game. Everything wrong with my country is because of others and whatever is right definitely has to have my contribution. When I open my mouth, I forget I have the responsibility to stop because I love to hear my own voice. Unless I have the moral conviction to accept my mistakes, to be true to my conscience and unless there is a fundamental change in our collective psyche, India will still be the same. And you will be flooded with opinions and need to bear with it.

The Luscious one! said...

Good show!!

I recently started a blog of mine. I would love it if you would add me to your blog roll and vice verse. http://luscious69.blogs

Gurupa said...


So far the program is running fine..but seriously touch ur heart and say is Deepsika is unworth?...she has such a good unique voice...she sang one song naanae naan na--vani jayaram song EXCELLENT...i am not judging only bcoz of that song..but comparing rahini and aruna deepsika is far better..especially..i saw in medley and even in other language round rahini was asura sothapal..but u giving many times excuse to rahini ..y cant u give this excuse to deepsika?????????am sorry sripada..felt up...we missing one good singer..ok no issues..then we missed in kuthu round..don make upset ur fans like this..and my humble request please sing yesulavuthu ur break song in suntv--srini sir judge..i want that song u to sing can u !!!keep rocking..bye., takecare!(again definitely we missing deepsika:( by vijay tv viewers)

saranya said...

hi chinmayi,
We know that at any time at any cost you are maintaining your proffessional decorum and thats your identity.
And you have mentioned that the song you are singing are decided at last minute, thats your talent.
Hi ppl please understand that chinmayi is doing her anchoring part in right and best way, we should not affect her prosperous lead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Al the best for your future chinmayi!

Anonymous said...

Hi,This is regarding Airtel Super Singer.

I thought, it will be good idea, if a chance is given to the ex-contestants (whoever interested) to perform in between the present contestants.
The ex-contestants might be from top 20 or top 15 or 10 or whatever.

They can come up with some plan and may perform as solo or group till the program goes to finals. The show will be more fun.

Still, there are lots of fans for S. Madhumitha, Aishwarya, Deepshika and other ex-contestants. (Obviously for present contestants also).
Viewers, judges, contestants and ex-contestants will have fun along with the competition.

Swetha harini said...

hi chinmayi, we certainly understand that you do not have any say in either the judgement or anything happening there. But we are sharing our thoughts with you just as how we would share it with "any one else", not with the intention that you would convey it to the judges.anyway, you doing a great job. Rock on!!

sandy said...

if anything becomes popular, ppl will have an opinion on it. its the basic nature of reminds me of the lines in a hilary diff song - WAKE UP - theres ppl talkin they talk abt me, they know my name, they think they know everything but they dont know anything abt me.

and u re askin us give the same energy for the city and country - say what....atleast with tv shows v can express our views safely.i think ive seen enough tamil movies to know that unless ure a rowdy bashing reel-life hero, u cant do anything of real substance to transform the society. so till that time comes when v r able to influence ppl, my view is that v should jus carry on with our lives hoping to b the best person that v can possibly b. after all the society is but a collection of individuals. (again thats my OPINION and i jus spent 15 min thinkin n writing instead of reading for my fast approachin med exams - so as u said, i jus expended wasted energy)

Rajeev said...