Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Even if your eyes are closing....

Do it with your heart wide open...

Love this song "Say" by John Mayer in Bucket List. Have been listening to it on YouTube. Really love the lyrics. The song. And the voice.
Puts my thoughts in a certain mode which cannot be defined right now, but maybe I ll figure out. But in a weird way I have been doing what's been said in the song sometimes in my life and hope to do so. More often.


Karthik Murali said...

added the video twice ?

u liked it so much is it . lol.

bala said...

Hi Chinmayi,

John Mayer is one of my favourite artistes and his two beautiful songs are "Daughters" and " Your Body is a Wonderland".

Anyway, I have lived all my life as a non- vegeterian and it is impossible for me to survive without meat.

I watched a presentation called
"Earthlings" four months ago and had not touched Meat since.

Initially it was extremely hard and it i felt exasperated at the mockery from my friends. Temptations seemed like my best frind during the first two weeks and eventually i managed to refrain from it completely.

I am not against people who eat meat but i would like to encourage them to make a sound decision after i post this video over here. It broke me to pieces and rejuvenated me as a person.

My friends are now proud of my decision and respect me as a person.

If it is not much to ask, i was wondering if someone charismatic like you could post this link in one of your entries and promote this video.

I Would sincerely thank you on behalf of all the Vegans in this world.


Padmanabhan said...

aavaram poo song is really great. am listening to it like more than 10 times in a row now.

Srinath said...

And you say it very nicely indeed !

Krishnan KR said...

:-) nice song..awesome video.and the sound of the guitars.somethings happening to me.save me !!

Madhan said...

Out of track comment. :-) Hii.. this is Madhan.. I am pretty new to blogging. Any tips? And how do i become a follower of your blog?

Sangeetha said...

Bala - Salute you for this big change !

Iam a vegetarian and I managed to convince few of my friends to be
vegetarians.. and they too are proud of their decisions..


bala said...

Hi Sangeetha

Thanks loads! =) I am Glad that you have managed to convince a few of you friends too! wait a go Hon! =)

வால்பையன் said...

நல்ல பாடல்.
குறிப்பாக இசை

Prakash said...

Great song! you are right.. lyrics and innocence.. just blends.

பிரியமுடன்... said...

அவர் இதழ் திறக்கும்
ஒவ்வொரு வேலையும்
இதயமும் இணைந்து திறக்கிறது!
இங்கே இவர்
இமை திறக்கவில்லை
இனிமையையும் அல்லவா...

இவர் பாடலில் அல்ல....

Anonymous said...

random coment :
im a girl about your age , a couple of months younger ,and im hapy to admit that im awed and inspired by the dizzying heights you ve reached at 24.. initially my reaction was to be jealous ( i dont know why !!) but ive matured to accept you as one of my ideals, for the way you constantly try to grow and learn.
im nowhere near that , but im trying to get there, and your blog is a constant souce of inspiration... thank you :)
you go girl !

Gowri said...

Hey Chinmayi,
I am Gowri Shankar Ramanan. Wow.. I luv this song 'Say what you need to say'. In my perception, it has a really really strong & touching lyrics. I am not a great fan of Mayer. But somehow this song impressed me. I would recommend you to try this song at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvLxOSxl35A
it has very soft guitar chords and rhythms.
My sis is a great fan of urs but i was not initially. But after seeing ur activities in the blog and the way u r open to the ideas from the ppl is really impressing. I want you to practice more soft songs. I think u r not the best at it yet. I say this with the intention of moulding u to the best.

GK said...

Very nice song.