Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happened to

watch Bucket List. Whaaddda movie. And Kit Kitredge. Whadda movie number 2.
Also watched Made of Honour. Yeah chick flick but love that love story. I need the dose of rom coms. I am a sucker for happy endings and yes I have missed quite a number of wonderful movies cos I knew before hand about the ending. Gruesome, violence and ghouls are not for me. Unless of course its like Van Helsing. I like that guy ;)
I wonder if movies like the Bucket List are made here, or at least conceived. It would be a shame otherwise. One of the movie biggest industries in the world and I wonder where the real movies go. Like the general people say, do the people really decide that they do NOT want 'intelligent' movies? I think what the Indian audience wants in their movie is quite a mystery. Or is it?
Have no clue whether there is an answer to that. And yes, please do drop suggestions on songs/music I should listen to and movies I have to watch. Would be nice to expand my view.


Raymond said...

Yeah Bucket List is a amazing movie but have you just watched it.My fav part of the movie is when Freeman and nicholson go for the around-the-world vacation.In Malaysia the movie was out last year.Kit Kittredge is another good movie too.i enjoyed watching the movie.i recommend you watching a movie called Rumor Has it starring jennifer aniston by rob reiner too.

preets said...

Hey chinmayi..
Just thought il suggest the names of a few very good movies..You might have already watched them,still..
Forrest Gump
A Beautiful Mind
Catch me If You Can
Good Will Hunting
Rain Man
Green Mile
Blood Diamond

And we're gonna really miss you on SS..
Hoping to catch you soon:)

preets said...

And thanks for suggesting movies for me to watch..:)

Will get back to you after watching..

Anonymous said...

If you liked bucket list...You should read 'tuesdays with morrie'and 'one more day day'by mitch albom.One more book which is worth reading is "mister god this is anna"by fynn.

Conversation with god is a good movie to watch...


Ram Prashanth said...

Hey Chinmayi

A hindi movie 'dasvidaniya' with Vinay Pathak in the lead (derived from the Russian phrase do svidania, meaning good bye) was released last month. It was said to be a take off on 'the bucket list'. I don't think the movie recovered it's costs. Anyways guess ppl nw r more tuned in2 reality shows n only movies which command a good star power and word of mouth publicity makes it big. Rest all fall by the wayside. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi with it's reality dance competition as theme has got a good opening. As with everything else Indians want to divide and split things... so we have A/B/C centers which have audiences with different tastes. A good story well made into a movie has to reach to all and are there really not many people doing this in this country is really strange... Have you watched Bowfinger?

Have fun!

த.ராஜசேகர் said...

Check out the movie - "Dasvidaniya" starring Vinay Pathak... which is close to "Bucket List"..

Deepa J said...

if u liked Morgan Freeman, then u shd probably not miss Bruce almighty and Evan almighty

bash said...

Hi..very definitely ur suggestions must be more meaningful n wil do try... hope u wud hav watched,if not try 'dasvidaniya'-hindi...
Thanks & Tk cre.

Chinmayi Sripada said...

raymond: yes just did.. and have seen RHI
preets: watched all of em except rainman.. will catch that
anonymous: have read both except mister God.. will catch that and the movie
ram: will check RNBDJ... and das
rajasekhar: will do
deepa: yes I have :)
Bash: will do!

S said...

Into The Wild,good movie i say.
as for music,prem joshua,talvin singh,nitin sawhney,eddie vedder,kings of convenience.good stuff.later!

bala said...

Hey, i am bala back again from SG.
Bucket List is indeed an awesome movie, Morgan Freeman is known for his Male Demeanor and this movie is just a pleasure to watch with two legends.

I agree with Preets on the movies, all suggestions are great. You may like to Add

Shawshank Redemtion
Dead Poet's Society
No Country for Old Men.

and Situation Comedy
The Big Bang Theory, one of the best i have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

The movie Dasvidanya is based on the Bucket list :)
Try watching
Definitely, Maybe
PS I love you
Renaissance Man
My Cousin Vinny

Geetha said...

Not sure if you have listened to L subramanian's show at India gate.Performing with Ambi subramanian..

Music is a vast ocean and no one can claim to know it all. The more you know, the more you realise how little you know. It is an eternal quest.” - From Truly that Genius.

I loved this a lot. Please help me find the exact raga he is playing. I guess he starts of with keeravani and probably ends in Gowri manohari ???

Geetha said...

And I remembered what your mom told in that interview on Vijayadasami when I read those lines from Genius - L subramanian.

I guess she conveyed the same essence in a little different way. Isnt it?

Raghav said...

Oh i saw Kit Kittredge yesterday.. Awesome movie. And i am personally a fan of Abigail Breslin.... That kid has got loads of talent.... I was like :O :O :O when i learnt she got nominated for Oscar when she was 9 - 10...

Anonymous said...

You should watch Slumdog Millionaire Chinmayi! I guarantee you will not be disappointed =)
It's amazing.

Take Care.

Vamsee said...

If you like rom coms, then you can't go wrong with Ghost Town (2008). The name doesn't give any clues, but it's totally awesome.

Sundari said...

Hi Chinmayi

Try watching

"Mercury Rising" - Bruce Wills will try to protect an autistic boy....wonderful acting by the small boy..

And if you are interested in watching Non indian language "3 -Iron ", "Time" korean movies by the director Kim ki Duk..
U can get these movie online with eng subtitles...

Few other to add are

A Mighty Heart (Note - Not a happy ending)

And Justice For All

All The President's Men

Few Good Men

Setsquare said...

Hi Chinmayi

Please watch Pursuit of happiness and Life is beatiful. Both films are unique and really absorbing.

Karthik Murali said...

P.S.I love u ,The Terminal,Notting Hill,Taken,Life is Beautiful ,Dead Poets Society , Love Actually ,Schindler's List,Saving Private Ryan,Good Will Hunting,A Few Good Men,12 Angry Men

This is the ultimate "Mus watch" movies.U gotta watch each one of them Chinmayyii !! okie ?
:) :)

Shankar said...

Hi Chinmayi
This is regarding your concern of movies on the lines of BL ...not being made in India. There was this awesome movie "Anbe Sivam" ...just remove the music and the wee bit of glamour from the movie...what do you get ...a total BO dud, right?
Even with stellar performance and good music...I don't think it did really well in the BO.
The answer is simple...ROI.

As far as movie reverse chrono
1) Best movie of 2008 - The Dark Knight...the movie that elevates Batman from a cartoon to a hero...and shows that Joker is ONE serious villain.

2) Ratatouille - nice feel good movie..awesome graphics.

3)Oscar - starring Sylvester Stallone..its not an action movie but a comedy...and SS shines like a of his best a non-action role.

I suspect you might have seen 1 & 2 but still wanna make sure :)

And on the lines of AR Rahman in the Worldspace ad...."There is so much to SEE!"

Srivatsan said...

i saw bucket list, kit Kitredge and made of honour all were nice movies. i wil also suggest some movies to watch

the notebook - this was adapted from the novel by nicholas sparks i read the book also it was amazing

3:10 to Yuma - russel crowe
Alvin and the Chipmunks
A Beautiful Mind - another russel crowe's movie
cast away
Chaos Theory
locks stocks and smoking barrels
The Illusionist
The Kite Runner - this s based on a book written by khaled hosseini
the jacket
pink panther
the sixth sense
27 dresses
deja vu
happy feet
The Prestige

there are lots that u must see i forgot some name. i think u would have watched most of the movies in this.

Revathi said...

Have you watched 'The Notebook'? The english movie that is.

bala said...

Hey Srivatan,

Have you read " A thousand Splendid Suns" by the Same author of Khaled hosseini?

It's awesome.

Vidya said...

Hi Chinmayi,

I loved "bucket list". I would recommend most of the Alfred Hitchcock movies.

Try watching them,

Vidya Gopinath.

Anonymous said...

As you probably know, The Shawshank Redemption was one of Freeman's best. If you have noticed, his narrative that runs in the background throughout the movie, it's simply amazing. Pitch perfect. The strong voice, amazing diction, so much emotion, even the pauses - just perfect. (Thought I'd point it out in lieu of the dubbing work you are in to). I often feel narratives go largely unnoticed. Morgan Freeman's voice in itself is something, apart from his acting. He has also lent his voice to numerous documentaries on Discovery as well.

preets said...

The Prestige is one helluve movie to watch.. And as per Srivatsan's suggestion, The Kite Runner is good, but you wouldn be sayin so if you read the book.. The book is utterly brilliant.

Ananth said...

Hi Chinmayi,
Thanks to your request, I got a list of about 50 great movies, of which I already have 37 DVDs at home, leaving the balance to be bought. Continue the good work and thanks to everyone who contributed to the list.

vids said...

hey u could check out these two too ...
Twenty One

I really loved it !!! :D

Teshu said...

So finally you did watch bucket list :) You know after watching that movie, I realised I should make my own and start living it. I may not have the luxury of a billionaire sponsoring my list. But if I start ticking off the items in my list from now - I won't need a sponsor!

One such item on my list is to go volunteer in crisis areas. Am off to Bihar day after tomorrow to help the monsoon flood victims who will now face the extreme winters. Something that I have been looking forward to do since I put my name on the volunteer list.

priya said...

Apart from the books /movies which i had mentioned...Here are a few more

Iam sam
My other sister
Seven years in tibet....
As good as it gets
Finding forrester


Kumar said...

i agree pretty much with most choices offered by some of the comment writers ...all great movies

I have a differeent hobby
i pick old movies and watch them after i read into them a little so as to protect me from wating my time on a movie that aint worth it

i do this from a list of my own

the last 2 i watched

primal fear - richard gere

pay it forward - kevin spacey/helen hint

I almost was in tears when i watched pay it very touching and exactly what the world needs

vijay said...

Here's a super course:

Start with The color of paradise,
then Children of heaven. Both by this Iranian genius called Majid Majidi.
If you're looking for a feel good movie, do watch the shawshank redemption (i'm assuming you've seen it, if yes, watch it once more :P), October Sky.
If you're looking for narrative, go for bable, amores perros, 21 grams in that order.
Back home, i'd suggest Hazaron Khwahishen aisi.
Itha paathu mudingo, apparam list 2 anupparen :D

Srivatsan said...

i read the book "a thousand splendid suns" last month it was nice. the movie s to be released next year.

ya the book "kite runner" was nice after reading it i saw the movie i also liked the movie

Sundari said...

Hi Chinmayi...

Adding one more to the list ..

"A Moment to Remember" , it beautifully potrays how painful it is when u know u r going to forget ur loved ones and urself.

The heroine suffers from Alzheimer's and how thy handle this is all about in this movie

chk it out whn time permits if interested.

Sridhar said...

Hi chinmayi.
my friend used to say about bucket list and always wanted me to watch this movie..but somehow i missed it.
today i saw this movie - finished @ 2:30 AM.. thank you..

To add to others suggestion - these are a few movies i loved watching.
Death at a funeral - be prepared to laugh your soul out.
Into the wild - awesome one.
Mansfield Park - Jane austen's work
Once - sparklingly beautiful
Pulp fiction...

and a lot more..

Sam said...

To pick one from Priya's list, "AS GOOD AS IT GETS".. Jack Nicholson at his best. Amazing movie..

akila said...

Hi Chinmayi,

'Driving Miss Daisy' is another wonderful movie to watch! Hope you like it:)


arvindh said...

As a singer you will love the movie 'Once'

Also watch 'Second hand lions'

Archu said...

atleast u fall in the list of ppl who like such gud movies.. :)

arun said...

Lock Stock and two smoking barrels
by Guy Ritchie
Layer Cake by Matthew vaughn

Anonymous said...

For simple happy ending movies, that you say you like, you don't have to look too far. Pick up Suraj Barjatiya's Vivah and you will enjoy it from start to end. I think it didn't do too well at the Box Office but it is one wonderful movie.

You might also like "Yours Mine and Ours".

Have you seen "When Harry Met Sally" and my all time favourite "Scent of a Woman". These are must watch. Just do an internet search for "When Harry Met Sally" and read its dialogues. You will love it.

P.S.: I freak on your Chinnamma Chilakkamma in Sakkarakatti; but the picturisation of that song in the movie sucks. One cannot spoil such a lovely melodious song any more.

sandy said...

If u like chick flicks & straightforward predictable movies with happy endings, u can catch any disney movie ( ok ok - i know they're silly sometimes but good for pasttime viewing) but among the movies with mottai endings and bad endings, i happened to like A WALK TO REMEMBER.i thought SPANGLISH was good too. but im among the worst type of movie watchers - wouldnt watch a movie unless i know the story from beginning to end.

sandy said...

but my all time personal favt is NOTEBOOK. maybe uve already seen it though.atleast it was a GOOD movie with an ending that i could accept.

Anonymous said...

try "The Dutchess"..beautiful movie!

Shiva S K said...

Dear Miss.Chinmayi!

First of all Best wishes 4 evrything u do!
Being a lover and explorer of world cinema myself, it was lovely seein u talkin abt it!
One movie that i would suggest u to watch would b LA VIE EN ROSE(2007),a french movie, with english subs ofcourse, for which the leading lady MARION COTILLARD won the Best Lead actor-female Oscar in 2008. Its about the real life of singer EDITH PIAF, whom u might ve listened to. Its a VERY MOVING AND INTENSE FILM. Try givin a watch! Cheers and Stay Beautiful!!

suba said...

hey... and cinema..the two most things I love. I watch alot indian movies aswell. Bucket list was a great is among the few that people do not know about. A movie i have in mind that you might like is a canadian short film..called Little Miss Sunshine. I also think 7 Pounds is a touching story. I'm sure you'll like it:)
Also, i think its hard to make movies and to grab everyone's approval...they say you can't please everyone. In trying something new is a risk but change is a slow process but eventually it will take place. I think they're many ppl in the indian cinema who are challenging themselves and trying every bit to break the barriers. To those i say thanks because then I enjoy a worthwhile movie.

have a great day...smilez:)