Monday, January 12, 2009

Late night

watching Abhiyum naanum at Sathyam Cinemas. Just about came back and felt like blogging about it.. was great fun. Loved all the bhangra, considering by soft corner for anything remotely Punjabi. And never thought Ooty and Munnar were such beautiful locales. Honestly have never been to Ooty and Kodai though I wish I can sometime. Also remember reading in the Newspapers that the access roads maintained by the NHAI to Ooty/Kodai, either one, were really crappy and they are doing nothing on that front. Wonder when some people will do their jobs properly.
Totally loved the movie.
And also there is one thing more, that Prakash Raj sir happened to tell me very recently which I am going to paste on my wall, read it and be reminded of it as much as possible. I think I have needed to hear this for a while, wish it had come to me earlier but it has only been now that it sailed through to me through Mr Prakash Raj. And the lines go

En mael kallai eriyaadhe, veedu katti viduven;
Enaku thee vaikkadhe, en veettirkku dheepam aetri viduven;
Ennai thurathaadhe en ilakkai seekkiram adaindhu viduven;
Enakku visham kodukkadhe naan Neelakanthan aagividuven"

If you don't understand Tamil it roughly translates to

Do not pelt me with stones, for I will use them to build a house
Do not set me afire, for I will light up my home
Do not chase me, for I will reach my goal faster
Do not hand me poison, for I will become NeelakanTha.

Of course, with the original Thamizh version I could have gone wrong with a word or two, but hearing these words in Mr Prakash Raj's deep voice was magical and inspiring. And they have come at the right time. In a way I think these words have the power to set you free from the confines that you let some frivolous people build around you. And I say, you have let, because, I read somewhere, No one can make you feel inferior without your own consent.
I have been taught that no one rolls out the red carpet for you that will lead you to the sea so that you take out your ship to conquer whatever you want to conquer, because, hey some boats will be upset and they will be rocked.
The words above mean a lot to me now and they always will.
We all have dreams. Some of us dream with a furore, with blood rushing in our veins until the dream is realized. I am dedicating this to you, reading this, may the italicized words help you during tough times, whenever you may be questioned by those of frivolousness and mediocrity. Don't let anyone pull you down. Don't let anyone make you feel inferior. May you have dreams. May you have the will to propel them and the grace of the Universe to smile to yourself, even if you are going to allow just a tug at the side of your lips, may it be because of the elation upon the victory and satisfaction. This kinda weighs down at a point in our neck where the jaws end and the throat begins.
Its will be a superb feeling. I wish for you that you may experience it, how many ever times you want.


My Pages said...

படத்தில் பிரகாஷ் ராஜ் அடிக்கடி சொல்லும் ஒரு வசனம் ”Life is beautiful”, படம் முடிந்து வெளிவரும் போது என் மனதும் அதையே பிரதிபலித்தது

Shiva S K said...

Dear Miss.Chinmayi!!

it was good to see this post of urs not only bcos it was motivating and evoked a positive hope and a smile, but also bcos it shows as how u ve got over the times of ur awe-inspiringly poetic, yet deeply melancholic post sometime ago! Cheers for that!

And tat 'somewhere',where u might hav heard the line about inferiority,cud b THE PRINCESS DIARIES,wer JO tells it to MIA wen he sees her cryin at d backseat f d limo!

Keep smilin and Stay beautiful :-)

Madhu said...

Those words in italics really mean a lot! Everyone has good and bad times in their life.
Many bloggers choose to write about both, as of course blogging is about sharing slash writing thoughts. What I have always found good in your posts is that, even if you are going through or experience something not so good, you write about it, but the good thing is that you never make the readers go sigh but rather making us feel we have gained something (even if it is , how we should and not be like, sometimes). Ur wishes for us is another.

You have a wonderful heart. May God be always with you and bless you.

Gayathri said...

Hi Chinmayi,

I loved the lines! very beautifully written! Absolutely ESSENTIAL in the insane world we live in! I think in addition to having good skills to accomplish our goals, one has to definitely learn not to get bogged down by the mockery or taunts of people who cannot stand our success.

I love your writing style and what impresses me the most is that you write things straight from your heart...totally guileless, meaning every word that you write. Here is wishing you ALL THE VERY BEST! Have a great 2009 ahead. We need people like you to impart hope in others...and you already do a great job, be it through your blog or daily morning aahaa kaap club. Keep it going! May you achieve all your goals this year! In your style...Thathaastu! :)

Gayathri R.

Maheswari said...

Thank u Chinmayi for letting to know the words of inspiration.

என்னமோ எனக்கு மட்டும் எல்லாம் கெட்டதா நடக்கிற மாதிரி இருக்கும் during tough times.முன்னாடி எல்லாம் நான் அப்படியே சுருங்கி போயிடுவேன் ... இப்போ எல்லாம் முழிச்சிகிட்டேன் சின்மயி..அவ்வளவு சீக்கிரம் மனசு விடறது இல்லை...வெயிட் பண்ணி திருப்பி கொடுத்துடுறேன் (சிரிச்சிகிட்டே).ALL OF US GO THRU TOUGH TIMES....

Should we be a mirror - reflecting what the person standing before u does?Please let me know your views.

Once again thanks for the nice wordings....

Anonymous said...

Hey Chinmayi,

Thats a very nice post! The words of course hold a lot of meaning and wish everyone has the courage to work for what they want in life without yielding to the pressure of the near and dear ones in the name of practicality. All the best!

Viji R

Raji said...

//En mael kallai eriyaadhe, veedu katti viduven;
Enaku thee vaikkadhe, en veettirkku dheepam aetri viduven;
Ennai thurathaadhe en ilakkai seekkiram adaindhu viduven;
Enakku visham kodukkadhe naan Neelakanthan aagividuven//


குப்பன்_யாஹூ said...

thanks for an inspirational post Chinmayi,

You should go ooty and enjoy that train drive from Mettupalayam.

Also u should visit moonar and taste the real tea while seeing moving clouds very closely.

gokul said...

waiting to watch this movie when I get an oppurtunity.Thanks chinmayi for the review.


Sathiya said...

Those quotes are really wonderful and motivating! Thanks for sharing!

Maddy said...

I read from one of Paulo Coehlo novels that God send us signals always and it is for us to realize those messages. I guess you got the signals from Prakash Raj's words.

Good to know, your have transformed from what and how you were two posts before.

jishu said...

Hai akka,
Konja naeram thoogunga...Neenga post panna time mid night ,but i think it will not hinder the conquerer..Keep going akka....!

valli said...

hi chinmayi
Talent n effort are nothing without focus n determmination
Goals - The ability to succeed requires the realisation of what one wants and the passionate desire to attain it
the greater the adversity the brighter the light of opportunity.
The only journey is the journey within

don't b afraid to b different...

Parthasarathy said...

Nice write-up @ late night :).

I used to see Prakash Raj's interview / voice / photo whenever I feel down and needs some motivation. What a perfectionist ! What he is now & where he was & his story, gives you the energy to putin more efforts! I can say he gives the magical power.

BTW, Any reason for not writing the tamil poems in Tamil?

May be you can try using Google transliteration.

Thank you for the wornderful blog and wonderful songs!

Preethi said...

All your posts are just amazing :-)

Pavithra Vijay said...

Awesome post!!! What we give others, will come back to us in an equal and also in a convincing manner!!! that's the idea behind Mr.Prakashraj's statements. Good work. Do post like such articles in future too!!!

Ajay Kumar said...

amazing lines... sends me thinkin a lot in the depressed mood am at currently... thanks for the lines..

and hey.. missing u in Super Singer.. srry for tellin.. Malini is not a right choice for replacement...

Ananthasayanam T said...

Every daughter wd like a father like that and it is uncommon to c such fathers...

Love and freedom do not go together most of the time although the latter is essential for the former ... possessiveness (so many s in the word-y) creeps in...

But for Prakash Raj, the movie wd hv not been noticed even..songs r not that appealing..not much of a 'story' also..

Ur quote of PR is fine- evoking a thought or an emotion, rather..
but the point is, can u fight out-rather, how many can,...unsung heros are more in no. than the sung ones..

Airtel ss 08 s continuing despite the yr tag..v vl ms u Chin, but u should hv been in Pongal spl at least.. it s nice to c u singing with stephen..a host of others r also seen..

Honestly, I & all members at home are unable to bear the crap Yuhi 'sings' or Malini overplays... v r tempted to switch channels till srini or Anu sings..

U have a gr8 escape, I feel, as u r destined to do better things in life..although v vl miss u, I m sure u r leaving to offer sth better f us..all the best, Chin..

Ur wish for ARR is ok but v r really missing him-hardly 1 Tamil movie per year..?! winning awards is one thing-no doubt, it wd motivate-but remaining in hearts is more important-I dont think Msv or KVM won many such awards but their works remain in our heart-there can be no better award than the people's hearts,I feel..of course he has already done that but our wishes r more..

Deepa J said...

Very inspirational post. Beautifully presented. Thanks Chinmayi.

Anonymous said...

For writing in Tamil the best software that I have come across is at and it works seemless with a phonetic keyboard.

R Sathyamurthy

Anonymous said...

though I liked the movie, I felt its a combo of Father of the Bride and Big Fat Greek Wedding :)

Aruna said...

I read somewhere, No one can make you feel inferior without your own consent.
I have been taught that no one rolls out the red carpet for you that will lead you to the sea so that you take out your ship to conquer whatever you want to conquer, because, hey some boats will be upset and they will be rocked.

was very much touched by the above line. I think I was not at the best mental phase. Also inspired me to change my attitude towards life.

Palani said...

Nice one.. also came across these following lines in one of the website:

"Thank You!"

'To those of you, who laughed at me, thank you.
Without you I wouldn't have cried.

To those of you who just couldn't love me, thank you.
Without you I wouldn't have known real love.

To those of you who hurt my feelings, thank you.
Without you I wouldn't have felt them.

To those of you, who left me lonely, thank you.
Without you I wouldn't have discovered myself.

But it is to those of you who thought I couldn't do it;
It is you I thank the most,
Because without you I wouldn't have tried.'


karthika said...

hai chinmayi!!!! congrats 4 all d grt things u hav achieved! even while writing this , iam thinking of how to make it different so that u ever get 2 read dis......i c soooo many ppl's response 2 ur blogs..!!!! must b a grt feeling na?....i response 2 d "italized words" & ur words of encouragement......
have U(or 4 tat matter any1 who advises!) never been in a situation where u hav really worked hard 4 wat u reaaly aspired for...but d results hav not been a bit encouraging at all?? when ultimately u hav take up something which u hav always dread of...not b 1 among d crowd kind of stuff?....just b'coz u hav run out of options?....
SAW U AT SAARANG ...sonu nigam show..!was very happy 2 c u!!!! all d best chinmayi !!!!