Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Letter from Padmhasini

This is Padmhasini addressing you….

Dear readers,

I have been planning to write this post for quite sometime now.

Television Channels have multiplied in huge numbers lately and to cope with the rat race of maximum viewership for their shows is no small task for the producers of shows and channels in turn.

Reality shows have their own format and presentation. The producers directors take enormous pains to present each show. Viewers pass comments, good bad and sweeping ones sometimes. Organisation and co-ordination requires lot of efforts. Sometimes everything falls in place, sometimes it proves otherwise

If an anchor is missing for one or two episodes, the world does not come to an end. The show does not break apart. Chinmayi has already said nobody is indispensable except the show itself.

Similarly, if a contestant is eliminated, the world does not come to end either...for her or him. If they had good visibility by the time of elimination, the purpose is served. As said before, its the sheer destiny of a contestant which is going to decide their future and career.

Chinmayi has anchored only one show, that is super singer in the previous two seasons and now once again.It has given her an opportunity to explore a newer possibility in her and you (the viewers) have supported her in an incredible manner. Both Chinmayi and myself as her mother express our heartfelt gratitude for the same.

Tomorrow, there may be yet another anchor who may figure in the same show. Who knows?:) But the show goes on. Not only this, all the shows, irrespective of everything. That is the reality.

Previously the show was designed for four to five months at a maximum. Now it is for a longer....much longer duration. And Chinmayi whose basics are elsewhere, will find it difficult to cope with a long duration assignment where the dates need coordination with many others, considering her other compulsions and assignments.

People from all walks of life have expressed their critical views about the costumes she wore, concern about her singing voice whenever they felt she was shouting or straining her voice. We thank all of you with immense gratitude and it is this image we have always tried to hold and will do so for ever.

Our gratitude goes to super singer show itself which enabled Chinmayi to be a household name and wherever we went, people have touched us with their affection. Thanks once again.

We owe tremendous gratitude to the Channel Star Vijay which has enhanced her status given by Shri.A.R.Rahman among the music loving people. And Super Singer Show and Star Vijay are like Chinmayi’s home ground as far as her television sojourn is concerned.

Under the concert commitments of 2009, Chinmayi will be finding it difficult to continue with the show. The episodes following the Pongal week, i.e. 19th, 20th and 21st of January will be her last week on Airtel Super Singer.
Airtel Super Singer will always be close to our hearts.

And the show will go on. :)


Chinmayi Sripada said...

There are lots response coming in and we are extremely touched.

Keep sending your mails and comments for our mutual understanding and satisfaction.

I request you all to forgive us for not publishing the comments. There are two reasons. One is for the sake of professional etiquette and the second is because this will turn up into a forum.

After all Vijay T.V. has unearthed her as an anchor. Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

hey yar checked out your blog.. really animated! yo got loadsa interesting stuffs!...convey my hearty wishes when you see him yar..your singing is inimitable yar!..hey i guess abhiyum naanum was shot in a village in Italy and not ooty if i m right!...hope you are always in good spirits and reach your cherished destination!and also wishing you to be in the pink of your health!ensconse yourself in whichever field u are! gud luck! godspeed!nive

Rajesh said...


Instead of a post here, i have posted my views as a post on my blog, a so-called return to blogging for me inspired by this post of yours!!

Do visit

and post your opinion!!


Anitha D said...
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Anonymous said...

I am really a great fan of yours and it makes me really sad we won't be seeing you in airtel super singer anymore:(...i think the show won't be the same without you...

Durga said...

Being in US, Airtel Super singer is the only show i never miss. I always felt you are part of Airtel Super singer. I realised how much were part of it only you were not anchoring. Will miss you tremendously. Feeling sad as its my favorite ever show in TV. Hope the channel replaces you with the equally talented anchor.

Anonymous said...

I'm really shocked to hear from you chinmayi the show is the only way to see you every day but now you are quiting it i'm very sad to hear this tell me another way to keep in touch with you


parvathy subramanian said...

Dear Chinmayi and her mom Padmasini,

I find a lot of pimple like protrusions on Chinmayee's face. Please take "Khadirarishtam" ; buy at any Kottakkal Arya Vaidya shala or Kerala Ayurvedic pharmacy. Also apply 'Kumkumadhi Thailam at night after just wiping the face clean with preferably warm water. I have a dancing daughter of your age and she had a chronic pimples and such protrusions. Now her face is clean. After an 6 months of treatment, you can stop using the same. later only when there is a severe problem you may have to take this "arishtam" and all.

This Arishtam has no side effects.

All the best.

Besant Nagar.

Chinmayi Sripada said...

Thanks Mrs Parvathy :) Very kind of you.. thats actually an allergic reaction the make up and the lights as well.. more than the make up its the sponge that is used .. working on the rectification :)

Kaushik said...

Hi Chinmayi,

What do i say!!! Both my wife and I are greeeeeeat fans of your singing and ofcouse, graceful and dynamic anchoring (of SS - one of the most important reasons why we watch, and enjoy the show)!! I'd missed checking your blog site for a while and now, whoa.... I find this bombshell!!

Since there were a couple of instances in the recent past when you had missed anchoring the show but did come back later, we were sure that you would be back after the 'recall' round - but now that's not going to be the case, and Airtel SS is not going to be the same for us anymore :( :(

In all these years of your journey with the show, you would have touched the lives of millions in your own nice way - we are definitely in the top of that list!! What we liked most about you was the 'Honesty' we felt in your presentation and the positivity you brought into the show!

We will definitely miss you loads! You are a very gifted person, with a unique combination of persona and talent! Hope we get to see and 'hear' you much more in the future!! Our best wishes and prayers for you to be blessed with a very successful, enriching, rewarding and above all, Happy life ahead!

We will keep following your blogs... :)

Best Wishes,
Kaushik and Harini

vpbabu said...

Im from Scotland and i dint missed watching Super Singer through Internet when you were hosting the show. Though i missed one or two shows, i dint missed to watch the bloopers episode. Moreover, i am a big fan of yours.
Now i dont like watching Super Singer and same is the case with my friends here.
***Missing you a lot***
And, keep singing,take care of your voice.


Shwetha said...

A year hence and we all still miss you on SS. Hope you anchor a similar program again very soon. Your stylish presentation as a very today's girl is seriously missing on the show!

Pavithra Ramanathan said...

Years passed. But till now, no other singer or anchors hosted SS lik how you did. V miss you chin.

Latha said...

I read somewhere that your mother, mrs. PadmahSini is capable of spotting talents at a very early age. My friend suggested that I meet up with your mom along with my kid in that regard. Pls help.